Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Introduction of a New Operating System

For years, oncologists have been struggling to figure out how they can battle cancer. Cancer has claimed millions of lives, and up until today, the cure for the disease is still unknown. Treatments like chemotherapy are available, but it does not ensure that the cancer cells are completely gone. Sometimes, even if they are eliminated from the patient’s body, there is a huge chance that they will mutate again and return years later, being more fatal and more aggressive.


By using the knowledge of all the oncologists worldwide, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, with the help of Nanthealth and Allscripts, have developed an open sourced operating system called the NantOS. This operating system, according to its creators, will help open the communication lines among oncologists, in order for them to share information with one another in the quickest way possible. NantOS also has a database of all cancer related information that can be useful among oncologists. They can put in some details about the status and condition of their patients, and what methods of treatment they have used. Through this sharing of information, the creators behind NantOS believe that newer techniques and treatments can be discovered, and by working together, the feared disease can be eradicated in the future.

For now, the features of the operating system are limited, but future updates can make NantOS more powerful. Presently, NantOS is capable of creating a customized treatment that suits the patient’s lifestyle; comparing and contrasting all available treatment based on their effectivity and price; order entry that uses the touch screen technology; mapping of the treatment procedures used by the oncologists so they can be followed by their colleagues; accessibility to resources and guidelines; clinical data support; and real time processes. Oncologists are looking forward to the future potential of NantOS, and they believe that this operating system is just a stepping stone in eradicating cancer.

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