Chris Burch Has Valuable Insight on Creativity and Productivity

Chris Burch successful entrepreneur and businessman continue to succeed in his business endeavours that have led to profitable success in various industries of business and have provided him with keen and valuable insight on creativity versus profitability within business environments. Chris Burch’s success began with a $2,000 financial investment while he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College where he started an apparel company called Eagles Eye apparel that quickly took off and led to a $165 million valued business when it was sold. Valuable insight and perspective has continued to be experienced and gained through his investment career that gives perspective into the complexities of creative opportunities to grow and expand your business versus the day to day productivity issues of accomplishing daily weekly and monthly goals. Most businesses concentrate on productivity matrix to evaluate their employees and staff which can restrict opportunities for streamlining and expanding upon new information and resource advancements in analysis, technology, and other aspects of the business, check ( By allowing individuals to have the time and available opportunity to be creative and think about new ways to improve not only their individual jobs and work but also on the overall organization as a whole. Chris Burch emphasizes allowing individuals to be creative within their work environment create opportunities to decrease expenses and increase revenues for the overall organization and provide new ideas and concepts for doing business that was not available before the new creative idea was brought to the business landscape. Productivity is also very important for organizations because the daily tasks are what generates profitable results and continue the flow of the organization through the normal business functions that are required to make a profit. However, without allowing individuals to be creative and view the overall business process through their eyes as they’re doing their daily tasks new ideas and create opportunities for successfully profound and creative intellectual understanding can be stagnated. Chris Burch continues to allow the staff within his organizations to be creative and profitable simultaneously to generate the highest levels of long-term success in business, based on

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