End Citizens United : Scott’s Downfall

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States redefined corporations as “people”. That meant the allowance of unlimited donations and the benefit of remaining anonymous. This uncheck power opened a wormhole of loopholes that made it possible for corporations to bypass many of the old establish laws and have supreme influence over candidates. The opposition warned that this may disturb our democracy, therefore the organization of End Citizens United was created to combat the serious problem at hand. Visit their page on Facebook.

Recently, Rick Scott has caught the attention of End Citizens United, and not in a good way. Scott, a candidate for the Florida Senatorial seat has been accused of numerous campaign violations including secretly colluding with the New Republican Super PAC to fund his campaign. Scott’s goal here was to bypass the cap the Federal Election Committee has on contribution limits. The evidence is insurmountable and quite frankly blatant. Rick Scott chaired in this committee and recently on April 2018 was given a huge donation by “private equity executives” who are explicitly barred from donating to public officials by the Federal Election Committee. Scott is no stranger to violating rules, back in 1997, Scott resigned as CEO of Colombia/HCA after charges of medical fraud where reported. Because of his actions, the company had to pay $1.7 Billion in fines. It is no secret then, why End Citizens United is holding a close watch on him. Visit their website on

Florida voters are smarter than that and will not fall into Scott’s tactics of shady tricks. End Citizens United is making sure that Florida Citizens have every information possible at their fingertips regarding Scott. Moments after he announced his bid to challenge Democrat Bill Nelson, the Federal Election Committee filed a complaint on Rick Scott for violating election laws. Senator Nelson commented that we should keep our guard up as Scott will do and say anything to be elected. However, Senator Nelson strongly believes that if we stick to the right course where we follow the laws and do the right thing, politics will take care of itself.

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The Art of Leadership According to James River Capital, Founded by Paul Saunders

Leadership is one of the most important skills when it comes to developing a business to its full potential and developing your staff to work towards the same goal as your company’s. Learn more:


There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the concept of leadership. Many think, because of the definition of the word, that managers who have a strong leadership are pointing the way for the staff to progress in that way. They “lead.” However, leadership is different than what you’d expect from that definition.


Real leaders have to make sacrifices, changes, and commitments that many executives and workers who dream of being leaders wouldn’t be okay with.


According to the prestigious financial administration company James River Capital, founded by the leader Paul Saunders, leadership is all about support, personal sacrifice, and commitment with the company’s business mission statements.


A leader naturally earns more than most employees of a company, and successful companies have leaders that deserve that salary because they have a firm commitment with their teams. These leaders seek to know their company’s craft and goals, they aim to find things to improve both in themselves and in their businesses, and they, most importantly, are seeking to support their teams instead of just leading them.


Leaders represent their companies. The leading individual is the real representative of the name of their firm, not the attendant. It is the leader’s job to assume responsibility for the company, even when an employee makes a mistake, because the best leaders provide the necessary support for their employees to fulfill their duties with pride.


According to James River Capital, a company that’s been in the financial management industry for many years and with millions of dollars in assets under management, big corporations like them need real leaders to support their respective teams and represent them, assuming true responsibility for anything that goes wrong.


Entrepreneurs that have effectively led their teams were able to create incredibly effective groups of people that were eager to work towards a similar goal.


With that in mind, leaders also have to make sure that their employees aren’t working just for the salary, but they also believe in the company’s business mission statements.


Great leaders are great managers as well. It is essential for entrepreneurs and business leaders to be good managers and leaders at the same time because, while it is vital to provide the necessary support, it is also essential to be effective and helpful for the company. Getting used to new technology and solutions, data analysis and charts is a starting point.


If you desire to become a leader and to point a direction for your team to follow, strive to be the best version of yourself in your business environment and as an individual as well, while your brand’s mission statement is clear to the group. Make sure to support them and give them an environment to grow and expand their ideas and skills.


Get Superior Residential Upgrades With Aloha Construction

The Aloha Construction Group reigns supreme in the aftermath of a storm. They operate as a family owned and operated roofing and siding business. They’ve proudly served their community for over 25 years from the southern Illinois area. In fact, they have the certification to satisfy your insurance claim. You can trust their service guarantee to get the work done right the first time. More importantly, they only employ licensed and insured technicians to perform their home remodeling services. The Aloha professionals are available for emergency repairs with online scheduling tools. Most calls are answered within 24 to 48 hours.


