Ted Bauman Helps Investors Focus on Low-Investment Strategies

Ask Report recently published Rob McKinsey’s article “Could Your Assets Survive a Disaster? Ted Bauman’s Tips to Protect Your Wealth”. The article discusses the Banyan Hill Publishing writer and editor, Ted Bauman and his advice on protecting one’s assets.

Currently Ted Bauman focuses on low-risk investment strategies, but he spent his youth working at gas stations and Burger Kings. He discovered what it is like to struggle to make ends meet with jobs like that, helping him understand and appreciate that the nation needs to help the people at the bottom. Bauman earned degrees from the University of Cape Town and has worked with Habitat for Humanity for a number of years. Visit the website to learn more.

Ted Bauman has been published in a variety of journals and newspapers. He has even written for the United Nations and a variety of nonprofit funding agencies. He also writes the Bauman Letter, a blog dedicated to providing investment strategies for disaster situations. He tries to make the often intricate financial topics understandable for the average person.

One of the main ways to protect your assets is by having lockboxes or safe-deposit boxes in a variety of locations. He suggests keeping one in your home, one at the bank, and even one at a foreign bank. The home lockbox needs to be both waterproof and fireproof to prevent damage. Keeping a safe-deposit box in a local bank will also make sure that liquid assets are within reach but safe from robbers. The foreign country safe-deposit will provide secure storage for some accounts which would prevent the government from seizing the assets. Follow Ted Bauman on

Bauman was also recently featured in the Gazette Day, in the article by Erica Smith titled “Protect Your Wealth from the next Market Crash with These Tips from Ted Bauman”. The article reveals how the 20 years of experience for the financial expert have revealed that these are times of uncertainty and each investor needs to develop a plan for both a rising stock market and a falling stock market.

He suggests that investors need to create a balanced viewpoint. It can be easy to become overly optimistic or overly pessimistic about the future of the stock market. But by developing a balanced view of the market, people would see that the stocks on Wall Street might be currently overvalued. It may return to lower valuations soon, though it may take nearly a year.

The Bauman Letter is Bauman’s blog that is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. He analyzes possible investment strategies and rational alternatives.


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