Chris Burch Discusses Ways To Become a Venture Capitalist

Chris Burch, the successful developer of the Burch Creative Capital venture capital company, recently discussed ways in which young professionals can begin a career in the venture capital industry. The businessman shared the fact that he is constantly bombarded with questions from young professionals regarding the true nature of the venture capital industry and the fastest ways to become a viable contender in that industry. Chris Burch has therefore given a brief statement to discuss the best ways for interested parties to develop and cultivate and sustainable career as a venture capitalist. During his discussion, Chris Burch stated that future venture capitalists should develop careers as entrepreneurs, build relationship within the business community, and share their knowledge of the industry with aspiring entrepreneurs.


Developing Entrepreneurial Careers

Chris Burch stated that the first major step toward becoming a venture capitalist is to become the owner of a business. This advise is quite an innovation in the venture capitalism arena. 50 years ago, future venture capitalists would have been advised to become bankers to develop relationships with the banking industry if they wanted to become venture capitalists. The current trend, however, involves businessmen who have already made a name for themselves through the success of their own personal businesses which they have built from the ground up. After having worked long and hard to develop a business and experiencing the effort and commitment that entrepreneurship entails, businessman are able to adequately choose other businessmen who possess the skills needed to successfully build a company and make wise investments in those businesses. For this reason, Burch suggests that future venture capitalists first become successful entrepreneurs.


Building Relationships Within the Business Community

Chris Burch also discussed the need for future venture capitalists to build relationships within the business community. As an entrepreneur, it is important for businessmen to reach out to others who are experiencing the same life challenges. By building relationships with other entrepreneurs, businessmen can create lifelong friendships and connections that will come in handy in the venture capital industry.


Sharing Knowledge With Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Chris Burch also emphasized the necessity for successful entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and skill with aspiring entrepreneurs. Burch stated that venture capitalism allows entrepreneurs to experience a full-circle career by making financial investments in start-ups that will possibly become iconic. The businessman stated that venture capitalists must not forget to also invest in the building of the entrepreneur’s character and must not forget to share his own experiences with newcomers to the business.

How Class Dojo Expanded Their Platform in Five Short Years

Class Dojo, the successful developer of an educational application which allows parents to communicate efficiently with students and teachers in a classroom setting, has recently discussed growth techniques and strategy with an independent business magazine. Representatives from the company were asked about Class Dojo’s rapid development over a 5-year span. Representatives stated that Class Dojo’s success can be attributed to the development of a highly functional and desired product, successful marketing strategies, and reputation building. ClassDojo is expected to release several new educational aspects to the application in an effort to increase the functionality and profitability of the program for frequent use by students.

Development of Highly Functional and Desired Product

Representatives from ClassDojo revealed that the primary key to the company’s rapid growth was the development of a superior product. The developers of the ClassDojo application understood the drastic need for teachers and parents to communicate in a functional way. As former public school educators, Class Dojo developers also understood that a communication application had to engage young students while offering support to teachers and parents. Because the developers understood their customer base in a very real way, they were able to properly serve this demographic by creating a unique product that improved public school systems.

Successful Marketing Strategies

ClassDojo representatives also emphasized the role of strategic marketing practices in the rapid growth of the company. Class Dojo’s marketing team specifically targeted public school leaders who were known to be open minded about the use of technology to improve educational practices. By targeting these leaders, the Class Dojo marketing team was able to effectively implement the educational application into several prominent elementary schools. After the application’s implementation into these schools, the application began to gain traction and the marketing team was able to create a rapid growth effect.

Reputation Building

One result of the ClassDojo marketing team’s strategy to target prominent schools was the improved reputation of the fairly new company. After educational leaders and teachers used the application and experienced its usefulness, the company began to grow at a rapid pace. ClassDojo representatives stated that word-of-mouth reviews were extremely useful for the growing company. The reputation of the ClassDojo application is consistently positive and more than 90 percent of public school students are using the application on a consistent basis. The company’s reputation is expected to continue to improve in coming years.

