Why Clay Hutson Is One Of The Best Production Managers In The Music Business

Delivering a professional level concert is no easy feat. Delivering a flawless live concert takes talent but it also takes the ability to select the right professional to help you get the job done. Tours have so many moving parts: rehearsals, sound checks, lighting and set design. It takes a true professional to bring all of these elements together into a seamless entertainment experience that delight an artist’s fans. This is why when the up and coming pop star Halsey, of Sorry fame, was looking for a stage manager who could make all of this happen she and her team chose to turn to the veteran stage manager and tour management virtuoso Clay Hutson.


While most people might have never heard of Clay Hutson before the odds are high that they have probably experienced his work especially if they are a fan of music. Clay Hutson has built a reputation for creating some of the most seamless and flawless tours. He has been called upon for his services as a live sound engineer, tour manager and production manager by musicians from all walks of life. In his capacity as a support professional for various tours Clay Hutson has worked with the pop group OneRepublic, the producer and hip-hop artist Kanye West, the pop star Pink, the rock band Garbage and the virtuoso that was known as Prince.


According to an interview that Clay Hutson gave to the website that is known as Inspirey Clay was able to get his hands dirty very early on in his career by working for a number of companies that allowed him to try his hand at various disciplines such as sound engineering and project management. Because Clay had been able to develop a diverse array of skills in the live entertainment business he had everything that he needed to eventually launch an entertainment company of his own.


Clay actually started his business during the global financial crisis. Even though the economic climate was difficult during the early stages of his career as an entrepreneur Clay Hutson was still able to grow his business and to continue developing the professional relationships that have allowed him to be a sought after tour manager today. In the world of business it has been said that the best resume that you can have is a good reputation. Clay has been able to build his business by building a good reputation in the entertainment industry that has translated into very strong word of mouth marketing for his business. Learn more:

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