More About Alex Pall

Music is a complete art which is perfectly portrayed in the songs introduced by the band “CHAINSMOKERS”. Alex Pall is one of the prominent artists of chainsmokers. Since ever, he was deeply involved in music and therefore became a DJ. His passion for music was way beyond likeness. He used to feel music in a way nobody else could. Alex says that people even used to mock him when he would put on headphones and listen to music all day long. But eventually he met Andrew Taggart, who like Alex, was also deeply connected to music.

According to Alex Pall, music needs proper attention and time and if you only want to produce music without having depth and connectivity, then it is just a wastage of time. Alex shares that he used to have sittings with Andrew on daily basis. From dusk till dawn they used to discuss everything. According to him music is more about discussion than merely a composition of melody. He tells that his basic purpose was to shape their identity as artists. They went deeper and deeper into self-realization. For this, Alex, along with Andrew, used to observe and absorb everything that was going around with the common people. Only then they were able to produce music which striked the audience and mesmerized them. He says that improvisation and innovation are the essentials of music. One must keep trying new things instead of conventional style, melody and genre.

He tells that the lyrics of the song are most of the times based on real life events and that Chainsmoker team does not rely on writers but kept on adding ideas and somehow structure lyrics on their own. According to him the music they produce is equally popular amongst all age groups and quite often they receive messages from fans which include children, adults and old people. Moreover, Alex says that he believes in quality music and will always produce less tracks having quality and perfection rather than an entire album comprising of 15 songs having no relevance. No wonder why he is a music sensation in the present living world.

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