Get amazing siding opportunities available through Aloha. Their professionals understand that worn siding can decrease your property value. In fact, improving your siding can increase the value of neighboring homes. Aloha Construction provides a free consultation that will access your siding options including the cost. Their in-house financing opportunities provide you with a lower bill than local area competitors. Choose from the most popular siding samples during your consultation. In fact, their siding options are also durable with a 10-year warranty. You will enjoy the option of having several colors to choose from including custom colors. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the siding of your commercial property with Aloha too.


Their roofing opportunities include the top materials. You can take advantage of roofing opportunities that will allow you to lower your energy bills. They understand that faulty roofing can be an entryway for pest. That’s right; pests will enter your home or business through the roof and build a nest. Choose from a variety of roof tiles including concrete. Aloha Construction has experience with every roof style including a flat roof. Their friendly team of professionals are standing by to take your call and get your roof or siding installed to perfection today.

Stream Energy:Understanding the Stream Cares Foundation

Most organizations start their business with the aim of making profits. It is not easy to find a firm with an arm that is dedicated to helping others by being involved in philanthropic endeavors. However, Stream Energy is different. The organization, which is based in Dallas, created an arm called Stream Cares which is focused on charitable efforts according to The company has been enjoying financial success which has allowed them to build a strong arm to incorporate philanthropy in their endeavors. It is an effort that is useful for the company since it has always been engaged in philanthropic endeavors since it started. They helped a lot of people by offering relief after the Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Cares is also involved with those without homes in Dallas. The percentage of homeless adults and children has increased, and this is why the company is concerned with helping those without homes to improve their lives. They have achieved this by partnering with another organization based in New York called Hope Supply. According to an article by, the two organizations partnered and paid for more than 1000 children who attended the event called Splash for hope. They were able to have fun at the waterpark where they also received money and other essentials. The arm created by Stream Energy has been working with Home Supply for a few years now. They have succeeded in helping homeless children with essentials like diapers, clothing and school supplies.

Stream Cares is not only dedicated to providing money to help the needy, but they also offer other services like free transport to Dallas. Through this way, the residents can enjoy themselves by having a special lunch with family members. They have been doing this to ensure those affected have fun too.

According to Kimberly Girard, who is the senior event manager at Stream Energy, the firm has always been looking for ways in which it can give back to the society. According to WalletHub, Dallas is ranked among the least generous states in the country, but Stream Energy is changing this. They are making an effort to help the needy in the society, and this is a commendable job. They believe in helping the community members because they are an integral part.

How Clayton Hutson Founded His Own Live Entertainment Production Company

Clayton Hutson is a dynamic professional in the music business. He owns his own live entertainment production company through which he works to help rock musicians on their tours. He has experience as a tour manager, sound engineer, and stage manager. He says he has gotten far in the industry by always respecting the artist’s experience, a willingness to put in hard work and long hours, and paying keen attention to every detail.

He started to get experience while he was still in college learning theatre design. Before starting to work in the rock industry, which was his goal, he put in time working on the evangelist Billy Graham’s traveling outfit. Some of the big names that Clayton Hutson has provided his services to include Garbage, Kid Rock, Guns N’ Roses, and Pink.

Before starting his own company Clayton Hutson put in time working for other people’s companies in the music business. Over time he perfected the skills that enable him to manage all of the myriad aspects that go into putting on a live performance. He says that the company he was working for when the 2008-2009 recession hit took a massive toll. It was at that point that he decided the time was right to get his own company up and running.

Many of the tours Clayton Hutson has been working Clayton Hutson has been working on recently involve him being in a stage management role. This means running the floor for events throughout the entire process. His current client is Kid Rock and on this tour, his day needs to start at 6:30 in the morning. He is the very first person to arrive at the venue a concert will be held at. He does a walkthrough, figures out a storage plan, and puts together a to-do list for himself and his crew.

Over the course of his career, he has figured out what works and doesn’t work when it comes to issues such as sound, lighting, and set design. He’s become an expert at CAD design and getting exact measurements of things because it would be a huge problem if the equipment couldn’t get through the main entryway.

What Impact is Non-Urgent Care Having in Florida’s Emergency Rooms? Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Explains

One of the significant challenges facing the healthcare system in the country is that the ER’s are used for a lot of non-urgent care cases. Research confirms that more than 30 percent of the country’s population goes to the ER for emergency health care services even when their needs are not that urgent. The trend has been noted in several previous reports, showing that it dates back to the 90’s. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel feels that this has become a national problem because the country lacks the proper primary care needed for survival. He adds that in Florida, one in every three patients has admitted to having visited the ER for a non-emergency in the past two years.

