Vijay Eswaran’s Commitment To Business And Society

Vijay Eswaran is one of the few people who are very proud of their roots. Instead of investing in America where he has been living for a while, he chose to go back home and invest in a region that would bombard him with very many challenges. He confesses that the establishment of the QI group of companies was a very difficult task.

Merging the direct sales force’s influence and the reach of the internet was not difficult; the biggest question was what product to sell with the marketing force. Eventually they came up with precious metal models and in 1998 acquired the rights to sell commemorative coins in the Asian Olympics. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The company has now invested in other areas such as hospitality, education, retail, direct selling and financial services. The company has developed many subsidiaries and has opened offices in the UAE. The company has a university whose first students graduated in 2015.

The university situated at Ipoh city is just a temporary set up until they complete the construction of the QI City. It will host the permanent set up as well as a residential block, hostels, shopping centre and a hospital to support the university’s medical programme. Eswaran is committed to ensuring that the company builds a city that is environment friendly and pollution free.

Vijay Eswaran is a member of the Advisory Board of Global Growth Companies and was invited to the World Economic Forum 2016 annual meeting held in Switzerland. He discussed the need for building mindful organizations in support of the fourth industrial revolution in Asia.

He uses QNET’s parent company to illustrate such behaviour in a corporate set up. Eswaran is also recognized for his philanthropic work which has won him the Life Time Achievement awards and a ranking in the Forbes Asia philanthropic heroes of 2011.

QI has helped to establish two foundations that help in matters of education, youth development and women empowerment. According to Qbuzz, Vijay Eswaran is also a business motivational speaker and a best-selling author. He attributes his success to the support of his wife and partners which he claims he could not do without in his career journey.

Multiple Benefits Accrue from the Dynamic Securus Technologies Video Visitation Technology

Securus Technologies is an industry leader in the development and implementation of a broad spectrum of criminal justice technological solutions. These include the Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


Video Visitation is an advance on traditional in-person visitation schemes. With Video Visitation family and friends of an incarcerated person need no expend time and money to trek to an oftentimes faraway correctional facility to have meaningful contact with a loved one. Rather, through the use of a user-friendly app, loved ones can remotely enjoy fulfilling visitation with an incarcerated individual.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, about 160,000 individual visits are occurring each month using Video Visitation. An estimated 2 million individual visits will occur using the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system during the coming year. The company expects that number to double to 4 million during the next year.


178 correctional agencies have incorporated Securus Technologies Video Visitation into their programming. One of the benefits they make note of is the fact that Securus Technologies Video Visitation is providing these agencies with significant cost savings.


On average, a single in-person visit is said to cost about $100. Visitation using the innovative Securus Technologies technology costs only $2.72 per individual visit.


Securus Technologies is committed to community and public safety, as well as institutional security. The Video Visitation system enhances institutional security. One primary way in which this occurs is because Video Visitation reduces the risk of dangerous contraband being introduced into a correctional facility.


The reality is that in-person visitation represents the key opportunity for dangerous contraband, like drugs and mobile phones, to be introduced into a correctional facility. Video Visitation eliminates this connection, enhancing security and safety within a facility.


Research indicates that inmates who maintain consistent connection with loved ones are less likely to reoffend. Video Visitation enhances public safety by providing a system for this type of consistent contact.


The Great Dr. Avi Weisfogel

The well-renowned founder of Old Bridge Dental Care was born on March 7, 1972, in New Jersey. Dr. Avi earned a BA in biology and psychology at Rutgers University and a DDS in New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel is a big fan of the LinkedIn and the hosting company Regfox. During his first 15 years of his career as a dentist, his interaction with different industries and people across the world, acted like a boost to his thinking and strength of his projects. This positive impact improved each and every time he socialized.


However, the strategy of regional marketing, assisted him in venturing into the entrepreneurship. He actually encountered some failures in this but this never killed his determination to success. Moreover, having an extensive background in sleep treatment and sleep disorders, in the 1999, he established Old bridge dental care and managed the office.


