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The Exceptional Staff of TigerSwan Drives the Company to Unparalleled Success

James Reese TigerswanDespite starting and running a company being an intimidating prospect for the majority of people, there are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who have managed to set their own. Several of them tend to become very successful, but others not that much. The venture is a threatening prospect due to its substantial financial demand and legal procedures, especially in this modern world. For you to succeed, you need commitment and resilience regardless of the challenges that come along your way. Therefore, the existence of TigerSwan, global security, and stability firm that was set up in 2008, is a result of the commitment and dedication of James Reese both financially and physically. TigerSwan refers to a service-disabled veteran-possessed minute business that is positioned in Apex, North Carolina, and it operates internationally.

It was one morning when James Reese took the concept to a colleague, and they planned the idea of beginning TigerSwan in his colleague’s kitchen over coffee without any outside capital. Their disabled status saw them appointed to be the SDVOSB, put aside company for the leading defense contractor. James Reese’s 80% disability was not the motivation to found TigerSwan. However, the company’s primary goal was to bring together other disabled veterans and perform something worthy in their life and also world-changing. In its operation, it has seen success due to the excellent workforce that is committed to achieving its goals. TigerSwan has the capacity of more than 300 employees and performs operations within over 50 countries.

Finally, James Reese is a reputable, problem-solving expert and respected leader who conceived the idea of erecting a company that could aid disabled veterans like him to live a reasonable life like other people. Before his retirement, he had been in service for 25 years as both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer. Currently, James Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan, and in his leadership, he has always demonstrated maturity and proactive mindset characteristic. Also, his knack for headship plus go-getter mentality has admittedly taken a new form, and James Reese is considered as an experienced cross-functional manager with more than three decades of successes.

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Niranjan Shah: The Influential Leader of the Globetrotters Engineering Corp

Niranjan Shah is a successful businessman based in Chicago. He is known as the founder of Globetrotters Engineering Corp., a private construction and engineering company that he established in 1974. His company offers a variety of services, including architecture, construction, and engineering services, as well as consulting services.

When he was still in college, Niranjan Shah was able to receive a full scholarship. He chose to study at the University of Mississippi, taking up a degree in engineering. After he graduated from university, he decided to open his engineering firm because he wanted to become successful in his chosen field.

Through the years, Niranjan Shah worked hard to put his company on top. He started working with many people from the government to secure projects and other contracts. Since the company’s establishment in 1974, it grew exponentially, and Globetrotters Engineering Corp. now works with millions of contracts. The firm also has a reputation for doing quality work, and this is one of the reasons why the government wanted to keep working with him – his company delivers their promises and will construct a durable and sturdy project based on the contract. He is one of the few contractors in the United States that manages to get the trust of his clients because of the transparency in every project.

Aside from his stint in the engineering industry, Niranjan Shah is also known for his involvement in politics. He has been supporting the Democratic Party for a long time, giving financial assistance to their campaigns. At the turn of the millennium, he was invited to participate at a New Year’s Eve party being held inside the White House. His contribution to the success of the party is recognized, and it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Today, Niranjan Shah continues his service to the Democratic Party, provided them assistance every time they need it. He is also focusing on his business as he plans to expand its operations to reach more clients. Globetrotters Engineering Corp. continues to secure contracts and projects from different sources, and referrals helped the company to reach its goals.

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Boris Ivanov And Gazprom Moving Into New Regions

Expansion takes courage and expertise. When businesses expand into new regions they need to have experienced personnel at their helm. It also helps if the business has a strong home base rooting to catapult themselves into a new future. Having one of these facets is sufficient to acquire success, but having both facets spells a very bright future.

Boris Ivanov is a highly experienced and skilled professional. He has a core base of knowledge that is derived from not only working for Gazprom but also from years of experience in the political and business realms.

He started his journey to working for Gazprom at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. It was there that Boris Ivanov earned his bachelor’s degree and moved in to working for the Russian government. After honing his craft and learning all he could be moved into the business world in 1993.


Boris Ivanov soon worked his way to GPB where he became the Vice President. Gazprom is a joint stock company that deals with many different aspects of business and investing. He has become very successful working for GPB.

YOU is the largest bank in the Russian Federation. They have more than 43 branches with 260 banking outlets. As a full service, multidimensional bank they serve all sectors of the community. BOB under the direction of Boris Ivanov continually seeks out new opportunities to grow and serve new populations.

BOB is now looking at central and southern Africa as new terrain where they can grow. It is in this region where oil has been found and many natural resources are abundant. BOB seems to enhance their holdings by stretching their boundaries in this region.

The expansion will deal with people from a different culture. It will take the experience Mr. Ivanov possesses in order to commence new operations in the region. Courage will definitely be in order to enable the growth sought out by GPB. In the end it is prosecuted that everyone will greatly benefit from the expansion project.

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Gino Pozzo Took Watford FC to Premier League Heights in Only Three Seasons

Gino Pozzo has been called the best football club owner in the world. He ranked #4 on Talk sport’s 2019 rankings of football club owners. Gino Pozzo took a 4th division team to Premier League heights in only three seasons. This is a feat that only a few football club owners have been able to achieve. The English Premier League is the most prestigious football league in the world.

