The Recap of Brian Bonar Bellamy

San Diego Magazine profiled Bellamy’s, a high profile and highly rated restaurant located in the heart of San Diego, California. Writer Troy Johnson enjoyed a first class meal at the restaurant and detailed his review for readers interested in treating themselves to the culinary masterpieces available at Bellamy’s.

In addition to the rave reviews about the tasty food and impeccable service, the article detailed the incredible ambiance at the restaurant, which sets itself apart from the more touristy and tacky restaurant options in San Diego. The writer explains that Bellamy’s still offers that classic, sophisticated dining experience, even if other areas of the city have jumped on the tourist bandwagon and seem not to cater to repeat, loyal customers.
With Bellamy’s, the writer explains that patrons are treated to an exquisite dining experience, complete with a first class master chef all the way from France. The French cuisine offered at Bellamy’s receives consistently glowing reviews, not just from the writer of the article, but also regulars, who are lured in by over the top, signature dishes, such as the pan-seared magret served in a peach-onion marmalade.

The brains behind the culinary masterpiece that is Bellamy’s, is the Scottish entrepreneur, Brian Bonar, who has made quite the name for himself in designing and launching top notch restaurants in the San Diego area. Since 2010, Bonar has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc. (formerly Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc.). Bonar certainly has a wealth of experience in the business world.

What distinguishes Bonar from other likely candidates to design and own a restaurant is that he has quite the diverse background in technology as well. Bonar earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College, and later pursued his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

In his early career, he was employed by IBM as a procurement manager, and after gaining experience in the technology and business fields, he went on to launch his very own company, Bezier Systems.



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