Matthew Fleeger

If you are a business person that is connected with oil, gas, or waste management in this country, you’ve probably heard about Matthew Fleeger. He is a well respected leader in the industry. Currently, Matthew Fleeger is also listed in the Who’s Who Of Business Professionals too. Today, Matthew Fleeger holds the role of Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director of Golf Coast Western. Fleeger has led a very high profile and illustrious career.

Early Background

His distinguished career began with earning a business degree from Southern Methodist University. He earned a business degree from the prestigious university with a focus on finance and marketing which would prepare Fleeger for a great start in a business career. After graduating, Matthew Fleeger began his career in the oil, gas, and waste management industry, armed with the unique skills and education that he acquired. From 1986 to 1993 he worked with several prominent companies that were in the oil, gas, and waste management industry. Laser on, Fleeger joined a company in the same industry that was started by his father a few decades earlier.

During the year 1993, Matthew Fleeger founded MedSolutions, which primarily served healthcare facilities and was involved with waste disposal. Matthew Fleeger’s education, experience, and strong leadership led MedSolutions to great success in the industry. Fleeger sold MedSolutions and returned to his family owned business, Gulf Coast Western, in a leadership role. His remarkable leadership skills will lead the company to even more success. Meanwhile, Fleeger is also responsible for founding several other companies that are involved with the tanning industry. His outstanding leadership and business abilities will also lead those new endeavors to success.

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