Securing Loans by Use of Stock

In the year 2002, Al Christy founded Equity First Holdings LLC. The main aim of this company is to provide money to individuals and other enterprises that are in need of non-purpose capital. The company is not listed as a state institution. Its offices are in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and several other cities around the globe. The headquarters are in Indianapolis.

It is categorized under the Finance industry. The company’s primary product is in ensuring customers can get liquid capital from their assets. Customers are presented with terms through a process that is transparent and secure. Since its birth, the company has handled more than six hundred transactions. Its reliability, transparency and favourable terms have gained favour from customers. Customer satisfaction has attracted more customers. In the recent times, the company has registered an exponential rise in customers.

Conventional means of getting quick loans from the traditional lenders do not offer better terms for institutions and wealthy individuals who are in need of non-purpose capital. Rich people and these enterprises are constantly in need of money. This has led to the need for organizations like equity first holdings. Al Christy saw a growing need and made it upon himself to provide money by stocks.

While providing this kind of loans, a feature known as recourse is provided in the terms. The feature allows for withdrawal by the customer at any time during the duration of his loan time. In the case where the stock or shares depreciate a client may use the non-recourse feature to walk away from the deal.

Regular lenders like banks require that an individual or organization must satisfy all the requirement needed to qualify for a loan. In some cases, the lender monitors the use of the loan. And regarding interest rates, their values keep on changing. In extreme cases, the lenders may liquidate the borrowers’ assets to cover their benefits. With equity First Holdings, customers are guaranteed fixed interest rates. These institutions have no grips on the loans they give. Borrowers can, therefore, use the money for any reason they see fit. In regards to assets liquidation, the borrower can choose to exit the deal.

In all deals involving the transaction of money, there is risk involved. It’s, therefore, paramount that parties participating in the agreement hold themselves to a high level of integrity. For this reason, Equity First Holding relies upon counsel from institutions in charge of regulating the trading sector. This way, they have satisfied customer needs with minimum risk to both parties.

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