David Zalik, Going Through The Story To Get The Glory

David Zalik is the man behind the plan when it comes down to how the business systems across the world borrow money and how individual people attain credit and loans as well for their specific endeavors. The company that he owns is called GreenSky Credit LLC and has raked in about three billion and five hundred million so far which an average cash flow statement of two hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

One might ask how this man came to be the tycoon and mega-investor that he is today, and it is simply because he was patient and he worked hard with a focus to get to where he is today inside of the industrial world of finance. His first business started when he was about thirteen years old with nine years to work at it before that was able to sell it with a total of twenty employees for three million dollars.

It started out when the dot-com bubble hype was booming and people were buying thousands and hundreds of shares due to the evolutionary changes that the technological landscape was going through at the time. David Zalik saw the trend and began putting broken computers back together at the age of thirteen where it initially took him ten hours to finish just one computer. Then as time went on he was able to put together a whole computer in only thirty minutes which was the beginning of his computer repair business. After selling it that was when David Zalik went into the financial industry for his GreenSky Credit business where people’s financial needs were met with excellent customer relations and services.

This was just in time because this was around the time when the dot-com bubble finally popped and investors who held their hard earned money too long in the stock ended up walking away with empty pockets instead. Yes, from an early age David Zalik cultivated and honed his entrepreneurial mindset and skills so that he would be ready for the big time when it came. How he became a student at college when David Zalik was thirteen is not a mystery. He was always a devoted hard worker and that is his bottom line for becoming the CEO at GreenSky Credit.

ClassDojo Is Becoming One Of The Best Class Communication Platforms

When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo, they certainly believed they had an app that worked and could help teachers make their class lessons more effective, but they probably never imagined it would become as powerful a tool as it has. The app is fairly simple in its interface, giving classrooms a sort of social media hub but geared towards learning and parent-teacher collaboration. Don and Chaudhary are planning to roll out even more features soon, taking advantage of a recent $21 million funding in venture capital, a total of $31 million in venture capital altogether. The app has not generated any revenue yet, but Chaudhary and Don are making plans for it to do so.

Chaudhary and Don are from the UK, but after graduating college they moved to the US, and while here they began to feel that elementary and middle school classrooms were not becoming the places of learning they could be. So the two young entrepreneurs decided to build a little app that could help teachers promote positive behavior among students using a points system and other little features. The app was very simple in design, but many teachers began to like how it worked, noting changes within their classrooms.

But soon, ClassDojo started building more communication features, including student profiles with classroom stories in them, posting them to a wall similar to Facebook but with teacher approval. They also had updates and messaging available for parents to see, and this feature has helped parents prepare students for the next school day while at home, and has even helped eliminate once-a-year parent and teacher meetings. Parents are no longer in the dark when it comes to knowing a student’s performance, and can now stay involved every step of the way.

ClassDojo has managed to keep their app free thanks in part to not spending on marketing costs. It’s available for anyone to download, whether or not the school administrator signs up for it. Also, Don and Chaudhary have made updates to it in recent years to enhance the security and protect the privacy of young children and their families. Included in the upcoming premium features of this app will likely be supplementary curriculum materials, a continuation of learning videos that ClassDojo has produced as part of a free series, and other miscellaneous extras.

The Impact of ClassDojo in the Classroom

In July, ClassDojo launched it’s newest tool, Student Stories, which is for students to quickly and easily add videos or images to their portfolio and then are able to share them with their family. Because of this tool, parents will now be able to follow along with their students learning, according to a recent news release. What they share is not limited, with the student being able to take picture of a piece of poetry that they wrote, or when they finally solved that tough math problem, the student can easily share and record this with their parents. Students are able to add material to stories while not having to remember login credentials and don’t need their own device. All that the student has to do is scan the QR code in class, and then can add material that they are interested in, and can tag the classmates that worked with them or add comments. However, the material must be approved by teachers before they can be sent home, and teachers can also add material to an individual student’s story. A fourth grade teacher in Tennessee said that she is excited about the students having their stories, and said that all teachers have dreamed of having a student-centric,
where each of the students have their own voice, and are able to take ownership for their individual learning. Liam Don, who is the chief product officer and co-founder of ClassDojo said that while parents liked Class Stories, they wanted a way of seeing their child’s individual accomplishments and projects.

