Jackie Brown’s Producer Lawrence Bender Continues Hollywood Movie Magic

Released in 1997, Jackie Brown is a classic movie about an airline stewardess that works for a low-class airline and smuggles money from Mexico to the U.S. as a side gig. When she is discovered with the money and arrested the plot quickly begins to thicken. The gun-runner, Ordell, that Brown had been smuggling for wants his money back, he approaches Max Cherry, a bail bondsman, to secure Brown’s release on bail with the intention of eliminating her once she is free. Jackie Brown works with the feds to bring down Ordell while secretly working on stealing his money without anyone finding out. She befriends Max Cherry who becomes smitten with her and the duo set out to put their double-crossing scheme into action.

Jackie Brown was produced by Lawrence Bender who has also been an actor and executive producer on a wide variety of projects. Lawrence Bender graduated from The University of Maine in 1979 with a degree in civil engineering. He used the skills he learned in college to begin a very successful Hollywood career. Lawrence Bender has had a whopping 29 Academy Award nominations for his several of his films with 6 wins including the award for Best Documentary Feature for An Inconvenient Truth. Lawrence Bender had been incredibly successful in the film industry. He has produced many popular films such as the Kill Bill 1&2, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Goodwill Hunting. He also owns a self-titled production company, Lawrence Bender Productions where he continues to make movie magic. His most recent film, released in 2017, was An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. Lawrence Bender is sure to continue on his successful career path with his plethora of experience and strong work ethic.

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