Impressionable facts about Drew Madden

Drew Madden has profoundly revolutionized the daily operations of people, particularly health practitioners, through his vast knowledge of technology. The IT guru studied at the Lowa University where he received a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He specializes in medical systems and he has over the past years helped health institutions successfully store their data and manage their patient’s information at ease. He started his career at Cerner Co corporations, before moving on to Nordic Consulting Partners. He served at the Nordic firm from 2011-2016 before founding his latest Evergreen Company.

Drew Madden has always been passionate about electronic medical records while he served at the Nordic company and he entered into a vast number of partnerships with many prestigious companies, which then contributed to the growth of the enterprise. Besides, Drew saw the firm increase its total revenue at a considerably high rate while he was in the company. Due to the strong commitment of the renowned it expert towards developing the firm, he employed many unique development strategies to establish the business and took a major part in helping it deal with the EMR challenges affecting it.

His excellent leadership skills also saw the company earn a high reputation and gain a competitive advantage in the healthcare market. The firm also outdid most prestigious healthcare enterprises in the market thanks to the great effort of its team of employees. Besides, Drew saw the company receive a great honor ship from a vast number of individuals besides receipt of a series of awards. The firm won the KLAS Awards for the best consulting excellence providers and the best company in offering epic implementation services.

Drew has not turned back in carrying out his operations, and his recent Madden Company is doing quite well and has proved to be one of the major competitors of the Nordic Consulting partners. The firm provides private high-tech system style digital records solutions to various healthcare businesses and has made the operations of the individuals involved quite easy. Drew Madden looks forward to establishing the firm in more countries in the coming years to ensure that it conducts more sales and increase its total revenue.

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