Ownership of Global Intellect: Dr. Kamil Idris is Building A Framework

Global competition of intellect is a fierce battle between world powers. Countries with fewer developed intellectual resources find it harder to compete. The technology revolution has given the advantage to large Multi-national corporations and power centers. Underdeveloped nations lag behind this revolution. Enormous wealth has vanished by not protecting their intellectual property rights.

Professor Kamil Idris director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) seeks to protect these important human resources.

The wealth of nations are being pirated. Large pharmaceuticals as an example, represent a huge drain on natural resources of the unsuspecting. Billions of dollars created from drug discoveries, never find their way back to the people.

Globalization is now a term that describes competition of resources and interconnectivity between borders. Technology has shortened the distance. Intellectual property rights are broad in scope. Science, art, trade, and economics all considered part of these rights. Natural and human resources can be priceless. With no structure in place, exploitation is rampant.

Professor Kamil Idris and his WIPO organization shape fundamental change. Decades-old methods brought into the twenty-first century.

Inconsistent policies left the less fortunate an opportunity to profit. Patent offices have become a bottleneck. Underdeveloped countries see this as a detriment to entering a beleaguered system. The African Continent and other nations of the world are at the mercy of the more powerful.

The globalization of technology expedites piracy and outright theft of IP resources. Dr. Idris seeks to put an end to these grievous actions.

Professor Kamil Idris and his WIPO organization implemented copyright treaties, with the help of the World Trade Organization. These agreements bring a framework to the Globalization of Intellectual Property rights.

Globalization has given the advantage to world powers. Greater technological access provides these entities superiority. IP Rights controlled by a failed system needs the international community to find solutions. Globalization and interconnectivity must benefit everyone.

Professor Kamil Idris is making strides to level the playing field.

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