In fact, he began exploring and learning more about the world of sleep by trying to figure out ways and methods the physicians and dentist would use to assist patients suffering the sleep disorder. Through his determinations in this field, in 2012 he established the owner Unlimited Sleep Patient.


Dr.Avi  Weisfogel also started lecturing the dentist on how to increase efficiency on serving sleep patients. This act drew more knowledgeable research information of sleep apnea which was to help the dentists in identifying potential patients and ways to secure them treatment that they required. Essentially, he ended up opening Dental Sleep Masters, which were to provide more help to the dentist in breaking the world of sleep through oral appliances.


Jim Hunt, CEO Of VTA Publications Talks About Recent Market Developments

Social Media Alert 3/20/2017:
Hey all, just wanted to let you know VTA Publications launched two new social media pages. Both will be monitored by CEO of VTA Publications himself Jim Hunt. You can now find VTA on Twitter, as well as their official Facebook page. Like em and follow em both, or just keep tabs on new information about VTA courses and educational offerings as they become available.

The US presidential election of 2016 had quite an impact on the market with the unexpected victory for Donald J. Trump. In the days following Trump’s victory on, the stock market took various turns from a 1000 point downfall, but then surging for an all-time high of 20,000 in recent days. Various investment experts have been unsettled by these events, but not Jim Hunt who has always taken an objective look at the markets. Hunt is the founder of a UK-based company, VTA Publications. Hunt says the overall downturn that happened in the market was far less of a crater than the events of 2008, though he also says the record upturn is very likely to come down soon. He does believe both the financial and industrial sectors will perform well under the Trump administration at

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always finding ways to make good investments and trades in both bear and bull markets. He’s known for sharing secrets about investing that most investment experts and banks will not share with their customers, and he started VTA Publications because he wanted to serve the customers that most big banks ignore. Jim Hunt VTA Publications offers information to aspiring investors and entrepreneurs about retirement planning, stock charts, trades and insights gleaned from some of the world’s leading investors and businessmen. The information has been taken not only from Hunt’s research and experience in the field, but even from old books and manuscripts including the bible. VTA Publications distributes the information both in print and electronic media format.

In addition to the materials published at his company, Hunt also is known to show tutorials and post market information on his YouTube channel. He’ll take his audience through the latest stock market developments and show them how he executes his trades. He also founded two programs he’s posted video updates about called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about the hands money changes in a bear market, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about picking the right stocks to trade that can multiply 10 times to millionaire status. You can find out more about Hunt and his programs on

Primary Specialties of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a highly regarded global money lender. They have several stocks that they hold as collateral and they closely monitor their performance. Al Christy Jr. is in charge of evaluating the stocks’ performance and also plays a central role in lending his clients the appropriate percentage. As a customer, you are eligible for up to 80% of stock’s value, although so seldom does the amount go beyond 60%.

Loans borrowed attract between three to five percent interest in a period of five years. Presently they are celebrating about fifteen years of service, having accumulated an asset value of approximately $40 million. Although there are other loan lenders, Equities First maintain their clients because of their favorable interest rates.

Details Enhancing Continued Growth at Equities First Holdings

It is worth appreciating the EFH founder and CEO for his aggressiveness. He realized an inclination towards financiers taking stock as loan collateral and implemented the same at EFH. While other lenders keep hardening the loan acquisition process, he makes it easy for people to acquire capital.

From his findings, most people had difficulties meeting their professional goals due to financial constraints, something he could help solve. Since 2002, the company counts more than 650 transactions successfully made, amounting to more than $1.4 billion. It is a milestone worth applauding. Being guided by transparency and integrity, they have been able to lead legal and regulatory institutions across the world.


