Cute Beneful Dog Food Commercials

Purina’s Beneful Dog Food commercials use talking dogs in their commercials to inform the consumer that they love Beneful Dog Foods. One cute dog delightfully informs the viewer that he can identify the number one ingredient in his meal as farm raised chicken and he is really pleased with the hints of superfoods such as pumpkin, blueberry and spinach. If the owner of this little guy hadn’t called time to wrestle, he could have gone on all day expressing his joy and delight with Beneful Dog Food. Another cute Beneful Dog Food commercial shows a joyful dog’s happy healthy smile demonstrating his clean teeth and fresh breath as he breathes in his owner’s face. And still in another and even cuter commercial, the most adorable Chocolate Lab, gives instructions on how to get his owner to give him more Purina Beneful Break-N-Bites. This loveable Lab describes the tricks that work best for him as sit and stay but insists that to get the maximum treat he must get really cute and do something like getting the baby to fall asleep on his belly.

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