Flavio Maluf’s Leadership At Eucatex Leads To Numerous Business Awards

Flavio Maluf has been the owner and operator of Eucatex since 1979. His company is based in Brazil and also has offices overseas. His company grows eucalyptus that is used as the raw material to make things such as wall panels, ceiling tiles, furniture, and toys. Their products are used in Brazil and also exported to Europe and North America. Beginning in 1994, Eucatex also started to produce paints and varnishes. Read more about Flavio at

His company also works with people who want to lease their land to Eucatex so that eucalyptus trees can be grown on it. Flavio Maluf has developed a Foresty Partnership and Leasing program where he partners with people in rural areas who will sign a lease that covers an agreed upon amount of time. They receive regular payments and a percentage of the production of the trees on their property.

His stewardship of Eucatex has led to Flavio Maluf’s company winning many awards of the years. In 2009, Eucatex was named one of the 10 Best Companies In Corporate Citizenship in Brazil. In 2010, it was recognized with the 10 Best Companies in People Management Practices. In 2013 it was named Projeto Design Magazine Top Brands for the Laminate Flooring category and in 2012 it won the Psychologically Healthy Company Award.

Flavio Maluf is a fan of tax incentives the Brazilian government gives out in order to boost growth. In particular, he supports Fiscal Incentive Laws, he says. These laws help companies advance technology, support culture, perform scientific research, and develop health programs. The companies don’t spend less on taxes, he points out, but the money ends up being used in a way that supports the overall Brazilian society.

He also recently completed a business deal with Duratex in order to help his company grow. Flavio Maluf traded one of the farms he operates for one of Duratex’s factories which benefited both firms.

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