The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Protecting civil, human and migrant rights is a crucial and essential act. While many communities right’s are at stake today, there are groups in America who look to advocate for and defend them. An organization that looks to support these advocacy groups is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, have used settlement money gained from their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund their funding organization. After being unjustly arrested for news articles about the Sheriff in 2007, Lacey and Larkin were awarded a $3.75 million settlement.

The two then used this money to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization that assists groups who are advocating for civil, human and migrant rights. These groups also defend freedom of speech and civic participation in Arizona, which includes along the Mexican border.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund currently supports numerous advocacy groups. One of which is the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona. The ACLU of Arizona was founded in 1959 and since then has successfully challenged unconstitutional laws in Arizona that target minorities.

One example is the 2007 Melendres v. Arpaio federal class action lawsuit, which ruled that Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies had engaged in racial profiling of Latinos at traffic stops as a part of their immigration patrol. The ACLU of Arizona also works to protect the free speech rights of day laborers. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

In addition to the ACLU, Promise Arizona is another group that is supported by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Promise Arizona is known locally as Paz, the Spanish word for “peace”. The faith-based human rights organization works to help Arizona become a more welcoming place for all people. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

By holding house meetings and going door-to-door in local neighborhoods, the group speaks directly to individuals in the community about their hopes for creating a better Arizona.

Trans Queer Pueblo is also one of the many groups that the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund supports. The mission of Trans Queer Pueblo is to create a community that fully respects and acknowledges LGBTQ+ migrants.

The group operates a free health care clinic called Clinica Liberacion for 100 undocumented LGBTQ+ patients. Members of the clinic and its health advocacy forums write letters of support for LGBTQ+ migrants in detention. Through this, the group has currently liberated over 15 individuals from immigration detention.

These are just three of the many incredible organizations supported by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Other notable groups include the Arizona Justice Project, the Kino Border Initiative and The Young Center. There are currently 29 groups in total supported by the fund.

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Troy McQuagge, the Chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc was named as the winner of the CEO of the year award in the much coveted One Planet Awards.These prestigious awards offer deserved recognition to business entities for their professional brilliance.

These honors are awarded in different categories such as teams, executives, PR, new products and services, marketing and corporate communications, among others.What makes this honorable award even more illustrious is the fact that Corporate organizations worldwide are eligible to submit nominations.This makes Troy McQuagge a unique individual for winning this distinguished award.

Troy McQuagge is a senior corporate manager and a businessman who hails from Florida. His business prowess, excellent business acumen, professionalism, and innovativeness are skills acquired from the University of Central Florida. Presently, he is a resident of the town of Corpel, where he leads one of the biggest insurance companies in the region; the USHEALTH Group.

Troy’s journey at USHEALTH Group began in 2010. His leadership influence was instantaneous, and so was his first task as the leader of one of the organization’s major agencies. It involved performing a complete overhaul and rebuilding of the company’s captive distribution agency, the organization’s advisors. His immense success at rearranging the company ‘s advisory department catapulted him to the company’s leadership, an achievement that took him four years attain.

In 2014, he was ceremoniously elected as the company’s CEO and president. In his reign as both the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, he has successfully overseen the company’s proliferation in all merits, including profitability in a health insurance market characterized by stiff competition.

Speaking at the award, Troy McQuagge displayed a leadership trait that is inherently absent in most leaders today. Instead of being selfish and attributing his prowess to personal efforts and his excellent leadership skills, he uses that opportunity to thank his team for their contribution in his ascent to supremacy. He also displays his irrepressible passion for health insurance products and his desire to improve the lives of others through the various insurance services offered by his company. In his acceptance speech, he stresses the importance of his company’s commitment to increasing the affordability and innovativeness of healthcare insurance.

About USHEALTH Group, Inc                                              

The company headed by Troy is an insurance holding corporate entity whose headquarters are based in Texas. The primary corporate focus of this company is to provide innovative and highly affordable health insurance cover for freelance businessmen and women, as well as small entity owners. The main corporate goal of this organization is to utilize the talents of its employees and representatives to advertise highly affordable and competitive insurance products, with a special focus on the provision impeccable customer service in all corporate operations. Troy McQuagge on Facebook.

