Alex Hern, Solid Progression Of Virtual Reality Platforms

In the fall of 2017, the Virtual Reality firm, Tsunami expanded its base in California to occupy the newly completed Torrey Point Office Campus. The significance of this announcement was reported by the San Diego Business Journal. As the Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Alex Hern was excited about becoming the first tenant to move into the office space. When viewing the campus in the terms of potential growth for the area, Tsunami ARVR would soon fill the workspace of 32,475 square feet with approximately 200 new employees. Alex went on to state that it was, “a great platform for future recruiting.” The magnitude of the lease meant that 200 tech related jobs were added to the local economy. Read more about Alex Hern at

Alex Hern has co-founded many entrepreneurial enterprises besides Tsunami VR. During the mid 90s, he developed Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom) and later, Strategic Acquisition Ventures, Ltd. Alex also sits on the board of directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital. It’s not surprising that Tsunami was the first tenant to sign a lease in a contemporary space. This goes hand in hand with the cutting edge core technologies developed there. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

A few years prior, Alex Hern attended a “5G Wireless Forum and Connected Health Workshop.” At that time 5G was only a exploratory concept in connection with virtual reality platforms. He spoke about the future vision for Tsunami VR as being, “the intersection of art and science.” In a relative short span of time, just two years in the making and he adhered to that vision making multi-faceted 5G applications a possibility for all consumers. Alex Hern has been steady with his involvement in the entrepreneurial sector, he developed another company, Mobile Incorporated and Mobile Works. This is after Alex previously founded, Inktomi Corporation (INKT), a successful tech company that was eventually sold to Yahoo.


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