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The Exceptional Staff of TigerSwan Drives the Company to Unparalleled Success

James Reese TigerswanDespite starting and running a company being an intimidating prospect for the majority of people, there are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who have managed to set their own. Several of them tend to become very successful, but others not that much. The venture is a threatening prospect due to its substantial financial demand and legal procedures, especially in this modern world. For you to succeed, you need commitment and resilience regardless of the challenges that come along your way. Therefore, the existence of TigerSwan, global security, and stability firm that was set up in 2008, is a result of the commitment and dedication of James Reese both financially and physically. TigerSwan refers to a service-disabled veteran-possessed minute business that is positioned in Apex, North Carolina, and it operates internationally.

It was one morning when James Reese took the concept to a colleague, and they planned the idea of beginning TigerSwan in his colleague’s kitchen over coffee without any outside capital. Their disabled status saw them appointed to be the SDVOSB, put aside company for the leading defense contractor. James Reese’s 80% disability was not the motivation to found TigerSwan. However, the company’s primary goal was to bring together other disabled veterans and perform something worthy in their life and also world-changing. In its operation, it has seen success due to the excellent workforce that is committed to achieving its goals. TigerSwan has the capacity of more than 300 employees and performs operations within over 50 countries.

Finally, James Reese is a reputable, problem-solving expert and respected leader who conceived the idea of erecting a company that could aid disabled veterans like him to live a reasonable life like other people. Before his retirement, he had been in service for 25 years as both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer. Currently, James Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan, and in his leadership, he has always demonstrated maturity and proactive mindset characteristic. Also, his knack for headship plus go-getter mentality has admittedly taken a new form, and James Reese is considered as an experienced cross-functional manager with more than three decades of successes.

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OSI Group and McDonald’s Collaboration


McDonalds has collaborated with the OSI Group to create a new in-demand item for their ever-changing menu. The meatless burger or the P.L.T. is named as such for its plant-based patty and the lettuce and tomato vegetables which are prominently featured. This all-plant patty is comprised of a pea, rice, and mung bean protein as well as potato starch and various natural oils and various spices. The burger is loaded with all of the traditional toppings one would find on a standard McDonalds burger including pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and of course the mayo-based secret sauce. The P.L.T. is currently being tested in Ontario, Canada in 28 restaurants.

OSI Group

The OSI Group has already partnered with Burger King to roll out the impossible burger and customers cannot seem to tell the difference. The company specializes in producing quality food products for restaurants around the world. They have locations in the United States, China, Germany, France, and Spain, among others. With their large global presence, the company understands the ever changing demands of the market when it comes to consumer food options and is experienced in delivering innovative and customized meals to the masses. It is no wonder this partnership has been a success.


A similar prototype of the new meatless burger called the McVegan (presumably served without cheese) has already been launched briefly in Finland and Sweden and has received rave reviews from customers during the roll-out process. In Sweden, the burger has become a permanent fixture on the menu. Other world-wide veggie burgers which McDonalds currently offers include the Veggie Deluxe and Spicy Veggie Deluxe, and the Big Vegan TS. All versions of the meatless burger options have just as much protein and flavor as their meaty counterparts and reviews from fans are already pouring in across the internet.

Kevin Plank Debuts Space Suits for the Virgin Galactic Space Tour

If you haven’t been following any of the trending news lately, the first commercial space flight is about to happen. Under Armour, the company contracted to make the space suits for this journey, and Virgin Galactic recently held an unveiling event for the garments. Kevin Plank, the CEO and founder of Under Armour, took the stage at this event and introduced a limited-edition jacket, footwear, base layer, training suit, space suits to be worn by passengers on the maiden space flight. The garments were superbly designed and well made, to say the least.

Test in Space Flight Simulations

Kevin Plank mentioned during the unveiling that Under Armour used the material it had readily available to make the garments for the space flight. He went on to state that the company worked with doctors, clothing designers, pilots, and astronaut trainers, among other specialists, to come up with the garments. Under Armour’s CEO pointed out that his company wanted to have garments that were comfortable for such a journey. Therefore, despite using materials that it already had, the garments made were put through intensive lab tests. The tests were meant to push the limits of the garments by simulating space flight conditions, and they exceeded expectations.