Success Academy Wins a Grant of $250,000 from Broad Prize

Recently, the Success Academy won a grant of $250,000 during National Charter School Conference held in Washington, D.C. According to Success Academy boss, Eva Moskwowitz, they will soon announce plans of developing college programs that Success students will pursue. Success Academy receives support from prominent individual in the hedge fund industry and in 2014 its revenue was $60 million up from $42 million recorded the previous year. According to Ms. Moskowitz, the grant from Broad Foundation is very critical because it recognizes the important role played by the school to help under-served kids in the state of New York.


Eva further said the award is an acknowledgement that students from poor family backgrounds can perform the same or even better as those from high-end suburbs. According to New York Daily News, Ms. Eva Moskwowitz was to announce the inaugural of the Success Academy Institute one week after winning the grant. However, the Broad Prize is not directly related to the creation of the new institute, but the funds will be used to finance some of its operations. Some funds will be used to fund Success Academy’s digital learning platform.


Eva’s Courtroom Victory against Mayor de Blasio


The head of Success Academy won a case battle against Mayor de Blasio who wanted to oversight pre-kindergarten facilities at the school. After the court decision, Eva asked the Mayor and his administration to confirm they will honor the ruling. Moskwowitz is recognized for operating the largest network of charter schools in New York City. She has battled with de Blasio for close to two years over the pre-K oversight. However, the State Supreme Court made a decision that Success’ pre-K programs are not under the jurisdiction of the city, but under authorizers of charter schools. Moskowitz further added that the judgment proved that the Mayor is overstepping his boundaries.

Brazil, For Better or Worse, is the Country of Lawyers

Brazil is a land of lawyers so to speak. Over the years the Latin american country has established numerous law schools thus, producing more and more lawyers as time passes. It has more law schools than all other countries combined. Only a few countries on the planet have more licensed lawyers. Brazil has been ranked in the top five of countries with the most lawyers on several occasions.

The answer to the question everyone wants is “how did this happen?” Sadly, there is no linear answer to the question. No one knows why the country has such an unnecessary amount of law schools. Brazil does have a high crime rate, but even that doesn’t explain it.

You would think with so many lawyers in the country Brazil’s legal system would be thriving. However, this is not the case. Brazil is a country of very slow justice. Legal cases that should only take a few months at the most wind up taking years or or in extreme cases decades to resolve sometimes. There are multiple reasons this occurs including an impossible workload on judges and believe it or not, sub par lawyers.

Only about 800,000 of roughly 3 million law students that attend law school pass the Brazilian Bar Examination yearly. This wide gap of attendees and graduates of law schools has caused the Ministry of Education (MEC) to supervise many of these institutions.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer. He is a partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados law firm. It is one of the leading law firms in the country. Its headquarters is in Sau Paulo, although it has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. He graduated from Mackenzie Presbiterian University with a law degree. He also holds a BA from Armando Alvares Penteado.

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Jason Hope On The Best IoT Gadgets For Men

Jason Hope clearly states that the internet of things has become a part of the daily lives of most people today. This is why the gadgets that embrace it are becoming more popular. These new IoT gadgets for men are ranging from tracking the amount one has had to drink as well as helping them with fitness. A few are available as apps while others can be connected to separate gadgets in order to make them work better or to customize them to meet specific needs. Some of these IoT gadgets for men are listed below.

Jason Hope talks about Smart Athletic Shoes that have been made by the company, Under Armour. These are smart running shoes that are featuring the fitness tracker technology. Typically the fitness trackers are operating from the wrist. But in the case of the SpeedForm Gemini 2, the tracking equipment is in these athletic shoes. The tracking features would include distance, time along with split times. Under Armour has acquired MapMyFitness. Hence the company is using this program in order to give GPS data for tracking the workouts. The battery of this gadget is strong enough and can outlive the life of these running shoes.

Smart Ice Cubes refer to a gadget that can be added to the drink. It will notify the friends or even a car service in case the person is too drunk to drive home safely. These smart ice cubes will change color to denote the amount of alcohol that has been ingested. In case the person continues to drink past getting this color notification, these smart ice cubes will be sending an alert to either a friend or to a designated person. It lets them know that the person would require a safe ride home.

