The Great Battlefield Power Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a siege weapon that was used during the Middle Ages. It was essential in the lengthy siege battles waged at the time. The Trabuco flung heavy projectiles over long distances to bring down fortified castle and city walls. Then and now, the Trabuco is considered an engineering marvel. Using a counterweight system in order to create a very large force it was capable of leveling great structures and turning the tides of war.

It is not known for sure who invented the first Trabuco, but the earliest written record hints to European Christians according to Even though this record predates mentions of Chinese counterweight machine, many historians contend that the Chinese invented the technology first. There are also early illusions to Mongolian armies using Trabuco’s in their conquests of Asia. These early iterations varied slightly from culture to culture, but were used widely for centuries of battle across the Old World. Regardless of which Medieval people invented the Trabuco as we know it, this weapon was a remarkable innovation according to


The early Trabuco, for all it’s glory, still took an incredible amount of man power to operate. It was inefficient to have such large companies of men fully occupied pulling the ropes and provide the propellant needed to fire large projectiles. The counterbalance was added to the design to eliminate this need. The counterweight Trabuco could take up a fortnight to set and hurled gigantic missiles. Although the average rock size was 50-100 kilos, some Trabuco’s were able to throw 1000 kilo loads; the resulting power decimated enemy targets.

For several centuries no respectable army was found on the battlefield without a Trabuco. In a time when walls were built as high and formidable as possible a capable siege weapon was a necessary strategic component for Medieval generals. For these reasons, the Trabuco is one of the best known weapons of antiquity.

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