See It Click It Slyce It

You are searching for an item you saw in a store, or that someone showed you at a dinner party, or that you just happened to see someone carrying out on the street. You search with Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, trying to enter just the right textual description to find out more about that item. You were only able to get a picture of it, and you do not know what the brand name is, where you can see more, and you have no idea where the best place to buy it could be. This problem has already been thoroughly solved by the product recognition company, Slyce.It.

Their software lets you upload the image of the item you saw as the online Search question. In seconds you will have many images, websites, and all other information available for that item. And, for that matter, any item; millions of items are available by filtering and matching all available data on the Internet with an image you provide. The Search engine features that Slyce has produced for many commercial clients uses two different algorithms for finding good online matches for the image you submit. The first is sometimes called the ‘brute force approach.’ This method simply looks for pixel matches, by color, texture, and shape outlines. The second method uses that, but adds a second pass Search for any matches to metadata associated with that image. Using both ways to find good results, Slyce’s custom software is startlingly good at finding exactly what you are searching for, in the very first search.

The database experts call this an ‘image content-based retrieval algorithm’, whereas us regular people call it ‘visual search.’ The positive results millions of users have reported do make up for the substantially higher computer CPU stress that this computationally intensive approach to Search requires, not on your computer, but on the Search engine server on the Internet. Companies that are serious about visual marketing approaches to their sales, which all major retailers agree is mandatory, contact Slyce.It to move their customer discovery tools into the current sci-fi future. They provide off-the-shelf turn-key systems solutions, and they will also customize a solution for any type of business or other organization.

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