From Food Business To Real Estate – A Story Of Sheer Determination

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwan is the founder, chairman and CEO of DAMAC Properties. He was born in 1954 into a middle-class family of Dubai. He earned his Bachelors of Economics from the University of Washington. He first served as contract manager at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO) after his graduation. He has also served as a member of several boards including Al Ahlia Insurance in Bahrain, Majan University College in Muscat Oman and Emirates Takaful Company.


In 1982, he established his own catering business that was contracted by the USA Army, but due to his ambitions, he slowly expanded into real estate, insurance, investments, logistics and commercial trading. Hussain once said that you could only make millions in the catering business but not billions. Hussain is married and has for children. His parents were entrepreneurs. His father used to own a watch and pen store and had an interest in several real estate projects while his mother used to hawk fabric to local ladies. These skills exposed Hussain to a lot of ups and downs in a business. Due to his vigorousness, his net worth is estimated to be $ 3.7 Billion. According to Forbes list, he is the 3rd richest man in the United Arab Emirates and ranked #527 in the world. In 2002 he amalgamated all his ventures to DAMAC Properties Dubai Co.


DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. is headquartered in Dubai. DAMAC is a publicly listed company with its shares traded on the Dubai Financial Market. It operates in over 20 countries in the field of property development from residential, leisure and commercial properties with a workforce of over 2000 employees. Some of DAMAC properties include Ocean Heights in Dubai, Park Towers in Dubai International Financial Centre and currently developing AKOYA Oxygen.


Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump (POTUS) are close allies regarding business and personal friends. Hussain was recently invited to the president-elect inauguration party. DAMAC was mainly involved in the development of Trump Estates in Dubai and currently developing Trump International Golf Club in AKOYA Oxygen.


Hussain is a renowned philanthropist. In September 2015 he donated $ 272,000 to “YEMEN WE CARE” initiative to fund relief food for 10 million Yemenis. He donated one million AED to the UAE compassion campaign amid at supporting refugees in Lebanon and Jordan affected by snowstorm Huda.




Jim Hunt, CEO Of VTA Publications Talks About Recent Market Developments

The US presidential election of 2016 had quite an impact on the market with the unexpected victory for Donald J. Trump. In the days following Trump’s victory on, the stock market took various turns from a 1000 point downfall, but then surging for an all-time high of 20,000 in recent days. Various investment experts have been unsettled by these events, but not Jim Hunt who has always taken an objective look at the markets. Hunt is the founder of a UK-based company, VTA Publications. Hunt says the overall downturn that happened in the market was far less of a crater than the events of 2008, though he also says the record upturn is very likely to come down soon. He does believe both the financial and industrial sectors will perform well under the Trump administration at

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always finding ways to make good investments and trades in both bear and bull markets. He’s known for sharing secrets about investing that most investment experts and banks will not share with their customers, and he started VTA Publications because he wanted to serve the customers that most big banks ignore. Jim Hunt VTA Publications offers information to aspiring investors and entrepreneurs about retirement planning, stock charts, trades and insights gleaned from some of the world’s leading investors and businessmen. The information has been taken not only from Hunt’s research and experience in the field, but even from old books and manuscripts including the bible. VTA Publications distributes the information both in print and electronic media format.

In addition to the materials published at his company, Hunt also is known to show tutorials and post market information on his YouTube channel. He’ll take his audience through the latest stock market developments and show them how he executes his trades. He also founded two programs he’s posted video updates about called “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is about the hands money changes in a bear market, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about picking the right stocks to trade that can multiply 10 times to millionaire status. You can find out more about Hunt and his programs on

Equities First US Should Be On The Top Of Your List of Lenders To Potentially Borrow Money From

If you have been searching for a lending company that may give you some of the best offers of loan terms, then you may have found the page that will be suit you. Equities First Holdings is an organization that has been in the business of providing loans for potential borrows for quite some time. They essentially exist to ensure their borrowers are happy with the terms that they receive and can make repayments without any issues due to low interest rates.

