What Graeme Home Offers Customers Of His Debt Reduction Firm

Graeme Holm is an Australian entrepreneur who founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013. His goal with this business was to help his fellow Australians improve the state of their financial lives and build true wealth to secure their futures. He takes a customer-first approach and the results they have attained for their customers has resulted in his company becoming one of the nation’s fastest-growing in the industry. They have helped thousands of people reduce the size of their debt and learn how to better manage their money.

Infinity Group Australia now has offices in Melbourne, Port Macquarie, Cronulla, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. Graeme Holm has been in the financial services sector for more than 17 years. The first 10 years of his career he spent with the Big Four banks area. He says that he got really tired of having to push one brand or service after another on people that were far more beneficial to the banks than they were to the people buying these products and services. He thinks that the big Australian financial institutions are providing a raw deal to their customers and he wants to help these people out. Along with Rebecca Walker, both his personal and business partner, they built Infinity Group Australia using their passion for finance and money management.

Graeme Holm started out by researching just what was going on in Australia’s mortgage industry. What he found was that consumers weren’t getting any support or advice in order to help them out with getting their mortgage balances paid down. Banks don’t want people getting out of debt and instead would love for people to pay mortgage interest forever. At Infinity Group Australia each of their customers is assigned a personal banker who looks at their total financial picture and then helps them get all of their loans, including their mortgages, paid down and eliminated. Each month their customers get detailed reviews and a monthly performance report of how they have been doing directly from their personal banker. The average Infinity Group Australia customer is able to get rid of $41,000 worth of debt in their first year with this company.

The reviews on Infinity Group Australia show that Graeme Holm and his team are great at what they do. The reviews mention a friendly and supportive attitude at this company. One customer said that everyone in his family including their kids were happier because there was so much less stress in their household over their finances.

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