Able To Meet Demand

According to the Under Armour CEO, the garments showcased were made from data of some of the 600 passengers who have already put down a deposit for the flight to space. He went on to state that the company was able to meet the demand in case more people sign up for the space tour. Kevin Plank also revealed that nationality badges and name tags of the passengers would be placed on the garment.

About Kevin Plank

The CEO of Under Armour is one of the most notable entrepreneurs in the clothing and apparel sector. Apart from business Kevin Plank is a philanthropist and horse lover. Over the years, he has made significant donations towards charitable courses like the Cold Field House project and St. John’s High School. He also breeds horses in his 530-acre Sagamore Farm, and one of his horses won him the 2010 Breeder’s Cup.

Niranjan Shah: The Influential Leader of the Globetrotters Engineering Corp

Niranjan Shah is a successful businessman based in Chicago. He is known as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corp., a private construction and engineering company that he established in 1974. His company offers a variety of services, including architecture, construction, and engineering services, as well as consulting services.

When he was still in college, Niranjan Shah was able to receive a full scholarship. He chose to study at the University of Mississippi, taking up a degree in engineering. After he graduated from university, he decided to open his engineering firm because he wanted to become successful in his chosen field.

Through the years, Niranjan Shah worked hard to put his company on top. He started working with many people from the government to secure projects and other contracts. Since the company’s establishment in 1974, it grew exponentially, and Globetrotters Engineering Corp. now works with millions of contracts. The firm also has a reputation for doing quality work, and this is one of the reasons why the government wanted to keep working with him – his company delivers their promises and will construct a durable and sturdy project based on the contract. He is one of the few contractors in the United States that manages to get the trust of his clients because of the transparency in every project.

Aside from his stint in the engineering industry, Niranjan Shah is also known for his involvement in politics. He has been supporting the Democratic Party for a long time, giving financial assistance to their campaigns. At the turn of the millennium, he was invited to participate at a New Year’s Eve party being held inside the White House. His contribution to the success of the party is recognized, and it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Today, Niranjan Shah continues his service to the Democratic Party, provided them assistance every time they need it. He is also focusing on his business as he plans to expand its operations to reach more clients. Globetrotters Engineering Corp. continues to secure contracts and projects from different sources, and referrals helped the company to reach its goals.

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Jingdong was founded on June 18. Therefore, they have a sale every year on that day. It has become an annual tradition that customers of the site look forward to. This is because they can find many very good deals. This year was the biggest June 18 sale in the history of the company. More than $29 billion of merchandise was sold on on that one day. There were many new products that were released on that day in an attempt to drive traffic to the site and increase sales. This tactic seems to have worked. Executives at Jingdong said the June 18 sale was better than even their most optimistic projections. They said it was the result of people wanting to buy high quality items for reasonable prices.

They also believe that many people wanted to upgrade the items they already have. The fast delivery time that is offered by Jingdong is one of the keys that has allowed the site to dominate all of its competitors. More than 90 percent of all the items sold on were delivered to the person who bought them an the same day or the next day. People love to get their items very fast. That is something that is never going to change. A number of very big companies have set up flagship stores on the site.

These brands include Prada, Car Shoe and Miu Miu. There is no question that these brands having an increased presence on the site made more people stop by to check out all of the best deals on June 18. There were more than 32 million searches performed on the site during that 24 hour period. This is more than any single day in the history of Jingdong. says that the June 18 sale next year will be even bigger than this year. The company has many surprises planned. Jingdong has destroyed all of their rivals. Even Alibaba has not been able to compete with the massive popularity of the site. It will be interesting to see what they have planned in the future.

