End Citizens United : Scott’s Downfall

In 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States redefined corporations as “people”. That meant the allowance of unlimited donations and the benefit of remaining anonymous. This uncheck power opened a wormhole of loopholes that made it possible for corporations to bypass many of the old establish laws and have supreme influence over candidates. The opposition warned that this may disturb our democracy, therefore the organization of End Citizens United was created to combat the serious problem at hand. Visit their page on Facebook.

Recently, Rick Scott has caught the attention of End Citizens United, and not in a good way. Scott, a candidate for the Florida Senatorial seat has been accused of numerous campaign violations including secretly colluding with the New Republican Super PAC to fund his campaign. Scott’s goal here was to bypass the cap the Federal Election Committee has on contribution limits. The evidence is insurmountable and quite frankly blatant. Rick Scott chaired in this committee and recently on April 2018 was given a huge donation by “private equity executives” who are explicitly barred from donating to public officials by the Federal Election Committee. Scott is no stranger to violating rules, back in 1997, Scott resigned as CEO of Colombia/HCA after charges of medical fraud where reported. Because of his actions, the company had to pay $1.7 Billion in fines. It is no secret then, why End Citizens United is holding a close watch on him. Visit their website on

Florida voters are smarter than that and will not fall into Scott’s tactics of shady tricks. End Citizens United is making sure that Florida Citizens have every information possible at their fingertips regarding Scott. Moments after he announced his bid to challenge Democrat Bill Nelson, the Federal Election Committee filed a complaint on Rick Scott for violating election laws. Senator Nelson commented that we should keep our guard up as Scott will do and say anything to be elected. However, Senator Nelson strongly believes that if we stick to the right course where we follow the laws and do the right thing, politics will take care of itself.

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