Market America Miami Is Making Shopping Great Again For Florida

Market America Miami is one of the greatest conferences to bless the state of Florida. The events will take place from February 1st to February 3rd in 2018. The American Airlines Arena will be proudly hosting the event in the center of Miami.

Market America Miami is inviting some of the most prominent international businessmen from around the world. Yamilet Doris from OecahS.a/ Overseas, Vincent Chan from Market America Malaysia, Mady Ojeda from Capital Logistics and much more will be attending the Market America Miami conference and to know more

Market America Miami World conference had been a huge success earlier this year. The events were both held at the Hilton Miami Downtown and the American Airlines Arena. There was a smashing optional event that was hosted by Conquer Entertainment. Over 25,000 entrepreneur and vendors had swamped the area to take place in the booming event. The SHOP.COM team were stars of the event with their cash back shopping search engine that save customers up to 50% on purchases. The upcoming event in 2018 is expected to have a similar turnout, if not even bigger.

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What To Do Upon Arrival

One of the greatest challenges that you may face upon arriving will be finding your hotel and the event center of the Market America Miami World conference. Using Uber, transfers to the event center should cost under $20 and around the same for your hotel. For the more daring, public buses are an option with the additional hassle


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