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Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is currently an entrepreneur who runs a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He started up this company in the year 2014 and has helped establish it as a very unique and beneficial company for entrepreneurs. Baur’s company provides mentorship, coaching and financing to entrepreneurs who are looking to start up or expand their companies. Before Mike started up Swiss Start up Factory, he was investing in start up companies and making a number of highly profitable deals. During the beginning of his career, Mike worked for banks which helped him get early exposure to working with business leaders and entrepreneurs. His experience in banking helped give him the idea for his company.


Before Mike started up Swiss Start up Factory, he was investing in numerous companies. Since he was in the banking industry, he became very proficient at valuing businesses and properly assessing their chances of profitability. With this knowledge, Mike was able to put his capital in a number of new and thriving businesses. As a result, he made a considerable amount of profitable deals. By investing in start up companies, he also had the opportunity to come up with an idea for a future business that he would eventually start up.


When Mike Baur began his career, he would work as a banking professional. This career would last for over twenty years and give him the experience he needed to better understand the business world. Baur would often work with numerous business leaders and help them find ways to become more successful. Part of this assistance was in the form of financing. Many entrepreneurs would consult with Mike and request financing for their new business. Baur would use his expertise to evaluate each business and determine if loaned capital would profit the financial institution. Mike successfully funded a number of deals that allowed entrepreneurs to fulfill their objectives of starting up and expanding their businesses in the near future.


With the combination of working in business banking and investing in start up companies, Mike Baur would develop one of the more unique business models. Since investing in start ups proved to be highly lucrative, Baur would use his experience to start up a new company that would benefit both himself and many entrepreneurs. He founded Swiss Start up Factory which helps provide funding sources as well as consulting to business owners. While only in business for only two years, Swiss Start up Factory has established itself as one of the top companies in Switzerland due to its unique business model.



Fabletics Was Designed for Convenience

The idea that was behind Fabletics is that they make a product that will be able to cater to people who have a busy life. They want to make sure that even very busy people have the chance to make sure that they look great while they are working out or doing their daily chores. They believe that everyone should be able to do great work while looking great and not having to spend a ton of time or money. That is what they have done with the brand that they have created in the fashion and sports industry.

While not everyone thinks that they need to do hard work, there are many people who work out to get their physical fitness in peak shape. This is something that people must do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it is important that people make sure that they are doing the most when it comes to their health. It is always a good idea for people to make themselves feel more comfortable while they are working out and that often starts with them being able to do things with the proper equipment including clothing.

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In the past, working out was all about functionality. This is great for most but some people like to feel pretty while they are working out. They may be more motivated to do work and do other things when they have a great outfit to look forward to. Fabletics does this for everyone who wants the chance to have a great outfit to work out in. They go a step further and provide their clients with 12 different great outfits for them to be able to use while they are working out so that they can get the most out of the experience.

Not everyone has the time that they need to be able to go shopping each month. Because of this, people may be forced to use clothes that are tattered or torn, that don’t fit or that simply are hard for people to wear. They may not feel like going to the store or even online shopping for workout gear. Fabletics takes care of this, too. They want to make sure that their clients never have to step foot into a store if they don’t want to. They even offer a service that allows the clients the chance to have their clothes picked out for them by a personal shopper.

Most people would assume that these services would be very costly for them because they want to make sure that they are getting the most out of it. This is not the case. People who use Fabletics are actually able to save money on their workout gear. The clothes that are created by Fabletics are high-quality and would normally cost much more money. Fabletics makes it so that people get the clothes, the experience and the service for a fraction of the cost of what it would be in a brick and mortar type of store.