ClassDojo is an app that helps to create a positive culture within the classroom, it gives the students a voice, and can help share big moments in the classroom with students families. It helps with the students growth by giving regular positive
feedback in both their digital portfolio and in the classroom. Also, school and classroom values can be reinforced, by bringing skills through the PBIS, Three Be’s or the Leader in Me directly into the classroom. Students are able to showcase their work
such as artwork, poems and speeches by using the Student Stories. And it can write a new story for parents during this year, through videos and announcement through Class Story, Instantly sharing photos, or being able to privately message parents without having to share contact information.

Other benefits include that moments are to be shared with pictures from principals and teachers, this way the parents can stay connected with their children. It can be presented in any language and from any device, with the parent being able to translate
the message in a specific language with just one tap on their smartphone. And there is no need for the exchange phone numbers, being able to have private messages between parents and teachers, with the use of the instant private messaging. One of the best
parts of ClassDojo is that it can be used in any classroom, from any device, and it is absolutely free!


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Class Dojo Makes School More Fun

The best classrooms are those that are engaging and empowering for students. Where students contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. These are environments where teachers facilitate rather than dictate learning. With such a shift in the way the world views school, it is important to have access to communication platforms that allow teachers and students along with parents to stay connected and on the same page. Welcome to Class Dojo!

Class Dojo allows for a systematic method for motivating students to contribute to the overall success of their classrooms. With a fun and engaging platform, students are able to see in real time, their progress in an overall point system managed by the teacher. Teacher’s can award points for a wide variety of contributions to the class. When a student gets a correct answer, a point can be awarded. Points are also awarded for good citizenship, contributions to class discussion, acting responsibly and more.

Teachers enjoy using Class Dojo because of how simple it is to manage. Points can be awarded to students from their classroom computer, tablet or even their phone. Imagine traveling down the hall with a class and being able to give points instantly to students for following the rules perfectly! 2 in 3 schools are finding Class Dojo to be incredibly useful and a seamless method for keeping students engaged and focused.

School administrators know all-too-well that a positive school culture is dependent upon what is happening in each individual classroom. For this reason, if change to the school culture is needed, it is a ground-up change that must occur. Class Dojo provides excellent reports for each student that outline areas where strengths are present and how improvements can be made. These reports are available for parents, who can also be actively involved in the point tracking system that Class Dojo has to offer.

With so many tools and resources that are all designed to instill a proactive approach to providing a vibrant class and school, Class Dojo is clearly one of the most substantial additions to educational technology ever developed. Students, parents and teachers alike are all singing the praises of this system for keeping classrooms fun and engaging.

Talk Fusion Is Revamping Businessess

Communication is a fundamental key to a successful business. With the advancement of technology we are now changing the way we express ourselves to our peers with video communication. Many new social media platforms allow us to express our thoughts, ideas, etc. with a simple video message. Recorded video helps us convey tone and emotion that is somewhat lost in simple text.

David Kale of Kale Design is the mastermind behind Talk Fusion, a video communication service for businesses. Anyone in the business field understands how sometimes that meeting your boss scheduled could have just been an email memo forwarded to everyone in the office. Talk Fusion will change the way higher ups discuss plans and ideas with co-workers and even clients.

It’s a fairly simple service to use and is easy on the budget to boot. There is a one time fee of $175 and from there the basic service plan costs $20 monthly. This plan provides one account, storage for 1,000 emails, and videos can be recorded for up to five minutes. You can upgrade your plan of course, for $200 monthly you can have 25 accounts which totals to a storage of 25,000 emails. The time limit for videos can also be increased to ten minutes long with an upgrade. Customization of videos is also possible. They can be edited with the company logo all by yourself. No need to send the video over to some expensive production company. This speeds up discussion between staff or clients.