Following the past remarkable success achieved at EFH, no doubt there is even more to expect. They have maintained low fixed interest rates, and this keeps popularizing them. Right now they have offices in nine countries, with fully owned affiliates in London, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. They get motivation from their mission, which is to deliver maximal benefits with minimal risks, so as to enable their clients to meet their desired goals, both personal and professional.



The Passion, Persistence, & Perseverance of Eric Pulier

Three of the very best qualities that’s needed to become a success is passion, persistence, and perseverance. Though there are quite a few lucky individuals who haven’t had to work hard to find success, but those cases are the exception. Everyone has things that they’re good at and life is full of industries to work in. Technology is a thriving field of work that’s exciting, innovative, and profitable. Billions of dollars are earned on an annual basis from it’s products and services. What about the people who actually invent or develop this technology, is a better question. These individuals should be written about in publications or shown on television for their exclusive efforts. Unfortunately, this is how society is and many of the people who do the best of things, never really receives credit.


When it comes to developing, ingenuity, and creativity, Eric Pulier is ahead of his time. Though you may have never heard of this guy, Pulier has a resume of success thanks to the use of advanced technology. This guy can literally do it all by taking a small idea and then turn it into a reality. Eric Pulier developed one of the very first private social media networks. Starbright World connected about 75 hospitals as it allowed these special kids to interact with each other by message, chat, and blog. Of course it was a hit as it helped to raise the moral of these special individuals. The guy has also developed educational multimedia programs for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers and he produced computer learning modules for children with diabetes. These high quality educational programs showed individuals how to deal with the illnesses and it educates them through fun simulation games.


The guy is a natural philanthropist at heart and this only scratches the surface of what he has truly done. All in all, this proud father of four is in a league of his own or in a class by himself. His ingenuity is what this field is truly about.


Talk Fusion honored with multiple awards

Talk Fusion is a communications-based company specializing in creating the best video chatting technology. The company made available its popular mobile application, Video Chat. Video Chat comes with a bunch of new resources for businesses to exchange messages with each other regardless of how far apart they are.


Custom group chats can be made for users to talk and text with each other. The application makes it much easier for people to locate and connect with those contacts. The new technology is very modern and easy for people to naviagate.


Video Chat has won numerous awards including 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. This application has held the number one spot in communications category for a weeks. Video Chat can be used with many different communication devices for Android and Apple. There will not be any problems between either brand. Video Chat is the best way keep in easy communication with co-workers, friends and anyone else all around the world.


Many video chatting apps will make the customers pay to purchase the app or get additional features, and some will not work without an account. Video Chat is one of the applications that does not require an account to use the resources. Users just need to launch application, add their contacts, and start chatting. Both parties will be face-to-face right away. There are several benefits to keeping groups of coworkers on task just a phone call away. There are no advertisements or other distractions.


Talk fusion was the first company to ever perfect the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. Nothing out on the app store has been able to compare with this application. Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping businesses beat out their competition, make more sales, and gain more repeat customers.


Talk Fusion has changed the way companies can market their products. Video marketing has messages that are much more engaging and easy to understand.


Check out the 30-day trial on Google Play or the App Store to get a taste of what it is really about. There is no payment required or hidden fees to test out their applications.



Andrea Mcwilliam’s Decorated Career In Entrepreneurship, Politics And Philanthropy


Andrea McWilliams is a decorated political fundraiser based in Austin, Texas. Her meticulous attention to details and strategy have earned her awards from several platforms such as the Austin Business Journal. In 2016, the Austin Business Journal awarded Andrea with the Texas Businesswoman of the Year Award. Her other awards include the Woman of Distinction award from Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Austin Under 40 award, Austin’s Style Setter award, and her recruitment into the Glossy 8 list. Austin awards recognize Andrea as a forefront business woman with a strong dedication to advancing non-profit organizations. She is also a political commentator known by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce as a prolific and influential political voice.