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The Amazing Accomplishments of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is nothing short of spectacular. This guy has a hand in numerous businesses that range in different sectors such as Government, Education, Technology, and Healthcare. With a strong ambition and will to succeed, Pulier has set the bar pretty high for whom ever comes along after he’s left the scene. Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. As a child he possessed all of the tools to do big things once he became an adult and by the time he was in the fourth grade, Pulier had programmed his first computer. That’s right! His high school years were no different as he started his very own database computer company. After high school he decided to attend the prestigious Harvard University where he received a (BA) and studied English/American Literature. During this time Pulier attended (MIT), which wasn’t too far away. He always seem to be perfecting his skill and range just by the things he was doing. Pulier went even further in his college years and was actually and author/editor for “The Harvard Crimson” publication. Finally in 1988 he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Eric Pulier was fresh out of school and now entering his professional career. Los Angeles was calling so Los Angeles was the place he went to. One of his first companies was (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology to deal with issues in education and healthcare. This action set the tone for the rest of his career and not too long after, Pulier created and developed a private social media network named StarBright World. This idea helped to boost the moral of chronically ill kids by means of communicating with each other (via) chat, blog, and posting comments.

Pulier has done so many things that it’s too hard to name them all. He was the founder/co-founder of over fifteen companies and does spends a lot of time investing in smaller start-up brands as well as charitable organizations, and venture capital funds.

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Former Hawks Ownership Files a Litigation against Insurance Firm over Ferry Defrayal

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, the NBA franchise former ownership group, has filed lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Firm for contract breaching that involved claims raised by Danny Ferry. AHBE included Brice Levenson, the controlling partner, in the lawsuit. The litigation had nothing to do with the current ownership of the company. Tony Ressler is the current leader of AHBE.

The litigation was filed in Fulton County Senior Court in September against the above-described company. It featured a contract-breach civil litigation and bad faith in the insurance policy. AHBE claims that they were covered under a loss-related coverage policy and employment practices. This includes workplace torts and wrongful termination of work. According to the document presented in court, AIG got a notice from AHBE on April 12, 2015 that Ferry asserted the claims that were to be covered by the insurance policy.

Hawks ownership and Ferry reached a buyout agreement in June that ended their six-year relationship. The 18 million contract that was signed in 2012. The Ressler-led group approved the sale agreement for the franchise after two days. According to Hawks ownership, they are aware of the current complaint. They refrained from commenting on the litigation because they have no ties with the former property.

According to the litigation, AIG has failed to cover the losses accrued by the company. The insurance company says that it is not liable because it is not justified to clear the claim.

Time Magazine’s Bruce Levenson is an Entrepreneur from America. He is a renowned philanthropist and former owner of NBA team. He is a Jewish based in Washington, D.C. he attended Washington University and pursued a law degree at the University of America. He began a journalism career while attending law school part time. He is the founder of UCG (United Communications Group).


Josh Verne’s Tips on How to Have a Winning Business and Life

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who founded and is the CEO at present of FlockU, a marketing platform that provides work for thousands of college students and allows them to show their entrepreneurial skills among their peers. He has been in the business for more than 20 years, and this makes his success ideas worthy to live by. Below are his tips on how to have a winning business and life.


  1. Become a Good Leader, Not a Boss


The distinction between the two is that a leader thinks of what is fair for all the employees and gets projects done in a nice working environment, while a boss does the exact opposite. A person, however, has to aim to lead the many in order to build trust with and gain respect from everyone.


  1. Create Triumphant Circumstances for Those Involved in the Company


To make the business successful, the leader needs to generate decisions in which the clients, the laborers, and the society can benefit from. Even though the institution is in a tight situation, according to Josh Verne, he or she can still turn things around and make it favorable for all parties.


  1. Listen to Peers and Subordinates Well


Listening more instead of speaking allows the leader to understand what societal problems can be solved by the company, as well as what necessities they can give to their hard-working employees. Thus, when they voice out their thoughts, every word they will utter will hold a lot of wisdom and power.


  1. Maintain Equilibrium in Life


Josh Verne also mentioned that a leading figure is required to maintain a productive balance between his or her life and business. Having this makes sure that their family and personal interests are not being taken for granted as their career continues to flourish.


  1. Know One’s True Passion


The CEO’s final advice is to pursue a job where the person’s passion truly lies. Josh Verne clearly said that this is the key ingredient in becoming successful because someone can only feel 100% dedicated to the work when he or she is not bored by bit.

