NGP VAN: Their Insight and Idiosyncratic Approach to Campaigns

NGP VAN is a privately-operated tech company. They assist Democratic campaigns. They specialize in fundraising and social media networking. NGP was founded by Nathaniel Pearlman in 2010.

As of 2009, NGP was listed as the top provider for campaign software. Their software is used by a large percentage of Democratic Congress members. Their clients include officials such as Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. They assisted Bernie Sanders during his recent 2016 campaign. They also assisted Barack Obama during his 2008 and 2012 campaign

The Wall Street Journal accredits NGP as a “secret weapon.” Many publications have stressed that NGP is the main ingredient in any successful modern campaign.

“VoteBuilder” is a feature of NGP’s service. VoteBuilder offers statistics and feedback on engagement with voters. This type of system has been praised for its effectiveness.

NGP’s Four Tips For Success:

NGP knows that “end-of-quarter” can manifest as a stressful experience for campaigns. During “end-of-quater,” the goals the team set for fundraising are expected to be met.

NGP’s first tip is for campaigns to brainstorm ideas for email networking in advance. Collectively saving ideas for a long period of time will create a platter of perspectives to draw ideas from. Some suggestions NGP list include statistics, testimonials and proof of action.

NGP’s second tip is for all members of the campaign committee to prepare dialogue and script in advance. This work is done behind the scenes of campaigns, but it is a very critical part.

NGP’s third tip is to stay extremely organized. They advise clients create a detailed calendar of upcoming events and important dates. This technique is especially beneficial for consultants.

NGP’s fourth and final tip is to celebrate. They suggest the campaign team celebrates their hard work and efforts. They note that this time is key in discussing which strategies were successful and unsuccessful in hindsight.

NGP VAN has majorly contributed to some of the most powerful campaigns. With their idiosyncratic features, they strive to continually improve and advance.

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