Mark Holterman and Mariam Global Provide New Technologies

Wanting to bring something new and exciting to the world, Mark Holterman decided to create a new company that merges biotechnology and investments. He has created a system that is a win-win for both the medical industry and the private business sector of investors. With this new business model, innovative scientists are able to create new technology for the better good of medical science and get this technology backed by private investors who care about the cause but also, of course, would like a return for their money.

Mariam Global creates exciting new technologies to reduce risk, create new advances, treat diseases, and so much more. Spending a lot of time in medical research, Mark Holterman could not have been a better choice. With an extensive resume, you can find things like Yale University, Director of surgery, professor, and other designations. Some of the major things that Mariam Global and Dr. Mark Holterman are focused on are medical photonics and regenerative medicine because of his background.

Mark hopes to bring such medical advances to these areas that he will change the world. One thing that sets Mark apart from every other doctor is his ability to relate both to medical science and to the professional business world, as they usually do not mix. Mark Holterman, being a businessman himself is no hypocrite and invests quite a bit of money of his own into his businesses. When not working on his business, to stay on his toes, Mark enjoys reading and learning so that he is always ready to offer insightful information in his businesses.

As Mark wants to create an impact on the world, he never thinks that he can learn too much. He can always be found either in a lab, meeting with business partners, reading, or spending time with his beautiful family. Though his business may at times seem intense, he would not trade it for the world. With Mariam Global working on extremely valuable technologies, we can look forward to working with them long-term (Alivenewspaper). Some of the other more important things that they are currently working on include stem cell research and autoimmunity research. No matter what he decides to focus on, one thing is for sure. He will be found taking this time to give back to the world.


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