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A glance at the life of a strategic investor, Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in India, New Delhi, Bhanu Choudhrie is a soft-spoken British-Indian businessman who had made a name for himself in the hall of strategic investments. Through his company C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu boasts a diversified portfolio with assets in almost every industry. He is a graduate of Boston University, where he first learned the ropes of investments after pursuing international business & marketing. He has also been to Havard where he was part of the owner management program. Even though his success is attributed to his many years of experience, his rich academic background has also contributed significantly to shaping him into the man he is as it provided a solid foundation.

Bhanu’s company, the C&C group, has been in play since 2001 and has been continuously taking over the world of investments primarily in emerging markets such as India. Other than C&C, Bhanu Choudhrie also holds a string of different senior roles in the entrepreneurship realm. For instance, he is a prominent figure at Bancorp where he serves as a member on its board of directors. He also previously served the same role on Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation. His deep involvement in the world of business has not been in vain as he has been awarded severally for it. For instance, in 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie bagged the entrepreneur of the year award from UK’s Asian voice political and public life awards.

Bhanu Choudhrie Philanthropy

When he is not busy juggling his various corporate roles, Bhanu usually dedicates his free time to giving back to the community. He is affiliated with a long string of charitable organizations. For instance, as a way to empower the community, Bhanu works arm in arm with Path to Success, a philanthropic foundation dedicated to supporting those who hail from underprivileged backgrounds gain access to quality healthcare and health. Bhanu grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. His great grandfather was a prominent figure in India as he was chairman to a national bank back in the ’70s. His father, on the other hand, was and is still a respected electronic importer and exporter. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that he decided to venture into the world of strategic investments instead of pursuing a specific profession like many would do if they were to trade shoes.

The Expansion of OSI Food Solutions from the Initial Meat Shop

OSI Food Solutions, founded in 1909, is one of the largest suppliers of food products in the US and the world as a whole. Otto Kolschowsky started it as a meat shop in Oak Park, Illinois. After years of business, the business expanded to Maywood and changed its name to Otto & Sons. By this time, the market had a good reputation from the community as a provider of quality meat in the town. In 1955, a man named Ray Kroc opened a restaurant in Illinois; McDonald’s. Otto made a partnership with Ray as a supplier of minced meat for the restaurant. In 1973, Otto and Sons opened the first processing facility in Chicago. The plant could produce in massive amounts and a way of freezing the products for transportation to long distances. At this point, the company was named to OSI Food Solutions.

Along the years, OSI Food Solutions made other significant partnerships such as with Alaska Milk Corporations, the General Million Corporation, Vista Processed Food and established a processing firm in China. These substantial expansions were a basis of their current success in the global supply. As the firm grows, its market is also expanding. The firm now produces products that best suit their clients’ tastes and flavor. The company has come up with a way of improving their customer services by staying up to the current trends across the world. They create products that are in demand on the market.

Apart from partnerships, OSI Food Solutions has also made valuable acquisitions of facilities and warehouses across the world. It has expanded to countries such as China, India, the Philippines, and Spain. Some of the assets include the Flagship Europe, Chicago processing factory, Boho Food, and the recent establishment of a processing firm in the Philippines. The developments enable OSI Food Solutions to create unique products for their clients. Additionally, the firm produces specific products from customers specification; that is, they collect the tastes, flavors, and particular brands from customers and deliver the commodities that fulfill these specific needs. This tremendous expansion has overseen over 65 facilities in more than 17 countries around the world. The company’s mission is to become the world’s supplier of quality food products.

Richard Liu Qiangdong on His Input at is a leading e-commerce company in China. It started in 1998 as a physical store known as Jingdong in China’s technological industry. Over the years, the company specialized in selling legit products, unlike most of China’s businesses that sold substandard goods. The reputation of the brick-and-mortar business grew as the customer base expanded. In five years, the company had 12 stores. They were all profitable.’s success can be traced back to Richard Liu Dong, who is its founder. He has been focusing his efforts on providing clients with excellent customer service. Liu also advocates for the application of technology to improve operations in a business.

