Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks are the Real Deal for Everyone Including Workers Planning for Retirement

Retirement is getting people off off-guard with social security benefits only to fund their lifestyle. Life can get difficult after retirement and sometimes, it will require more than social security benefits to have enough money to maintain your lifestyle. Therefore, if you don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle, it is time you have considered investing in lucrative opportunities such as freedom checks.

Matt Badiali’s opportunity

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst serving at Banyan Hill as a senior analyst. He is the pioneer of freedom checks that have left people talking. The new opportunity he proposes to his followers involves investing in public companies and getting high returns. The returns are high because they are not subject to taxation.

Freedom checks are not a scam. They are actually real and received from government agencies as a return on an investment. For people looking for a good retirement plan, this is a good investment opportunity to take up and invest in.

Are freedom checks an investment and legal?

There are a lot of scams on the internet tailored to make you part with your money. However, this is an legal investment opportunity where you only need to invest in a company in the natural resource sector and qualified to be a Master Limited Partnership and wait for your returns.

They are based on Statute-26 F enacted in 1987. This statute allows for the existence of Master Limited Partnerships. Master Limited Partnerships are public companies in the energy sector that transfers 90% of their profits to investors. MLPs enjoy attractive tax exemptions that allows its investors to earn high returns on investment. So far, there are 58 MLPs in the United States.

The good news about Matt Badiali’s investment opportunity is that it is not subject to tax. You will get your full amount in the account after pay out. The only taxation that is experienced is the tax on transfer of shares.

Growth opportunities

Investors need to be awake and take advantage of freedom checks while it is still early. Matt Badiali had foreseen that companies will pay out $34.8 billion in the near future. It is a great retirement plan even beyond social security benefits. With as a little as $20, you can invest in the right MLP and sit back.

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