COO Mike Bagguley Leave Barclays in 2018

In November of 2015, Mike Bagguley was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Barclays Investment Banking. Bagguley appointment came after the exit of former COO Justin Bull who went on to join Copper Street Capital. Mike Bagguley joined Barclays Investment Bank in 2001. He was based at the Barclays London subsidiary where he served at the fixed income trading department before moving to various senior positions in New York, Tokyo, and Johannesburg.

Having held previous potions within Barclays including Head of Marco Product Sales and Trading, Head of FX and Commodities Trading, and Head of Rates and Linear Options Trading, Mike Bagguley had vast experience in management and leadership. As part of his duties as Head of Marco Product Sales and Trading in 2014, Mike Bagguley assisted in steering small turnarounds including the third quarter macro revenues went up by 3 percent at 485 million pounds in 2014. As a result of this small win, Barclays was among the only two financial institutions that improved FICC revenues in the 2014 financial year. Additionally, Mike Bagguley helped in the reduction and the reshaping of Barclays’ macro businesses that included the foreign exchange, commodity products, and the interest rates. This happened when the trading revenues across the banking industry begun to fail. Nevertheless, the strict regulations that Mike Bagguley and his team set contributed to maintaining the profits of the bank.

As part of his duties during his time as COO, Mike Bagguley was in charge of infrastructural functions and helps in coordinating and delivering projects. Additionally, he contributed to the institution’s executive committee and was tasked with accelerating the delivery of the strategic overhaul of the bank that went down in 2014. Bagguley reported his activities to the investment bank’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom King who retired in 2016.

In April 2018, Bagguley left Barclays after 17 years. He is now a Financial Markets Executive.

A View From NexBank

NexBank’s Ambition To Grow, Protect, And Manage Your Funds

The first thing you should know about NexBank is our passion for three important facets to your money. To put it simply, we work to grow, protect and then manage your cash.

We all should be pursuing the practice of acquiring and then managing the wealth we receive. This is simply the work of an adult in modern society. The majority of us reach for dreams of wealth and riches, but the fundamental work which can bring these are only the three principals that NexBank lives by.

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Growing Your Money

Growing your money is not as complicated as it sounds. If you have a job, then you have everything in place and to reach all of your financial dreams through. But it will take time. The best place for you to start is with a savings options. You need a process that enables you to place money into a “safe place.”

But that option must also be designed to use the potentials of investing and in the future. We do that at NexBank and by first creating a basic account which has growth aspects built in it. One of the aspects is the presence of great customer service providers who will lead you into your best growth strategy.

There’s a science behind ever financial venture.

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