Unforgettable Legendary – Louis Chenevert

There is nothing that keeps us motivated than the experience of the successful investors before us. This is because they went through hard times. Most of the experiences that we may be currently facing are similar to the ones they faced on their journey. When we read about them, we learn how they solved their issues. We also learn new mechanisms that could help in growing our businesses rapidly. Louis Chenevert is one of these leaders. He is recognized globally as one of the most influential business persons.

Louis is well known for his position as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This was the highest peak of his career. Before he joined UTC, he was working as the CEO at Pratt & Whitney, an aircraft engine manufacturer. Here he was made the chief executive officer after six years. This was because of the difference he made in the company. He had also worked at the Global Motors for 14 years. This experience and academic knowledge are what made him the most suited individual for the position. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Louis Chenevert says that what led to his success during his time at the UTC was innovation. He also led the company to invest in future technology. He believes that this is a good way of maintaining the economy of the society.

Louis Chenevert is also an environmentalist. This is why he reduced the emission of greenhouse gasses and consumption of water. This made the goods marketable to many continents. He advised other investors to do the same.

Many individuals have employed Louis Chenevert’s methods of running a business. This has proven very successful. The current UTC CEO also uses these techniques to run the business. He also believes in investing in future technologies like Louis. This is why their scholarship programs that allow the employees to take any degree of their choice. This has improved the productivity of the company. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

As a result of the decisions that Louis Chenevert made, the company continues to enjoy its privileges as a prominent company. The great work of Louis Chenevert will forever be remembered.

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The Prestigious Templeton Foundation Winner Paul Mampilly

The respected Paul Mampilly joined the publishing company of Banyan Hill in the year 2016, where he works as a senior editor. Paul has specialized in small-cap stocks, technology, and special opportunities. Mampilly’s career started in 1991 at the Wall Street as a Banker’s Trust Portfolio Manager. Due to Paul’s efforts, he helped the Kinetic Assets Management assets to raise up to $25billion, hence, being declared the World’s best.

Mr. Mampilly was invited for participation in the Prestigious Investment which was organized by the Templeton Foundation. While at the Foundation, Paul started with a capital of $50million, and in a period of a year, he made it rise to $80million.

Later on, Paul Mampilly opted to resign from his position and have more time to spend with his family. Despite his resigning, Paul still considers himself a great self-investor and doesn’t consider himself retired.

Mampilly made Capuchinomics his first legally published research firm which exclusively focused on behavioral finance. The firm was influential and led by numerous investment managers who liked the firm’s adoption of the use of a uniquely human emotion.

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Paul Mampilly attributes most of his accomplishments to be from his extensively long hours of research. He also adds that having a dedicated team by his side takes him a long way. Before giving any recommendation, he must have done a thorough research on the topic for about 30-40 hours with help from his teammates.

For each publication that he does, Paul comes up with several scenarios and examples to help the readers get a better understanding on matters regarding the topic. Newsletter includes extensive charts with relevant data for readers to go through.

Paul Mampilly believes not all readers have the time to sit down and do lengthy research projects or have the similar financial know-how on a stock that is recommended. Hence, Mr. Mampilly makes sure he does all this work on their behalf which helps him bring new brilliant and competitive ideas in his life.

Paul Mampilly attended the University of Fordham where he obtained his MBA in the year 1996. Mr. Paul Mampilly is married to ANN Joe Mampilly, and they have two wonderful children.

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Real Estate Guru Samuel Strauch Sheds Light on How to Locate the Best Cities in the U.S

For most Americans, all they want is to find a city where they can lead a peaceful life without unnecessary troubles. Despite the benefits accrued from residing in the city, you certainly do not want to raise your family in a crime-infested area. Everyone desires to lead an affordable life and at the same time, enjoy the flashy boutiques and various dining choices. Therefore, you need to be cautious as you conduct your search for a perfect suburb. Here is an eye opener on some of the best areas where you and your family can eventually home.

If you have a soft spot for culture and sports, then look no further! Denver is the place for you, with its rich sceneries, you will always have something to look forward to! Just to mention some breathtaking attractions like the Stanley Marketplace where you will find scrumptious food and drinks. The area goes for a median price of about $270,000 which is quite favorable.

Some of the best-built residential homes are found in Dallas, not to mention the blooming nightlife! Over the past few years, Dallas has proven to rise economically, and there are hopes of putting up a public college in the year 2020. The area is known for hospitality which makes it one of the best places to reside in. With about $501,500, you can scoop yourself a home and reside in a crime-free zone.

Most people have the notion that they cannot afford to live in San Francisco. However, with the right mindset, you will find it quite affordable. With enough savings, you will get access to some of the best schools. Also, the area has fresh air, one of the best stations and is home to the breathtaking Dublin Castle. If you enjoy having nights out, look no further! In the next few years, the area will have enough residential homes for everyone, at a favorable price.  Click here to know more.

About Samuel Straunch

Samuel Straunch holds an undergraduate degree in Business from Hofstra University based in New York. Mr. Straunch has also attended both Erasmus and Harvard University. Before venturing in the Real Estate industry, Samuel Straunch had a taste of the Banking industry.

Samuel Straunch is the Principal of the Metric Real Estate which he started in the year 2002. The company is growing at a fast rate and is expanding its territory to various Latin-American cities. Mr. Straunch has a strong passion for Real Estate and enjoys helping people find a place to call home.

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