Malcolm CasSelle Leading the Future of WAX

Executive Malcolm CasSelle is based in Los Angeles, California and is working as the President of the company WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange. He is also the Chief Information Officer of the company. When WAX was launched, Mr. Malcolm CasSelle was promoted to be its leader.

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle went into business after graduating from the Stanford University and the MIT in Computer Science. He started working in bitcoin and became an entrepreneur. Mr. Malcolm CasSelle has co-founded a few businesses such as the Hink Kong-based company PCCW. The business is in the telecommunication industry. It is publicly traded and has amassed a value of more than 35 billion USD. It is the most successful startup that Mr. Malcolm CasSelle has ever created.

After that, Mr. Malcolm CasSelle moved on to newer grounds and started working at established corporations such as MediaPass and Xfire. He also made investments in major names such as Zynga and Facebook which significantly grew his assets. Over the next years, Mr. Malcolm CasSelle was at companies such as SeaChance Int’l and the former Tribune Publishing now know as tronc.

At his current position, Mr. Malcolm CasSelle is overseeing the growth and smooth operations f the WAX company. The business is innovative for the online community trading virtual game assets. Before, there was a strong divide which resulted in a black market for trading online game skins. The launch of WAX was the result of that as the OPSkins decided to bridge the gap between gamers and provide them with a secure and regulated place to trade their in-game assets.

One of the most significant aspects of using WAX to trade video game skins online is that the player does not even need to leave the game as the program will run smoothly in the background until needed. In addition to that, the WAX platform provides the player and trader with the chance to use cryptocurrency. Many were confused by that, but the company assures that it has been made simple and smooth to do that, especially since gamers are already familiar with virtual trading.


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