Sentient Ascend Evolves A/B Testing To Multivariate Alternatives

Sentient is a leader in new wave technology that is allowing e-commerce owners to target customers like never before, and their A/B testing integration is allowing the company to stay the vanguard in artificial intelligence marketing techniques. A/B testing also goes by a few other names such as bucket testing or split testing, which helps to determine with versions of a store and associated design ideas are going to provide the best revenue stream, but Sentient Ascend takes it beyond the traditional methods in order to insure the best optimization.

At its simplest level, there are two versions of the site to be compared (A and B), hence the name A/B testing. The first is the control, and the latter version is a variation which is being looked at for potential increases in profits. Half of the visitor traffic is shown one version and the remaining half is shown the newer alternative in order to see what a difference a change makes. However, the key is to get that improvement through conversion rate optimization (CRO) that will pay for the costs of such testing, and there is a myriad of other tracking metrics that can be looked at as well. Sentient understands this better than most.

Unfortunately, only about 1 in 7 variations are going to be profitable in the long run. Therefore, it is important that these good ones are profitable enough to pay for the costs of things like the A/B software platform, designers, time, tools, and resources of working through the other versions. Sentient Ascend is artificial intelligence which is better able to test multiple ideas at once so that conversion rate optimization improves through genetic algorithms and other related revolutionary methods.

It is the magic of multivariate testing which allows the designers and webmasters to input a list of changes that are then combined and showcased in numerous different permutations so that the best ones that have the most impact are given to the most customers. This may happen over multiple generations as user behavior is continually monitored and used to tweak things so that their short attention span is not lost. Google and other search engines are aware of the value of such A/B and multivariate testing, and they encourage such activity so that it will not affect ranking negatively. Those looking for the best results should harness something like Sentient Ascend in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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