Something neat and unique to Talk Fusion is that the video is embedded right into the email. There is no hyperlink or sign up for a third party application required. It’s directly in the email and all one has to do is press “play”. This makes those meetings mentioned earlier a breeze. Instead of going through the hassle of scheduling and catching up if you miss the meeting, you can simply send your staff an email on a new idea and it’s guaranteed everyone will see it. Talk Fusion is definitely going to be a game changer for the business world.

Handy’s Rise to the Top of Its Niche

Independent home cleaners have struggled with agreeing on a forum to post their services. When homeowners and renters come across listings, they’re usually free-standing, overpriced, and from a potentially questionable home cleaner. There are no established validation or performance review systems in place, resulting in a hard time hiring home cleaners. Handy, a mobile app for listing cleaning services, has solved this problem, lowered the price of cleaning, and brought more work to independent home cleaners.

More than one million cleaning jobs have been completed since Handy’s inception in 2012, back when Handy was based in Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua’s dorm room, co-founders of Handy. They originally worked up the idea when trying to find housekeepers to clean apartments they were renovating. The pair had a difficult time finding reasonably-priced home cleaners, birthing the idea for what would become Handy.

Handy maintains listings in more than thirty cities around the world. The company has plans to expand its scope in 2016 after receiving a hefty round of funding from several sources last year. Highland Capital Management was one of the companies reported in financing talks.

Independent home cleaning professionals earn tons of exposure using Handy, if accepted, rather than having to spend an exorbitant, grossly unaffordable sum of money on advertising, which only larger companies can afford. Cleaners can use the application for free and are only charged for jobs booked and completed at around a 20% rate, very low for the services and connections Handy provides.

The application now features an option to leave cleaners tips through the interface rather than leaving tips in cash. Other steps are being taken to further improve performance of the app and bring more home cleaners to the fray.

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HomeJoy VS Handy? Who Will Win?

If you have been looking around the world wide web for cleaning services, there are two companies that always seem to show up in the search results. These companies are HomeJoy and Handy. The first company, HomeJoy gained notoriety when the engaged the services of David Hasselhoff to star in one of their commercials. Well, now they are leading the search engines because HomeJoy is filing with the bankruptcy court. They raised around 38 million in venture funding but have to file chapter 11 bankruptcy because of what they call unresolved challenges in the home service space.

Handy Technologies Inc, a start up company in the home cleaning industry has raised around 50 million and continues to thrive without bankruptcy. Thus far the company has achieved over 100 million in sales. Handy provides home services like home cleaning and Ikea furniture assembly to everyday people like you and me. Handy continues to thrive in what many call a downed economy.

Handy has not had lawsuits like HomeJoy and does not need to file chapter 11 in the bankruptcy court. This means that you can continue to use their service and keep up with the daily cleaning services that need to be done with ease.

Using Handy’s service is easy and gets the job done. Handy will be sure to pick up the business that is being lost by HomeJoy. All people have to do is make contact with Handy and talk about their cleaning and furniture needs. A representative from Handy’s company will set up furniture delivery or cleaning service based on the client’s wants and needs.

Handy will be offering top rated customer service in the home cleaning service industry for many years to come. Regardless if you need cleaning now or in the future, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Handy and see if their service fits the expectations and needs of you and your family.

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Handy to Clean-up Behind HomeJoy

Watching start-ups fail isn’t a good thing for our economy or for the individuals that put so much hard work, time and money into making an idea become a dream come true. Unfortunately for the home services start-up, Homejoy Inc., founded by siblings Adora and Aaron Cheung, their undertaking seems to be coming to an end. The company which started in 2013 and had raised $38 million in venture funding, has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In a blog posting, they cited “many unresolved challenges” as the reason for their shutdown.

Yet, Handy, which is another home services startup, whose app allows users to schedule, pay and rate contractors for home cleaning and other in-home services, is alive and doing very well. Sweeping in on the shared economy act led by Uber, Handy offers unemployed persons the chance to be their own boss, as cleaning or handyman contractors. The Handy app stresses convenience and delivers on qualified, trustworthy personnel to fill your household maintenance needs. By simply entering your zip code, what services you require, and when the required services are needed – the app will quickly generate a price (taxes and tip included), which if agreeable to you, workers will appear with broom in hand.