The Repercussions

Dr. Forsthoefel notes that lack of sufficient primary caregivers is forcing people into emergency rooms where they are attended to by nurses and given bed space. It is the role of nurses and other medical practitioners to attend to patients and provide them with the care which they need. However, when the ER is overused for non-emergency cases, the result is that resources get stretched, which means that few if any remain to cover true emergencies. The absence of the human resources and materials needed to attend to critical emergencies makes practicing medicine tough and often leads to fatalities which could have been avoided.

Reasons behind the trend

The George Washington University conducted a study about the reasons behind people’s preference for the ER over the conventional channels of getting medical care. The most affluent of the people sampled stated that they visited the ER because they thought going to the primary physician would require them to book an appointment, which would take too much time to accomplish. Dr. Forsthoefel states that it is true that primary caregivers will only offer an appointment with a 24-hour notice, and the patients want to address their problems quicker than that. On the other hand, the low-income earners liked the convenience of the emergency room just because they did not have an established relationship with their primary caregivers.

Deterrents for non-urgent ER visits

One of the measures which the system has been trying to enforce to minimize these non-urgent ER visits is deductibles and co-pays. However, Dr. Forsthoefel feels that this is an ill-advised move because it might discourage lower income earners from seeking any medical care at all. Dr. Forsthoefel thinks that the solution lies in reducing the appointment wait time when booking appointments with primary caregivers and having them work on weekends.

About Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Forsthoefel was a medical student at the University of Louisville before joining the Louisiana State University to complete his residency. He has more than six years of experience in handling Emergency room cases. Currently, he works in Tallahassee, where he attends to patients with cases like trauma, fractures, cardiac distress, and other medical emergencies. He believes that it is possible to address the capacity issues surrounding medical care provision, to minimize the number of regular patients putting a strain on the ER facilities.

Jeunesse Global’s High Quality Products

Jeunesse Global consists of a group of visionaries that strive to improve the lives of many by sharing their innovative well-being products. The company specializes in youth rejuvenation products made to prolong life and ultimately, keep people feeling young and happy. Jeunesse Global is run by knowledgeable and caring individuals, like business leaders, financial directors, and medical doctors, who are experts in their respective fields.

A popular product that Jeunesse Group offers is Instantly Ageless. Instantly Ageless is a skin care product that works to effectively reduce fine lines and blemishes on the face and eyes. Instantly Ageless is formulated to remove forehead wrinkles, undereye bags, crow’s feet, facial pores, and forehead wrinkles. Instantly Ageless comes in resealable vials for easy access and on the go convenience. It is a micro cream that works for as long as 6-9 hours after application. It is a product that works great for all skin types and is dermatologist tested and recommended. Instantly Ageless is a best-seller, with over 50 million applications sold globally.

Jeunesse Global also have nutritional supplements available. Their product, RESERVE is a delicious and healthy liquid supplement packed with antioxidants. RESERVE is made with a blend of superfruits that keeps the body feeling strong and healthy. Some of the fruits used in RESERVE are acai, blueberries, concord grapes, and dark cherries. Grape seed extracts, aloe vera, and green tea extracts are also included in the supplement to give an extra dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to have because they help fight off free radicals damage in the body. There are no other added artificial additives, sweeteners, or colors included in RESERVE.

Beverages are another product that Jeunesse Global group offers to consumers. They sell Nevo, which is a high-quality, vitamin-infused caffeinated energy drink. Nevo contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Each drink has just 50 calories and comes in four refreshing flavors. Nevo is made with superior grade ingredients such as yerba mate and fruits. Nevo is great for all occasions, from a simple pick me up beverage to a party favorite shared among many people.

Doe Deere Explains Her Own Immigrant Story

Doe Deere is well known among fashion and makeup executives for her work with the successful Lime Crime brand which has been instrumental in building a positive body image among women around the world. Doe Deere has taken the time to explain how her own family had a tough time when they first arrived in New York from their home in Russia through no fault of their own.