There are a range of IoT gadgets as stated by Jason Hope that can extend to those apps which control the appliances of the home. This way in case of a sudden cold coming in, the heat can be turned up before one returns home. This type of app can manage the temperature of the air conditioner too.

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Real Estate Guru Samuel Strauch Sheds Light on How to Locate the Best Cities in the U.S

For most Americans, all they want is to find a city where they can lead a peaceful life without unnecessary troubles. Despite the benefits accrued from residing in the city, you certainly do not want to raise your family in a crime-infested area. Everyone desires to lead an affordable life and at the same time, enjoy the flashy boutiques and various dining choices. Therefore, you need to be cautious as you conduct your search for a perfect suburb. Here is an eye opener on some of the best areas where you and your family can eventually home.

If you have a soft spot for culture and sports, then look no further! Denver is the place for you, with its rich sceneries, you will always have something to look forward to! Just to mention some breathtaking attractions like the Stanley Marketplace where you will find scrumptious food and drinks. The area goes for a median price of about $270,000 which is quite favorable.

Some of the best-built residential homes are found in Dallas, not to mention the blooming nightlife! Over the past few years, Dallas has proven to rise economically, and there are hopes of putting up a public college in the year 2020. The area is known for hospitality which makes it one of the best places to reside in. With about $501,500, you can scoop yourself a home and reside in a crime-free zone.

Most people have the notion that they cannot afford to live in San Francisco. However, with the right mindset, you will find it quite affordable. With enough savings, you will get access to some of the best schools. Also, the area has fresh air, one of the best stations and is home to the breathtaking Dublin Castle. If you enjoy having nights out, look no further! In the next few years, the area will have enough residential homes for everyone, at a favorable price.  Click here to know more.

About Samuel Straunch

Samuel Straunch holds an undergraduate degree in Business from Hofstra University based in New York. Mr. Straunch has also attended both Erasmus and Harvard University. Before venturing in the Real Estate industry, Samuel Straunch had a taste of the Banking industry.

Samuel Straunch is the Principal of the Metric Real Estate which he started in the year 2002. The company is growing at a fast rate and is expanding its territory to various Latin-American cities. Mr. Straunch has a strong passion for Real Estate and enjoys helping people find a place to call home.

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Whitney Wolfe: The Utah Bumble Queen

Ever thought about the wonderful benefits of app-based dating? The most important benefit for using apps such as Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble for dating is that they are free. A person does not pay for a subscription or nothing like that. The individual simply downloads the app from the Play Store or App Store. It is fast and efficient which means you just tap on the app on your phone and it opens up instantly without having to login constantly like websites. The profiles are short and to the point. A user just needs to take a few pictures and a small description about themselves. One great benefit is that these dating apps are perfect for people who are extremely busy and do not have time to go out and socialize.

Some statistics have shown that relationships developed through apps such as Bumble will last a decent amount enough to get know the other person. An individual does not have to keep seeing the other person if they do not want. The app provides freedom stop messaging whenever they want. Over half of the users can sustain a relationship through an app such as Bumble because the messaging is quick and to the point. You do not have to hassle when messaging a user on the app. If you like that person, then most likely you are going to go out with that person more often.

Now on to Whitney Wolfe, who is an American entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Southern Methodist University where she studied international studies. During college, she sold bamboo tote bags which helped around the affected areas from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. After graduating from college, Wolfe joined the start-up Cardify which was headed by Sean Rad. The Cardify project was abandoned which was not the end for Wolfe. She later on co-founded Tinder with Sean Rad where she would become the Vice President for Marketing and was solely responsible for spreading Tinder at college campuses like wild fire.

Whitney Wolfe felt like something was needed in order to make dating a little different. She decided to branch out and make Bumble. It is like Tinder but concentrates more on the female. The female has to make the first move and the first message. There is a twist because the female only has 24 hours to message the male before his profile disappears from the female’s queue. Wolfe hopes to eventually make it fair for the females when it comes to the dating game.

USHEALTH Group Offers Innovative Insurance Solutions

USHEALTH Group offers world-class health coverage to the its clients. The firm provides a full portfolio of health plans. These plans allow the company to tailor their health coverage in line with consumer needs. USHEALTH has been in operation for more than 50 years, thus its experience in health insurance. The firm and its affiliates have combined to develop secure, affordable, and flexible plans for their customers and their families.

