iFunding, the Game Changer in the Real Estate Industry

iFunding is a real estate investment company that relies on the crowdfunding platform to make it easier to invest in real estate and increases the returns for investors. iFunding is the brainchild of William Skelley and Sohin Shah.

Most people cannot invest in the real estate sector due to several reasons, one being capital. However, with iFunding, investing in institutional-quality real estate deals has dramatically become easier with expanded opportunities for individuals to invest in, through crowdfunding.

Traditional real estate investing is inaccessible to the masses due to the logistical issues involved. It is typically accessible to individuals with extensive capital and a wealth of industry contacts. iFunding makes it easier and faster for interested real estate developers to build investor relations and raise funds. It also lessens the burden of taking care of the financial and legal management of developments.

With a minimum investment capital of $5,000, iFunding has lowered the bar, and made it possible for most people to consider real estate a viable investment option. The most popular type of property classes is single-family homes. Other types of property classes include multi-family residences, office buildings, as well as retail locations. iFunding oversees every deal through to its completion, delivering the best available mix of financial returns and investment security. The company specializes in preferred equity investing.

iFunding is among the largest real estate crowdfund platforms, as well as the oldest. The company has its headquarters in New York, with investments spread across the United States. iFunding has also spread its wings outside the US, with a growing presence in Asia.

iFunding uses crowdfunding, which is based on the internet. This kind of setup makes it easily accessible to anyone interested in the venture. To access iFunding, all you need to do is to create an online account free of charge and you are ready to go. The platform gives you access to pre-vetted real estate projects for as little as $5,000. Detailed information is provided for every opportunity. This information includes the location of the investment, the estimated duration of the investment, not forgetting the estimated annual return and the company profiles.

William Skelley as CrunchBase shows, the founder and CEO of iFunding, a pioneer in real estate crowdfunding platforms attended the prestigious OPM program at Harvard Business School. At Harvard, he met Professor Clayton Christensen and joined his hedge fund. While working with Clayton, William realized it was time for technological innovation in the real estate industry. This innovation would enable individual investors and smaller institutions to participate in investment deals.  Check out an interview that the iFunding CEO gave, where William Skelley talks business and real estate strategy.

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