Equities First Holdings is an organization that provides you with an opportunity of reaching your financial goals at a much quicker rate than you may have been able to had you not been able to borrow capital at all. This is why Equities First Holdings is a preferred lender in the industry, one that is nearly unmatched in the quality of services it offers. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives. They will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have in pertinence to the loan you may be wanting to borrow.

All you will need to do is go through the application process and wait for an approval. Once the approval is completed, you will be asked a few questions so that the lending organization can get an idea of what loan terms may be best for you. It is a quick and easy process that is well worth going through. However, if you’re not necessarily sure about whether you qualify at this moment, please do not hesitate to ask one of the representatives. They will have a quick check conducted on you and may be able to let you know very quickly whether you qualify to obtain a loan or not. Then, they may provide you with interest rates.


Eric Pulier: A Man of Many Acts

Living in these modern times surely has it’s advantages especially when being compared to eras of the past. Technology is the name of the game as it has redefined the way we live as a people. Just about every piece of equipment or device has some form of advanced technology implemented into. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? If you haven’t heard then just know that this guy has used and developed some of the most innovative projects to better man-kind. The Teaneck, New Jersey native has an extraordinary way of thinking as he can take the smallest of ideas and turn them into a reality. Pulier is a natural born technologist and he has used the industry to better peoples lives.

As a child he would always seem to stand out among his peers. Creativity was the name of the game and by the time he was in the fourth grade, Pulier had programmed his very first computer. That’s right! During his high school days, he would be the founder of a computer database company. As you can see, the common denominator in these cases are technology and this is where he would put his stamp on society. Eric Pulier has founded many different companies through his rather short lifetime. U.S Interactive, FLY, Digital Evolution, Akana Software, Service Mesh Inc, and XPRIZE are just a few of his many personal ventures. Having such a profound love for this exclusive industry, he has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to tech start-up companies. Many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their won rights also. Thanks to his huge heart, many charitable organizations have benefited from his many donations, which range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars as well.

To simply state it, this guy is the real deal when it comes to being progressive and his long list of achievements is a true testament to his success. Eric Pulier is simply amazing.

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ClassDojo: Building Bridges In Education

In recent years, we have seen a major increase in the use of technology. From business to personal, people all over the world are enjoying the benefits that technology offers. In the world of education, entrepreneurs Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are using technology in an attempt to connect parents, students and teachers. ClassDojo, an interactive social and educational platform, recently raised $21 million in venture funding to help build their team and enhance the innovative app. Makers of ClassDojo hope that the enhancements will improve the rate of communication between parents and classrooms, and encourage more involvement throughout the school year. Click on this related link.


According to,  when ClassDojo was launched in 2011, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had one simple goal-make a difference in education. After deciding their focus point would be communication, they began building the platform. Because parents often have schedules that require them to work during the school day, their involvement is often limited to dinner table conversations about their child’s day. ClassDojo would serve as a bridge to help close the gap between parents and the classroom, no matter where they are in the world.


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Through the app, parents and teachers can communicate about a student’s progress, behavior and achievements. Opportunities for praise are often missed due to busy work schedules and lack of communication. With ClassDojo, parents have realtime access to their child’s schoolwork and accomplishments throughout the day. Students can also upload and showcase their work with peers as well as parents and receive praise and encouragement throughout the day. Much like many of today’s popular social media apps, ClassDojo virtually introduces its members to a completely new world. While the world of education is ever changing, one thing is for certain, this education playground is here to stay! Go to for other insights.


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Ricardo Tosto: Deciding On A Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you on the lookout for a reliable and reputable lawyer in Brazil? Retaining good reputation is necessary. A legal adviser’s reputation is essential in many ways, and can be a desirable factor when deciding on a legal counsel. Attorneys quickly develop reputations with their peers, the judges, the state bar, and their adversaries. A good reputation or credibility can definitely assist a legal counsel in getting things handled or resolving a legal situation.