Keith Mann Seeks To Help People In A Multitude Of Ways

There are a lot of reasons for business men to become philanthropists. The truth is that a lot of people are involved in some kind of charitable cause. This is actually nothing special. Anyone could take a few seconds out of his life to donate a dollar or two. However, not all efforts are equal. There is much more to making a difference in someone’s life than giving them a meal or two. One of the most effective ways to make a difference in someone’s life is by engaging them and making sure that they are able to learn what it takes to get to a better place.


This is what Keith Mann does. He takes the time to solve as many problems in the community as he can. He does not just give money and then go on with his business. He actually has a vision when he gives to people. He believes the best types of people to reach are the children. This is why he is involved in the community when it comes to education. He takes the time to put together scholarships and fund schools so that they could provide higher quality education.


While every penny does count for people, the one that invests his time and offers people advice and inspiration is going to make the most difference. This is one of the things that inspire Keith Mann to do the work that he does in the community. He wants to help people achieve goals. One of the ways he does that is by improving the education system. He is more interested in making sure people have a way to provide for themselves so that they don’t have to depend on others to support them. With all of the scholarships and programs he has put in place, he is making a huge impact in his community.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is An Expert In Cosmetic Beauty

A wise person will say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and while this is true, what a person thinks of their own beauty goes a long way in effective their confidence and self esteem. This is why so many people have taken to the field of cosmetic surgery today. While it may sound scary for some to be going under the knife, plastic surgery has come a long way over the years, and with professionals like Dr. Jennifer Walden, with an extremely successful track record with her patients, there has never been a better time to get work done. With Jennifer’s level of experience, she can perform nearly any kind of surgery her customers may need.


For those who are living in Texas, they are in luck, as Jennifer Walden doesn’t reside in one of the typical hot spots for plastic surgery, like Los Angeles and New York, but she lives in Texas instead. This is because back in 2011 she had decided to make the move to raise her two new boys, and she also wanted them to be closer to family to have their support. She trained in New York for 8 years, gaining experience under some of the best in the industry, and today she is a leading plastic surgeon with a strong reputation of not only success behind her, but kindness and compassion.


Jennifer has always gone above and beyond for her clients to ensure they are feeling comfortable and happy before going into surgery as well as after. She hopes that through her practice and methods, she will encourage more women who want work done to try it out, as working with someone who really cares makes all the difference in a good outcome.

Jennifer was lucky when it comes to the environment she grew up in, as she always had her parents support in her efforts, and they were also high achieving and therefor valued achievement. After finishing her basic education, Jennifer expanded her knowledge by attending the University of Texas, and continued building her academic foundation til she acquired her M.D. Today, she wants all her customers to be able to feel beautiful under their skin, and she will go the extra mile to help them feel that way.


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Former Hawks Management Sues AIG for Contract Breach

Mr. Brue Levenson is a partner and co-founder at United Communications group (UCG). He is also the former owner of the Atlantic Spirit, LLC. In 1988, Mr. Ed Peskowitz together with Brice founded the UCG. Before venturing into UCG, he worked as an author for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He also directed TechTarget, Inc. on February 12, 2015. He also served as a leader for the company for over two years. He worked as a board member for Electronics and Newsletter Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson is the leader of the Washington-based I Have a Dream Foundation that involves philanthropic activities. He also has a J.D from the University of America and an Arts Degree from Washington University.

The AHBE former management group has taken AIG to court for breaching their policy contract. This was a statement by the previous manager Danny Ferry. AHBE included Brue Levenson, the controlling partner, into the lawsuit. The litigation has no involvement with the ownership steering the current team. The current group according to is led by Tonny Ressler.

The litigation was filed by a superior court of Fulton County. In September, the AIG breached their contract and had bad faith in insurance. According to the presented documents, AIG received a notice from AHBE managing group on April 12, 2015. The Hawks ownership group reached an agreement to end the six-year relationship. Their contract was stated at $18 million. The agreement was reached two days before the sale was approved.

According to the Hawks spokesman, they are aware of the litigation. The principal parties involved in the dispute have nothing to do with the club. They have no comment on the litigation. The insurance company refused to pay premiums to the company thereby going against their policy. Mr. Ferry’s claims trigger the policy coverage. They never returned emails seeking their comment from Ferry.