Cameron Clokie offers sober advice

Stem cell therapy is not simply a means by which donor cells are injected and all disease evaporates. This simplification is the media’s way of condensing facts into a fancy, quickly read story about a medical breakthrough. Actually, it is of course much more involved. It is not only donated cells, but other molecules and bio materials that are utilized in the treatment of not only disease, but for injuries also, and the field of study is called regenerative medicine.

Additionally, its successes and potential are hard to exaggerate, and many of the actual latest scientific breakthroughs in the treatment of disease and injury has been in the regenerative medicine field. The downside is that much of the science and the breakthroughs are not making it into actually utilized medicines or therapies in use for the general public. The difference in the hype and the reality causes some clandestine hospitals and doctors to offer unproven applications to patients that desperately believe the media reports and need effective therapy beyond what is necessary. However, blood transfusions and blood marrow transplants are themselves stem cell therapy, but by and large, the system is slow to accept new therapies.

Skin grafts are also a successful type of stem cell therapy especially in cases in which the injury exceeds the amount of skin that a patient has to use in full skin skin grafts. Science does admit however that regenerative medicine does even its current infancy increases life expectancy and only has a limited effect due to the FDA’s slow and arbitrary medicine and study approval process. Doctor and scientist Dr. Cameron Clokie cites the extreme cost involved in regenerative medicine at this point as a barrier against this forward science being brought into the forefront of medicine. These facts are also combined with the fact the health care industry is in deep flux. Currently, regenerative medicine’s impact has been delivered to thousands of trial patients whose successes cannot be divided from the equation and still stands as a testament to regenerative medicine’s capabilities.


Roselyn Daniel says:

Most I times when I read through some reviews online, I don’t get too carried away because the media has got a way of exaggerating things most at times. Also opens up on some of the flaws of some of the media outlet that we have and I think that there is often more to just what is represented on paper.

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