A reputation for honesty, professionalism and aggressive representation is vital to expediting a good resolution of a litigation. Attorneys with the best reputations are often consulted by other legal counsels for advice and by the press to serve as legal commentators, particularly on high profile concerns.Good reputations are earned over the long term by constantly presenting certain positive traits. Lawyers with negative reviews or bad reputations can find it extremely difficult to handle matters successfully for a variety of reasons.

If your business enterprise project has problems and is confronted with impending litigation, or if a suit has already started, contact Ricardo Tosto. He is dedicated to defending the rights of enterprise owners.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been rendering outstanding legal services to businesses and entrepreneurs and is well renowned. He takes the time to listen to his clients and devise the right strategy to address their legal situation.As an experienced organization litigation attorney, Ricardo Tosto understands complex contract litigation and related matters. He represents enterprises and individuals with breached contracts and those charged of breaking a written agreement.

When you are confronting either of these problems, you will wish to know right away how successful litigation may be over the contract. Ricardo Tosto evaluates his clients’ issue and provides a sincere analysis of their dilemma with the inherent uncertainties litigation involves.Ricardo Tosto has become one of the most respected organization litigation and corporate law lawyer or attorneys in Brazil. No matter the type of business dispute or legal issue you are dealing with in your business, Ricardo Tosto has the expertise and experience to handle it appropriately.

How Davos REG Is Using Technology To Better Their Service

The Davos Real Estate Group recently released a mobile application that gives investors access to information on real estate properties that they wish to purchase. Clients of Davos REG can search for a property using the app. The app gives them more data about that particular project. This data includes the return on capital that one might expect from a certain real estate property. The tool allows clients to make informed decisions concerning investments promptly. The app was developed in conjunction with Tecknolution and is in line with Davos REG’s mission to provide holistic services. The announcement was made by David Osio who was accompanied by the directors of Davos Real Estate Group.

Osio studied at the Catholic University Andre Bello that is recognized as one of the best universities in Venezuela. Osio graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University. He also attended IESA where he earned a specialized degree in International Banking Law. Osio started his career at OPED Enterprise where his business acumen led to his promotion to president of the coffee export program. He joined LETCO Commercial Companies where he was responsible for the marketing of several products in the US. MGO hired Osio as a banking lawyer in 1984. MGO is a law firm in Caracas. He was in charge of some high profile corporates such as Consolidated Bank and the Ferro Corporation. His stellar work in this position led to his appointment at Banco Latino International in Miami. Osio was promoted to be the head of the private banking division less than two years after joining the bank. He is credited for increasing the customer base of the company while in this position.

Osio decided to venture into entrepreneurship in 1993 when he formed the Davos Financial Group of Companies. The company is made up of several independent enterprises that offer different services to clients. He is currently the president and CEO of Davos Financial and has led it to become one of the largest financial boutique firms in Latin America. Some of the services that they provide include asset management, banking services, tax planning, and compliance. He is also a philanthropist. The organizations that Osio has supported in the past include the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the UMA Foundation, and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. He has been recognized with a couple of awards such as the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, the Miami Award in 2014, and the South Florida Business Leaders award in 2009. more about his journey here

Technology Investor Arthur Becker Diversifies To Real Estate

Arthur Becker is a well-known tech investor who has vast experience in technology provision industry. However, he is not only a tech investor but also a real estate investor. Since 2011 when NaviSite was sold, the technocrat has been investing in real estate. Currently, he is a proud owner of three townhouses in SoHo District, New York, reveals Becker who has for long been known as a real estate backer had invested in a condominium project, and in return, he received this townhouse investment.

The condo development is in a neighboring region of the townhouses and is a 16 story boat-shaped building. In this investment, Becker provided up to $ 15 million in equity and a mortgage of about $ 5 million. The three SoHo townhomes are located at 10 Sullivan Street. The homes are 30, 40 and 50 blocks of the same building and he can make up to $30 million net value from the condos. The three townhomes give Becker an opportunity to make profits now and in the future. He has a plan to live in one of the properties and lease the other two.

