Lime Crime Offers Beauty Lovers A Variety Of Products

Those who are interested in the world of beauty can find products to suit their needs through the Lime Crime brand. This brand is one that offers products that stand out from some of the things that other beauty brands are offering. One of the great products from this brand is the Venus XL Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette. This palettes features a good mix of matte and shimmery eyeshadow options so that a person can get a whole look from the one palette. The eyeshadows that are part of this palette are pigmented and beautiful and they will help a person create a unique eye makeup look.

The Plushies Liquid Lipstick from Lime Crime add to the natural lip color of the individual who is wearing them. These do not fully cover the lips in the way that some liquid lipsticks do but they simply add a little color to the lips to help them appear a little more pronounced and a little more beautiful. These lip colors are available in multiple shades so that an individual can pick one with a more natural appearance or a deep colored one. These lip products have a candy-like scent to them that makes applying them enjoyable.

The Lime Crime brand has created a hair color option for those who would like to change up the look of their mane. Those who are looking to go bold with their hair color will love the product that the Lime Crime brand has created. The Unicorn Hair Color from this brand is a semi-permanent hair tint that is available in fun color options. Those who are looking for an interesting color choice that they can use to change up their hair will appreciate all that this product line offers. They can choose from greens, purples, blues, and pinks when purchasing Unicorn Hair Color.

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