The 2003 SARS outbreak affected China’s economy. It also left a significant mark on Asia. The disease affected more than 1,000 individuals and killed hundreds. Many recall how the streets were left empty in those life-threatening weeks. Many stayed home in order to evade exposure. As such, Richard Liu Qiangdong saw a business opportunity in the e-commerce sector. He transformed the initial business into e-commerce and rebranded it to 360Buy Jingdong. He still sold the same products. Jingdong’s customers adapted fast to the new shopping method. Vendors were soon allowed to sell their products on the platform. The company would later be called

It attracted high-profile investors such as Walmart as well as Google, who also launched their products through the same platform. would then trade on NASDAQ. Richard Liu is the CEO of the firm. Before founding the company, he served as a salesperson at Japan Life. He left the company in 1998 and established his e-commerce business which has quickly evolved into a leading online shopping platform. Liu attended The People’s University in China. He pursued Sociology. He would later become a tutor in programming skills. The skilled entrepreneur also honed his leadership skills. Today, is a leading firm in high tech as well as AI delivery. The company has a drone delivery system and the best infrastructure capability worldwide. Recently, it took over testing various robotic delivery systems as well as establishing drone delivery airports.

OSI Group’s Long Relationship with McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds is a partnership dating back all day from the first days of starting McDonald’s franchise restaurants in 1955. The company has grown since then to have been known for selling 75 hamburgers a second as of a couple of years ago but concerns have been raised about the quality of products they serve because of this. An experiment was started in 1999 to see how many preservatives are in a McDonald’s burger and 14 years later in 2013, the man behind the experiment revealed that the burger hardly changed visually since then creating the belief of large amounts of preservatives. McDonald’s and those involved in food science have since rejected claims about food rot by stating the facts that microbes involved in rotting require many elements standard life does such as water and nutrients and without these, such rot never will occur.

In Germany, Business Insider took a peek into an OSI Group McDonalds facility responsible for a lot of the food production in their European restaurants. The factory takes many precautionary measures such as employees with a stomach bug having to undergo an evaluation by a doctor, no loose objects such as jewelry or pens, and protective clothing to make sure no bacteria and viruses potentially located on clothes coming off. OSI Group McDonalds makes sure meat coming in has the lowest rate of contamination by requesting large pieces of meat from slaughterhouses due to the small surface areas that can inhibit bacteria.

Commonly pictures of the factory showing a pink goop coming out of machines are shown to make the meat look artificial in a sense, but the meat naturally becomes this color once grinders get the meat in a shape where no possible bones are left in the meat. 40 quality checks are made towards the end to make sure a single party doesn’t get through the could potentially sicken someone and if one does, OSI Group McDonalds has the ability to go down the entire chain of production and make sure what the cause of the issue is coming from. With state-of-the-art equipment and quality checks in place, McDonald’s has proven a lot in protecting customers from tainted meat or food preservatives.

Neurocore Brain Performance

NeuroCore was formed in 2004 with the aim of helping kids and adults suffering brain related issues. Neurocore utilizes neuro-feedback acquired from a series of brain-based diagnosis to enable the brain to increase impulse control, sleep, focus as well as attention. According to NeuroCore, staying alone even when not feeing lonely impacts negatively on a person’s brain. NeuroCore is an advanced brain training by use of science and technology.

This training helps an individual understand the cause of symptoms like migraines, depression, stress, sleep disorders and anxiety. Maintaining a healthy brain means a healthy individual and economy as well. Neurocore involves noninvasive treatment methods including the use of stimulants like NeuroCore Muscle Tech. These stimulants are made of compounds like L-citrulline, Creatine monohydrate, caffeine and rhodiola extracts.

These compounds work together in your body to give you increased physical and mental strength, brain concentration, full body energy and continuous muscle growth. NeuroCore Brain centers have a wide choice of careers that one can be part of. There are also many benefits associated with being part of the NeuroCore team member. They include; off-time payments, free self Neurocare services, discounted family Neurocare services, Windquest group offers and discounts, awesome colleagues among other benefits.