By doing so, Becker will be making a considerable income while he also owns the properties. The real estate business is perceived to be the most stable enterprise in the world, and, therefore, he stands a better chance to become even a larger investor on the strength of each income. His ability to purchase prime real estate in New York has been attributed to his vast fortune in the technology industry. He has been investing extra funds in the real estate creating a significant investment portfolio.

About Arthur Becker

According to NY Mag, Becker is the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. Becker has previously served in different positions for various companies. He once served as the CEO and board member of NaviSite, a technology service provider in India, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Currently; he is holding several other positions besides Zinio. He is the managing director of Madison Technology group and a managing member of Atlantis Investors. Becker studied business at the Tuck School of business at Dartmouth and later graduated with BA from Bennington College. Since 201i when NaviSite was sold to Time Warner, Becker has been investing in real estate.

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Against all odds, Todd Lubar made it.

Todd Lubar decided to launch into the business environment of Real Estates in the year 1995. Todd believed that because of his desire in helping others and marvel in business, he would make finance and real estate his life long career. His first foray into business was in Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. As time went by, he quickly learned the concept of conservative Mortgage banking which later proved to be an invaluable experience. He then spent all his time in developing good relations with financial planners, Real estate agents, insurance agents and CPA’s who are now the base of his referral business.

To many, Todd is a philanthropist and a business entrepreneur. He was a student of Syracuse University where he graduated with a degree in speech communication. After graduating is when he started working with the Crestar cooperation but later, joined the Legacy Financial Group. With his experience, the group developed significantly making more than a hundred million dollars in loan amount. While in Legacy team, he was able to improve and expand his skills. One of his major achievements was in the year 2002 when he founded a development company dealing with real estate identified as Legendary Properties, LLC.

The company was able to make more than two hundred dealings and assisted in quick purchasing, reintegration, and advertisement of a manifold of private properties. Some of these residential properties include multifamily and single-family properties. He was in a position of acquiring twenty million that was in terms of credit from prominent banks. Today, Lubar is the vice president of legendary properties and the president of TDL Global Venture.

Rick Shinto Leads InnovaCare Health to Provide the Best Services

InnovaCare is among organizations that provide Medicare Plans and managed physician services. It is a company that has done well since it began. The field of provision of healthcare is tough, but the company employs ways to ensure that they continue being relevant in today’s world. It has come with a business model that is unique. First, with the right leadership of Dr. Shinto they have come with a way of providing services that are affordable but yet they are quality services.

Technology is crucial when it comes to excelling of businesses. InnovaCare has not been left behind regarding technology. They are leading because they use up to date technology to make sure their patients get the best services possible. Through the Medicare Advantage, Medicaid on LinkedIn and other networks for the provision of health care they ensure that their patients are served well so as to establish a long-term relationship with their patients. Since it began, the primary mission on Crunchbase has been to make sure that they can overcome the many challenges that face the industry.

The headquarters of the company are in Fort Lee, in New Jersey. Though their patients come with situations that are challenging, the company has been able to meet these challenges. It has been able to achieve these demands under the firm leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto. He is the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer. He works with a lady who is talented because of her management skills and a leader in the healthcare industry on She is none other than Penelope Kokkinides who has amassed a lot of experience in the field. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company.

Rick Shinto

He is a professional with a lot of experience. He has all it takes to lead the medical industry. Rick Shinto schooled in State University which is based in New York. Here is where he obtained his first degree. He later attended Redlands University where he earned his MBA. He was awarded first class which shows how bright he is and how he can be good in the field. He is also a well-known author because he has written some articles regarding the health care and clinical medicine.

He worked in many places before coming to serve InnovaCare. His professional experience in clinical medicine and management made him suitable to serve the company. For example, Rick Shinto has worked for NAMM which is a California-based company. He has also served as the Chief Executive for different companies. His career began long way ago after he was appointed to serve South California as a pulmonologist. He worked here as an intern, and that made him get the experience to continuing to work. He works with Penelope Kokkinides who is also experienced from her rich career history. With their leadership on BusinessWire, InnovaCare will go places.