Perry Mandera’s Contribution to the Transport Industry

When it comes to the transportation industry, the experience is key. Clients want to place their goods in the hands of an experienced company to ensure that the risks are kept at minimal. Perry Mandera stands out as an executive who handles business development and sales operations at a well-known company referred to as The Custom Companies, Inc. His satisfactory experience in the industry exceeds over 40 years, making him a preferred choice for his customers who end up receiving exemplary services. Get details on Perry Mandera at

Perry Mandera’s life in the transportation industry dates back to his early ages. He had his first experience as a truck driver under the age of 23 while working as a reservist in the U.S Marines. Still, at a ripe age, Perry Mandera started a transportation business that flourished, but he managed it for only five years after which he sold it. Through the experienced gained, he started The Custom Companies, Inc, and it was surprisingly the first company of its kind as it offered full-service transportation services. This saw its rapid growth and existence since 1986.

In a simple description, Perry Mandera is a creative person whose drive is the satisfaction of client’s needs and filling in any gaps identified in the market. After spearheading his transportation company, he later realized the need for warehousing and distribution services which he presently offers in his company. Under his management, The Custom Companies has 33 distribution centers and over 300 power units countrywide. Trucks available for customers are over 5,000, and the privately-owned fleet has been fitted with modern tracking capabilities. Learn more about Perry Mandera at

Although Perry Mandera is an accomplished executive who has steered growth and development in the transportation industry, he lives a perfect and an honorable life besides work. Perry Mandera is known to be an active philanthropist whose generous acts, dates back his early years. Most notably, he began supporting a number of charitable and community organizations such as the Jesse White Tumblers which overlooks the well-being of kids by counseling them through various methods of instilling hope in their lives to prevent their deviation to joining gangs and acquiring undesired behaviors such as alcoholism and drug abuse.


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