Doe Deere and her family arrived in New York City when the founder of Lime Crime was just 17 years old and her mother moved the family to the U.S. in search of a better life. Fast forward 20 years and Doe Deere sits at the head of an internationally-renowned cosmetics line developed with the aid of a vegan and cruelty-free approach to creating an Online business. The entrepreneur wants everybody to know the U.S. was a distant dream when her family first began considering a move to America which Deere believes was the first step to her achieving her dream of long-term success in the fashion industry.

Upon arriving in the U.S., the family found their mother’s school records were taking longer than expected to arrive in the U.S. from Russia meaning she was unable to find work as an accountant. Eventually, the series of cleaning jobs undertaken by her mother proved too little for the family to survive in The Big Apple and they were forced to enter a homeless shelter.

It was during her time living in the shelter on Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, Doe Deere began creating the sketches which would one day win her a place at the Institute of Fashion in New York. Doe Deere believes the time she spent living and working in New York City and the struggles that formed her work ethic were important in helping her achieve the international success she found with Lime Crime.

Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison recently gave an interview on in which he discussed his views on entrepreneurship, life after Barclays, and the financial industry. Mr. Harrison spent over 20 years with Barclays as an investor, a derivatives trader, and a manager of fixed income sales teams. From 2014 to 2017, he was the head of Barclays non-core division, which involved investing and trading non-standard derivatives, non-core commodities, and emerging-market products. He left Barclays at the end of 2017 when the company closed the non-core division. Mr. Harrison is a graduate of the University of Warwick and received a master’s degree in finance from the University of Cambridge.


When asked what he liked to do as a successful entrepreneur, he said he preferred not to have a long to-do list and preferred being honest with people. He would handle issues as they arose and prioritized the most urgent problems. He would also delegate responsibilities to others while recognizing that certain things may not be completed at the end of the day. If those jobs were moving forward with an expected date of completion, then that was considered an effective use of resources.

Life after Barclays

Mr. Harrison says he is taking a break from working and enjoying life as a stay-at-home dad. He says he has a variety of activities that he deals with during the day with his two young children, and he is actively involved in several hobbies. These activities include participating in yoga and Pilates, learning French, becoming a better golfer, and reading more. He is also spending time as a consultant for entrepreneurs in the venture capital, private equity, and financial technology industries.

The financial industry

Mr. Harrison is excited how the financial industry has embraced technology and how the industry has incorporated technology in many of its operations. Many of the companies he is noticing are not directly fintech companies, but they are using Information Age technology to provide creative financial products and services to their customers. He recommends that investors should look at startup companies that are in the fintech adjacency sector because he feels that this is an area that has a lot of potential growth.

Michael Hagele: Corporate Law and Business

If you’re not already familiar with Michael Hagele, he is a serial investor and attorney, who spends the greater majority of his time investing in early-stage tech companies or fulfilling the role of general counsel for multiple top-tier corporations, namely in the biotechnology, defense, and aerospace fields. Hagele’s knowledge of corporate law and business has made him a highly sought-after corporate attorney. In fact, he has served as general counsel for some of the most celebrated companies. In addition to this work as an attorney, Hagele routinely looks for investment opportunities that can help small business startups, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality fields. Read more about Michael at

As far as his skills as an attorney and general counsel, Michael Hagele’s expertise is wide-ranging. He is highly proficient in licensing distribution and development agreements, and he is a skillful negotiator. On the business side of things, Hagele has demonstrated proficiency in areas relative to software, hardware, and telecommunications. With regard to his educational background, Hagele attended the University of Iowa, earning a B.A. in Political Science and English, in 1992, before going on to attend the University of California, Berkley School of Law, where he earned a J.D. Law degree, in 1997.

According to his Linkedin bio, Michael Hagele began his career in law when he joined the law offices of Fenwick & West LLP, in 1997, a firm specializing in online commerce and technology transactions. Hagele remained with the law office until 2000, before going on to pursue new opportunities. His career ambitions ultimately led to the role of Corporate Counsel with BigVine (recently rebranded as All Business), where he remained from 2000-2002. In 2006, Michael Hagele landed the role of Special Counsel for Metaweb Technologies, a company that designs and builds Web infrastructure technology.

In an article in, Hagele discusses a few tenets for his success; he strongly believes in putting the customer or client first. Additionally, he believes in being adaptive; according to Hagele, when it comes to long-term success, the ability to quickly adapt to changes, like the introduction of social media, is what makes certain businesses thrive while others fail. In fact, Hagele is a big fan of social media and routinely uses various social media platforms to connect with customers and to spur new business opportunities.

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