Shaygan Kheradpir’s Appointment Adding Value to Coriant

Coriant is a reputable provider of modern networking solutions to top network operators situated in more than 100 countries. September 28, 2015, was a successful day for Shaygan Kheradpir after being appointed as the Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Coriant. He has effectively worked with managers and supervisors as Marlin Equity Partners’ Operating Partner. His new duties will be to design Coriant’s strategy and oversee its growth. He will create an excellent portfolio geared towards offering personalized and clients oriented services. CEO and President Pat DiPietro, who previously held the post, will switch to the Vice Chairman of Coriant, and Marlin’s Operating Partner.

Shaygan is an experienced technology investor. His innovative skills will be vital in revolutionizing the demand for technological applications. The shift from 100G to Multi-terabit will be easily affected. The upgrade of hyper-scale data, strengthening of cloud infrastructure, and advancement of 4G and 5G will be possible.

He said data broad portfolio of data networking solutions, excellent technology innovation, global presence, expansion of client base to incorporate cloud providers, and top-notch enterprises were factors that attracted him to Coriant. He aims at reducing the structure cost while maintaining the operational excellence. Mr. DiPietro welcomed Shaygan to Coriant and noted the company had acquired a talent that will propel it to greater heights regarding growth. This article was originally published in the Fierce Telecom website.

Shaygan is an accomplished business and technology investor with a strong record of 28 years in software innovation, telecom, and financial services. He started his career at GTE Corporation in 1987. He was hired as the Chief Information Officer in the same company. He has risen through ranks, holding various managerial and supervisory positions throughout his career. He was appointed as the president of e-business division at Verizon. He organized employees into small teams responsible for coming up with new ideas.

Shaygan was employed by Barclays in 2011.He designed the TRANSFORM program, which transformed the bank to a global level. He emphasizes on diversity, and despite having an engineering degree, he has ventured into business and financial investment. At Juniper Network, he implemented the Integration Operating Plan aimed at reducing the expenditure, while maintaining operation efficiency.

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