Watford’s current squad under Gino Pozzo is the best squad that the team has ever had since the club’s glory days in the 1980s when the club was owned by Sir Elton John. Gino Pozzo has a unique scouting model that has enabled the team to get the best talent at the most affordable prices.

Gino Pozzo comes from one of the most interesting families in the sports industry. His father, Giampaolo Pozzo, is a successful Italian businessman and former owner of Udinese FC in Italy.

Giampaolo witnessed the decline of his local football club, Udinese FC, and decided to purchase it to save it from financial difficulties. In no time, the club rose to top-flight Italian football from the lowest Italian league. This success motivated him to purchase Grenada FC in Spain where he applied the same tactics and rescued Grenada FC from the 4th division to the La Liga.

The acquisition and transformation of Watford FC is what propelled the Pozzo family to fame. Gino Pozzo is the minds behind the Pozzo business model. He broadened the scope and scale of the Pozzo scouting network by acquiring various clubs in disparate countries. That made it possible for him to move players between the different teams.

Gino Pozzo also hired Javi Garcia, the coach who is ultimately responsible for creating a unified squad that made Watford FC to win 10 out of their first 12 matches in the 2019 season.

Raffaele Riva and the Importance of Passion

Raffaele Riva is an innovator in the field of international business. He’s had success in trust investment, estate planning, real estate, and asset management. He is most well-known now for being the founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office, which is a company that offers financial services to the global business community. AUREA also serves as a parent company for financial service organizations like BGB AUREA Ltd., Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, and Milano Fiduciaria. Raffaele Riva retains an integral role in these organizations as well as in AUREA. Before founding AUREA, Raffaele Riva was involved in the creation and management of several other companies.

For example, from 1997 to 2008, Riva founded numerous start-ups to varying success. By doing this, he was able to earn the experience that has pushed his success at the next level. He’s successfully managed companies in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Before his illustrious entrepreneurial career, Riva earned a degree in Economics from the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He also achieved a degree in Dottore Commercialista from the same university. This second degree allowed Riva the legal right to work as an accountant in Italy.

In addition to his ungraduated studies, Riva completed two post-graduate degrees. At the Canton Ticino Management Business School, he earned his SSQUEA. He also earned a SUPSI at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland.

Raffaele Riva is known for his energetic approach towards the adaption of innovative practices in international business. His professional life is powered by his passion for success. He not only looks to add value to his own career, but also to that of his clients.

Additionally, Riva has expressed the importance of reading. He is always up to date on the latest economic and business trends sweeping the world. His passion for learning never stops.

Todd Levine’s Double Life

Todd A. Levine is one of the top commercial litigators in the Miami Florida area, and he has been rewarded for excellence in the legal field. His most recent award is Best Lawyer in America by U.S. News and World Report in 2018. Todd has been practising law for 20 plus years, and he is one of the founding members of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine P.L. Commercial real estate dispute is Todd’s primary focus, but he also provides services for property managers, investors, and contractors. He also handles disputes in other areas, such as sports, entertainment and homeowner transactions.

Todd knew early in his career that he had a unique ability for litigating and a knack for reframing issues and arguments to make them easier to understand. He utilizes his musical skills, his exceptional creative skills and his analytical skills to provide a winning strategy in the courtroom and to his clients. He believes his speciality grew out of his ability to simplify things. Todd believes preparation is the key to success in most endeavors. Advanced preparation allows litigators to rebut and address issues, and it will enable attorneys to manage priorities and meet expectations. Utilizing resources is also essential in the daily lives of attorneys. Todd believes software is an integral part of attorney resources. With the Westlaw and Eclipse software, lawyers can find relevant case law in all courts state and federal, enabling lawyers to analyze issues adequately. Eclipse allows attorneys to manage a large amount of evidence, by creating a searchable database.

Todd received a bachelor degree in Finance from the University of Florida in 1988 and in1991 he earned a law degree at Florida Levin College. Some unknowns about Todd is that he is an avid musician and artist. He started playing the guitar at the age of ten. He is a devout family man and he says he is fortunate that both his sons, who are talented musician, share his passion for music.

