Boris Ivanov And Gazprom Moving Into New Regions

Expansion takes courage and expertise. When businesses expand into new regions they need to have experienced personnel at their helm. It also helps if the business has a strong home base rooting to catapult themselves into a new future. Having one of these facets is sufficient to acquire success, but having both facets spells a very bright future.

Boris Ivanov is a highly experienced and skilled professional. He has a core base of knowledge that is derived from not only working for Gazprom but also from years of experience in the political and business realms.

He started his journey to working for Gazprom at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. It was there that Boris Ivanov earned his bachelor’s degree and moved in to working for the Russian government. After honing his craft and learning all he could be moved into the business world in 1993.


Boris Ivanov soon worked his way to GPB where he became the Vice President. Gazprom is a joint stock company that deals with many different aspects of business and investing. He has become very successful working for GPB.

YOU is the largest bank in the Russian Federation. They have more than 43 branches with 260 banking outlets. As a full service, multidimensional bank they serve all sectors of the community. BOB under the direction of Boris Ivanov continually seeks out new opportunities to grow and serve new populations.

BOB is now looking at central and southern Africa as new terrain where they can grow. It is in this region where oil has been found and many natural resources are abundant. BOB seems to enhance their holdings by stretching their boundaries in this region.

The expansion will deal with people from a different culture. It will take the experience Mr. Ivanov possesses in order to commence new operations in the region. Courage will definitely be in order to enable the growth sought out by GPB. In the end it is prosecuted that everyone will greatly benefit from the expansion project.

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