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“What is ClassDojo?” Class Dojo is a free classroom app that keeps parents, students and teachers connected. The ClassDojo app can be easily downloaded to a smartphone, computer or tablet. It is available from grades kindergarten all the way up to high school.

Parent Benefits

The ClassDojo app allows the parent to become more involved in their child’s education and classroom progress. A parent no longer has to wait for a parent/teacher conference or a progress report that gets sent through the mail. Now a parent can check in with a teacher at any time; even real time.

Parents can now be on top of their child’s activities, progress and participation. With messages, photos and video, a parent can become more involved than ever in their child’s education. This is especially useful for the working parent who can’t always schedule a given time between a job and home.

Teacher Benefits

Teachers can now receive messages from parents. They are able to keep a parent up-to-date on what’s going on and answer any questions. Through teacher/parent communication, teachers can be updated on a student’s needs. This allows them to personalize interactions with their students that can enhance their education. Teachers can also access and print ClassDojo’s decorations.

Student Benefits

The ClassDojo app can encourage students with their learning, assisting others, and becoming more involved in activities. They can learn team building skills that can enhance and build self-esteem, as well as promote class values. They can even choose their own avatar.

Since the app is private and secure, this can give students, parents and teachers peace of mind. Try the ClassDojo app and connect.

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