Dr. Dov Rand’s unique anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Dov Rand is a professional psychiatrist who trained in New York at Albert Einstein Medical Centre and the founder of Healthy Ageing Medical Centers. He provides both male and female solutions on weight reduction and also on their anti-aging needs. Dr. Dov sees to it that his clients get conclusive care. Customers of Dr. Dov get well-serviced programs which include intravenous nutrient therapy.

Intravenous therapy is a process whereby a patients body is directly fed with amino acids, vitamins and also mineral salts straight into the bloodstream because it is not possible to do so orally. The process includes checking and testing on food allergies and even other chronic diseases.

Understanding the aging process and also what happens to the human body as it gets older is something that Dr. Dov apprehensively understands and this is what he uses to improve the well being of his customers, both physically and mentally (Northnewjerseyhcg).


The IV therapy that is provided by Dr. Dov includes services such as;


Personalized diet and fitness regime

This helps clients to attain their ideal body. This is mainly through helping the clients understand what they need for nutrition as it is what plays the more significant role in body fitness.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

This is the process that involves the use of hormones to help control conditions such as weight gain, fatigue, thinning hair and also low sex drive.


Andropause and menopause treatments

This deals with the changes brought about by changes in hormones in regards to age. Andropause is a condition which is brought about by the decrease in the male testosterone hormone. This problem may also attribute to other conditions which include osteoporosis if not properly taken care of, Dr. Dov has helped with treatment and reduction of andropause.

The most important thing about Dr. Dov is the fact that he is very kind, understanding, devoted and sensitive which makes him very suitable for a choice. His motivation and enthusiastic nature also play a significant role to help his clients meet their health goals.

The benefits that Dr. Dov has helped his clients attain are remarkable, and they include improved health, increase in energy, rapid weight loss, increase in self-confidence and more importantly relearned eating habits.


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