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Marc Beer: Championing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Biotech Recap

Marc Beer is a highly successful entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology. Beer graduated from
the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1987. Since then he has worked in
biotechnology and has started multiple successful businesses of his own.
Beer's first successful business was Viacell. Viacell was a company that collected and preserved
umbilical cords for stem cell research. This research was used to help treat various conditions in
the body. After building the business for 7 years, Beer sold it to PerkinElmer for around $300
million. Unfortunately, around the same time, Beer’s wife had passed away. This was devastating
to Beer and his 3 children. Beer did not let this tragedy slow him down. 2 years later his daughter
inspired him to start a new business to help change the world.
Beer received a phone call from a man named Ray Iglesias. Dr. Iglesias was a gynecologist who
was well experienced in pelvic floor surgeries. He had an idea of how to help women with pelvic
floor disorders prevent getting surgery. This sparked a chain of events that lead to Beer and Dr.
Iglesias starting the company now known as Renovia. The goal of Renovia is to help women with
pelvic floor disorders receive diagnosis and treatment. This would be achieved through the use of
technology. Learn more:
Renovia’s first successful product was called Leva. Leva is a product that helps women strengthen
their pelvic muscles which prevent further complications and even surgery. Following the release
of Leva, Renovia was granted over $32 million in funding from various organizations. Renovia's
mission is to get rid of the negative stigmas surrounding pelvic floor disorders. Many of these
disorders get worse because women do not come out and talk about them. They also want to help
treat women suffering from pelvic floor disorders with non-invasive and non-threatening measures.
Beer strongly believes in giving back to the community and making a change in the world. He
believes that with strong leadership skills and principals you can achieve anything. Beer feels that
the key practices to leading a successful business include setting goals, learning from failure,
critical thinking, and giving back to the community.

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The Slow and Steady Approach with Max Salk

The world of today is wildly different than it was for ancestors just a few decades ago. People across the world have everything they could ever need right in their fingertips form a device that slips into your pocket. This globally connected world moves at a faster pace, and yet there are still individuals like Max Salk. He grew up in New York, one of the biggest hubs of the modern age. As the world rapidly evolves, Max Salk prefers to exist outside of that sphere. He describes his mindset in a recent Positive the Facts article.

Max Salk is a photographer and artist based out of New York. This type of career naturally brings in clients due to his current location. He likes to take multi-layered approach to his profession, starting with how he sticks to what he knows. Max Salk likes to be prepared for the unexpected occurrences. He recounts a trip to the Netherlands where one morning he took his camera on a morning walk. It was foggy, but yet oddly picture perfect for the location. The pictures he snapped that day are still some of his best work. An individual’s ability to willingly take an extra step in all actions will show over time. Max Salk’s story is a classic example of making the most in a unexpected moment.

The next step for Max Salk is approaching his career with a sense of fluidity. Nothing will ever go perfectly, and an individual has to be adaptable. In natural photography your vantage point or lighting could be off, but that might present a new kind of shot you didn’t expect. A business man that can adapt in the blink of an eye will be someone who can see strong success. There are few things stronger than a passionate individual pushing themselves to new heights.

The business world of the 21st century is bigger than ever before, but yet ripe with more potential than one could imagine. Max Salk believes that all it takes is finding your place. There is always a niche that needs to be filled.

Gino Pozzo Continues on the Family European Footbaall Tradition

The Pozzo family has a long history taking football clubs and transforming them into champions. The family owned their own football team in 1986, when they decided to use profits from the family woodworking and tool-making business to invest in the Udinese club from their Italian hometown. Today the family is involved in many business including property ad finance mergers…and of course the Udinese team that continues to gain victory after victory.

Gino Pozzo bought the Watford Football Club after seeing the passion his parents nd the rest of the family had for the Udinese Club they owned.

Before purchasing Watford, Gino became a leading force in leading the family owned the Granada Football Club, which he was able to turn around to finally make a profit for the first time in over 30 year.

When Gino first purchased the Watford Football Club in 2012, they were in debt and in the bottom of the fourth division… and not looking very good since their heyday in the 80’s. Things have made a turn around with Gino at the help. After moving his family to London to be involved with all aspects of the club’s operations…with the goal of creating a winning football club and seeing it go from a Fourth Division team to a Premier League team. This feat was accomplished in just four years.

The Pozzo family is the only family in the world that owned three football clubs at the same time in Italy, Spain and England.

Today Gino Pozzo has recommitted himself to the Udinese and Watford club, where he frequently trades players between clubs where they can best excel. The family and Gino are in it for the long run and there’s no telling how much further they will make their mark.

Matt Fleeger Has Worked With Many Businesses

Matt Fleeger has worked in many areas of business throughout the years, having founded several companies and worked with many others. He is known for the work that he did in bringing up MedSolutions Inc., which worked with transporting and disposing of medical wastes. He also worked in the tanning industry and was very successful with his work with two companies in it. Those companies came to be worth $100 million, and they are Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan.

Matt Fleeger got his degree in business administration and has used it well as he has served as the CEO and president at a few companies as well as the founder of others. He knows how to build great teams of people and how to work with contract negotiations. He is recognized for the way that he does strategic planning and how well he works with gas and oil. He is currently working for Gulf Coast Western, where he works with all things gas and oil in the United States. He has knowledge about running companies from his previous experience in the tanning and waste management industries, and that helps him in his current role.

Matt Fleeger has done a lot of research throughout his career, and his research has helped him to make each company better. He has a great impact on each company that he works with because he knows about the business world and what it takes to succeed. He is the president and CEO of the company that he works at currently, and he is helping it to expand. It works with domestic oil and gas, and he is helping the company to find the most well-developed structures to buy in the golf coast in the United States so that it will continue to be successful.