From Online Store to so Much More: The RealReal Takes the Plunge

The RealReal is an online clothing consignment store that offers hip clothes, accessories, home furnishings, and art that up until now has purely been available via e-commerce. After a successful pop-up store in 2016, The RealReal proceded to open up its first physical store location in NYC. The online presence is being expanded nationwide to reach new consumers in pop-up locations set to go on throughout 2018. People have been responding so well to The RealReal both online and in-store that they have received a whopping $50 million in funding for further development from Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm.

Based out of San Francisco, The RealReal has been in business now for seven years. CEO Julie Wainwright has been hard at work to ensure that the company continues to develop, expand, and become profitable. The company has already seen great success and anticipates more as they delve into brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S.

What’s made the company stand out and garner attention is the ability for customers to both buy and sell luxury goods on their website. Consignments are all certified by The RealReal staff to be authentic, there is no risk of paying too much for a knock-off. It is an ideal way for fashionistas to keep their wardrobe current while letting go of quality goods in order to make room for new purchases. It is a win-win as far as all parties are concerned. People get fair prices for luxury items, consigners get some cash in their account, and The RealReal takes a small consignment fee for the use of their site. Many major metropolitan cities can expand to see a pop-location this year. Anyone interested should stay tuned to The RealReal’s social media outlets to stay on top of openings, trends, and other style news.

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