Andrea McWillams joined the political arena at 21 years old, before setting the organization, McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultant. Currently, she and husband work side by side as representatives of their different political interests. Andrea is Republican supporter whereas her spouse Dean McWilliams is a loyal Democrat supporter. Through their combined efforts, clients have reported unbiased and unwavering support for various politically themed activities. Apart from Andreas exceptional track record as an entrepreneur and political influence, she is a well-known philanthropist in Texas and other regions across the nation.


She donated $100 million in support of making Texas a global provider of clean coal power during the 8th Legislative Session. In 2007, she contributed $3 billion to a cancer research program. Currently, Andrea saves and raises funds for various breast cancer organizations in Texas. Other philanthropic duties of the prolific humanitarian include her membership in the committees of Texas Lyceum, Arthouse, Mexi-Arte Museum, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Austin Children in Crisis, Pioneer Farms and Heartgift Ann Seton Hospital. She is a former president of Inherit Austin and longtime member of the boards of Long Center’s Notable Women and St. David’s Hospital of the Town.

Troy McQuagge the Winner of the One Planet Awards 2016

The One Planet Business and Professional Awards is an annual event that honors and awards companies and firms that excel in the following categories of business; public relations, corporate communications, marketing, teams, new products, and services. The One Planet Awards operates on a global scale which means that it recognizes and awards organizations from all over the world.

The Biggest Winner

One of the most coveted awards of this prestigious event in the executive category is the CEO of the year award. On the 2016th annual One Planet Award, Troy McQuagge received the gold win for the chief executive officer of the year. Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of the USHEALTH Group, which is a company he has been leading for more than five years till date. Mr. McQuagge received this much-coveted award only two years after the acquisition of his position as CEO of the USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group to be among the Company’s advisors in 2010, where he took up the task of rebuilding the company’s captive distribution agency. His initiative turned the company around positively, and his insight in making this achievement made him be elected as the company’s President and CEO in 2014. During his time as CEO, the USHEALTH Group has recorded tremendous growth in profits that never have been achieved in the company’s previous history. Such success is undoubtedly why the One Planet Awards saw Mr. Troy McQuagge as worthy of such an honorary award.

In his acceptance speech as 2016’s One Planet Awards Gold CEO of the year, Mr. McQuagge was modest enough to dedicate his award to all the employees of the USHEALTH Group. In his speech, he said, “In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solving the health care affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. in Brief

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is a company located in FT. Worth, Texas, and specializes in insurance holdings. The company’s main agenda is the provision of new and fresh ideas for health coverage for self-employed individuals and small business owners. The individual health insurance market has proven to be quite competitive as it seems, but with the niche taken up by the USHEALTH Group and under the leadership of their CEO Mr. Troy McQuagge the future of the USHEALTH Group Inc. appears to be bright.

Adam Milstein Shows The Importance Of Knowing What Works

Each individual has a different make up that determines what works for him and what doesn’t work. It is up to the individual to figure that out for himself. While some people have an easy time figuring out what is going to help them succeed, there are those that are going to need a little bit of experience in order to find out what works for them. When it comes to entrepreneurs, many of them have some major goals that they want to achieve. However, it is much easier for some of them to break them down in smaller steps.


Adam Milstein is a different story. He finds that goals are limiting, and that it is better for him that he does not set any goals. It is understandable. Some people are really good at achieving things to the point that goals actually limit the type of work they do. Adam Milstein is someone who has a lot of focus that drives him in many different objectives that he has with his business. He has given everything his full effort so that he can bring forth a lot of achievements and experience a lot of success in his career.


Adam Milstein has also learned to listen to himself. He is able to know when someone or an opportunity is good for him or not. One thing that he has told himself is that he should not allow others to tell him that he is being used. He has learned to figure that out for himself and make the most out of every situation. Therefore, he is able to make all kinds of successes in times and circumstances where others who demand that life give them better cards would’ve just given up. Adam Milstein is an example of someone who manages to build from very little.