In addition to housecleaning, Handy has expanded their services to include hanging light fixtures, assembling IKEA furniture, interior paint, plumbing and moving help. Since starting in 2012, Handy has found the right combination to continue its meteoric growth, having recently booked it’s millionth customer. That’s pretty good for a three year old startup. Not only that, but they continue to catch the eye of prospective investors. Recently, the have earned $50 million in investment capital from major financial groups. Co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded the idea out of necessity. While roommates in college, they began kicking around ideas for a start-up business. Realizing they had furniture sitting their apartment that hadn’t been put together the idea of solving the need for a home handyman was born. Now Handy has grown to employ over two hundred people in 28 cities…and they’re still growing.

The Rise of Handy — The App for Cleaning Services

In a world full of apps that are trying to break into the Uber model, Handy stands alone as one of the biggest successes. The app, which provides professional-level cleaning services in 28 cities worldwide, has already completed one million bookings since its inception in 2012.

Handy’s founders, Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott, and Ignacio Leonhardt, founded the app while attending Harvard Business School. The app took shape when Hanrahan’s frustration at not being able to find proper cleaners for development projects in Hungary turned into the acknowledgement that finding cleaning services was difficult all over the world.

A Need for an International Cleaning Services App

CEO Oisin Hanrahan, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, first noticed the lack of professional cleaning services at the tender age of 19, when he began his first business as a property developer in Hungary and other Eastern European cities. As a student at Trinity College in Dublin, Hanrahan was unable to stay to overlook the services provided on his properties.

That inability to trust those he hired to provide the services he needed soon grew into a fascination when, years later, he would travel to Boston to attend Harvard Business School. Having had some success in Hungary with finding professionals to do work, he brought together a group of friends to build a platform that would give clients access to highly rated service providers.

Within the first year of Handy, Hanrahan and his co-founders successfully brought in $2 million dollars in capital and hired a team to scale along with the project. Now in its third year, Handy has more than $50 million dollars in funding and is actively acquiring other small start-ups to grow their audience.

Services provided

The services provided by Handy are cleaning and handyman services. Because Handy has high expectations for any service provider, a client can be assured that the person they chose from the app has gone rounds of interviewing before being allowed on the site. And as the needs and demands of the clientele grow, so will Handy.

Handy is currently available in 28 international cities, with Hanrahan focusing on expanding the app’s reach in 2016. But whatever Handy does, as an app or a company, it will be done with great care, just as Hanrahan promises.

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Handy Cleaning Service Develops App That Allows Customers To Tip.

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone want to do everything from their app, you should be able to tip your cleaning service right? Well, that’s what Handy cleaning service thought too. Handy has been a leader in the cleaning industry for quite some time now and they are not a company to take technology lightly. They have started using an app that will allow people like you and me to find their cleaning service and pay for it using our apps.

Handy allows independent, everyday people who have skills to work doing what they love to do. For example, if you specialize in cleaning a house of office cleaning, you can become a pro with Handy and get the work you want. Handy has become an industry leader in many of the services they offer. This is a great match for people who want to work with the company for people who need the services they offer too.

There has been much talk about tipping in many circles and Handy thought it was a great time to launch this app. Tipping is a great way to show someone that you appreciate what they do and show them some love that really hits home. Home cleaning is not the only service that Handy provides. You can use this amazing company to find everything from home cleaning to handyman services.

Even thought the launch and use of the tipping app may look new, Handy is not new to the cleaning or handyman industry. Handy was known before as Handybook and has been around since 2012. The service used to be a business directory but, now has become so much more. Today when you need to have your house cleaned or you need to engage the service of a handyman, you simply go online to Handy’s website and find the professional you want and Handy will help you get them. They also offer a one hundred percent money back guarantee which makes you feel great about using their service.

Handy is a name you can know, like and trust. Because they make it so easy to get the services you need, when you need them, it is easy to do business with them again and again. So, anytime you need something, think Handy and when you are satisfied, use the tipping app.

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