Brilliant Leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald grew up in an agricultural farm in northeast Iowa. As a young man, he showed determination in farming and animal sector. David McDonald got enough support from his family members and friends in his quest to bring significant developments in the food production. The individual received an excellent education from the Iowa State University graduating with bachelor’s degree in animal science in the year 1987. After graduating from the University, he joined OSI Group. Currently, McDonald is the Chief Operation Officer and President of the industry. Initially, the group existed as the Otto and Sons.

At first, David McDonald joined OSI Group assuming the position of the project manager. However, through determination, he worked himself up through various ranks to the level of the president. Additionally, became the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Also, he serves accordingly as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. The philanthropist is in support of the Agricultural Entrepreneurial Initiative. Under his leadership, McDonald promotes giving internship opportunities to students in OSI Industry. The leader has a fraternity to which he offers scholarship opportunities known as the Alpha Gamma Rho.

Early this year, David McDonald initiated the expansion of the OSI Industries to raise the production to the next level. The group increased the production of quality chicken by a double from the initial 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. Similarly, the development added 20 job opportunities to the initial 140 positions. In the 20 posts is the product development manager, whose work is to control the current products and bring new ones to the firm’s portfolio. Consequently, the total output of quality chicken, beef, and pork products raised to 45,000 tons per year. The development of the industry was to respond to the continually changing market demand for chicken products. OSI President, David McDonald said that it is high time the company prepares for the future for the firm to remain relevant leading food company globally. “The market will continue to broaden in future,” he added.

The leadership of David McDonald showed interest by extending the services of the company to North America by purchasing the Tyson Food Plant in the year 2016. The year 2017 was also a year of change when the company acquired the Flagship Europe. OSI made the plant the leading food distributor in the UK by naming it the Creative Foods Europe. Also, the company went ahead to purchase the controlling stake of Baho Food, which has extensions in Germany and Netherlands.


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