Motivation and Inspiration of Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer is one of the hardest things for people to deal with. But Eric Lefkofsky did not have a face to face experience until later in life. It changed his understanding about the medical services and the amount of time it takes them to attend to patients. He was upset because the way data was distributed and shared among doctors. This new understanding and perspective inspired Eric Lefkofsky to try and find a better solution. He was sure that modern technology and Tempus could help physicians and other medical professionals with data gathering. Tempus researchers cracked on and came up with new software that utilizes the experience and knowledge on both sides.

The solution allows data to be gathered without leaving an impact on the workflow. There was a lot of data available, but most of it was written on notecards and doctors didn’t have a fast way of communicating with each other. The new software allows this data to be in one single database which can be shared among the professional staff. It also gains the information about the best treatment options.

Cancer research is still one of the most important areas for people. Creating a better and less invasive treatment options is something researchers aspire to do. At the moment people receiving cancer treatment receive different kinds of treatment, but they have encounters with severe side-effects depending on what kind of treatment suits the case for the type of cancer.

Sometimes it is not the kind of therapy but the amount of time it takes for the doctor to find the right treatment for each patient. Using modern technology allows professionals to look at different cases on the database as well as the best treatment and as much information as possible about the different types of the disease.

For Eric Lefkofsky it became a matter of personal pride to help people and increase their quality of life through the world of technology. It made him even more passionate about his job. He learned from success and failure, making, even more, effort and not backing down from such a big challenge and Tempus did the same.


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