Reliability and affordability are the core values of USHEALTH Group. The corporation provides clients with coverage for their daily medical expenses or critical medical events. The company has recruited the services of industry experts, who have spearheaded research to comprehend the diverse needs of the clients and develop consumer-oriented services. To date, the corporation has served over 15 million clients. The corporation seeks to provide the public with solutions that addresses their specific needs.

USHEALTH Group is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The company’s subsidiaries include Freedom Life Insurance Company of America along with the National Foundation Life Insurance. Through these subsidiaries, the corporation is committed to offer its clients with innovative life, specified sickness, accident, and disability insurance solutions. Its solutions target small business owners, employees, families, and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH Group and its affiliates have ensured that clients can be able to afford the specified sickness and accident coverage and other covers. The company believes in having a wide range of products to ensure that clients can choose the solutions that satisfies their utility. For this reason, USHEALTH Group has established a comprehensive portfolio of coverage. Its innovative product designs are flexible, and reliable.

Notably, the company’s products and services appeal to all customers, including those who operate on limited budgets. USHEALTH Group’s products and services offer first dollar benefits. It also gives significant network discount across a wide spectrum of providers. In addition, the corporation’s plans are affordable and comprehensive. Irrespective of the kind of health coverage that customers select, USHEALTH Group helps them to improve their coverage with its full line of supplementary products. The corporation has enlisted the services of well-trained customer care experts. They are always ready to address all the concerns raised by the clients.

Talk Fusion: The Company with Courage

Talk Fusion is a company that is never short on courage. They always have plenty of it in their back pocket. They know that is what has gotten them to where they are and that is what is going to keep them moving in the right direction in the future. They are not afraid and they never have been afraid. As with anything in life, it starts with a leader. Any great company needs a leader. They need a leader that is not afraid. They need a leader that is willing to put themselves out there, make bold statements, and back them up.

That is exactly what Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion going all the way back to 2007. They have now celebrated their decade anniversary, and they still have the same guts, fight, and determination they had since day one. If anything, it has only gotten stronger and more powerful. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion do not know any other way. This is the way they are built and this is the way they are wired. That is how they get the job done and that is how they stay successful, such as winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the the Technology Marketing Corporation. As the article points out, they are considered a media giant.

They are a media giant because they see a lot of products. Because they see a lot of products, they only look for the best of the best. They are not looking for run of the mill products and they are not looking for anything that is ordinary or normal. They are looking for the extraordinary and the truly special. That is Talk Fusion with its video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this helps people build their business, work from home, and make money with it. Talk Fusion on Facebook.

They can then quit their day job and finally have the job they have always wanted and desired for a long, long time. The days of them being a dream are gone as they are now a reality.

Honey Birdette: Taking the Online Shopping to a New Level

Honey Birdette is the famous Australian brand that offers online shopping as its defining feature. The boutiques of Honey Birdette offer a wide range of women stuff such as Lingerie, Toys and Bras. Honey Birdette was established by a promising entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan in 2006. Founded in Australia, the brand made a swift transition to an international one. After opening ensuring its presence in UK and Europe and Australia and New Zealand, Honey Birdette has recently launched its e-commerce site in the U.S. It is noteworthy to mention that Honey Birdette has launched its US site after a remarkable 374 per cent increase in its online sales in U.S during the last one year.

The rising popularity of Honey Birdette’s online boutiques and products is the result of its consumer friendly policies and fast delivery process it involves. It caters to its consumers’ comfort and their experiences. Seeing its successful experience in the U.S., the brand plans to takes its enhance the number of its retail shops in the UK. In the U.S., the brand has been seen trying to establish its retail stores as well, given the volume of the sales coming in from the country.

In taking its business net to the UK, the brand has equally been passionate and recently revealed that there are more than 10 retail shops opening on the cards, a milestone it plans to achieve by the year 2018. In addition to its overseas presence, the brand has 55 stores in its home country, Australia. Honey Birdette enjoys the support and backing of BBRC, a private investment company. Honey Birdette has become a successful experience in a short time and its unique idea of online stores and its consumer friendly policies have played an important role in making it a household name in many of the huge regions of the world.

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