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Max Salk: A Millennial with Vision

Max Salk knows how to separate work from pleasure and practices his time management in his daily life. He takes time for himself to work on his passions, allowing him to nourish his spirit so that he is not as likely to burn out from his work. These practices of poise have rewarded Salk with professional analytical success as well as fulfillment in many other aspects of his life which are just as, if not more important to his identity. Salk is talented in looking at problems and finding solutions in his business endeavors as well as his personal pursuits. Salk is careful to determine which problems deserve his attention. His preparation is a crucial tool which he utilizes when identifying problems that will have the largest impact once a solution is reached, this requires tremendous foresight.


Salk’s mentality bears resemblance to a simple saying, “Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Max is fully aware that preparation is crucial to success but at the same time his willingness to accept change around him makes him versatile and adaptable to the dynamic world which surrounds him. Fighting the onset of unexpected situations is comparable to attempting to stop waves in the ocean wasting precious energy and in no way affecting the outcome.


In all walks of life people face obstacles which may seem to halt progress. Salk also shares that it is imperative to discover a mission which you are truly invested in, one that you have the mental stamina to attain and with persistence you are sure to achieve your end goal. Finding this passion is two-fold; it allows you to find happiness in your labors, it also gives you a competitive advantage over others in the same line of work by being more devoted to your cause. This determination allows you to log more time with your undertaking than rivals, eventually giving you a wider breadth of knowledge of the given subject matter.

How Flavio Maluf made a name for himself in Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the son of a powerful politician in Brazil. Even though Flavio comes an affluent family, he has made a name for himself in the corporate world by singlehandedly steering Eucatex, his family’s business to success. Today, he is the Chief Executive officer of the renowned company.

How this came to be

Even though Eucatex has been in his family since 1951, the position he serves today was not given to him freely. He instead had to work for it from scratch. After completion of his mechanical engineering course, Flavio first took the time to familiarize himself with the Brazilian job market by working for companies such as Citicorp and later Grandfood which he still serves as president. After a few years of working for other businesses, he moved to Eucatex, where he was assigned a role in the trade section of the company.

Here, Flavio Maluf displayed his prowess, a factor that saw him get a better position at its industrial section and then later the administrative department. Although it might seem like an easy journey, it took him ten years to get to the last mentioned department, but it was worth it as he ended up being promoted to CEO. Connect with Flavio Maluf by visiting his linkedin account.

Flavio Maluf was the perfect fit for the position as he has helped the company grow in the few years that he has been serving in the company. For instance, under his tenure, the company has seen immense success and has been increasing its footprint through the acquisition of well-established entities.

Its most recent acquisition is that of Duratex, another eco-friendly company that deals with the production of wood fiber sheets. Through Duratex, Eucatex will be able to increase its output of fiber sheets by approximately 70%.

More about Flavio Maluf

When he is not carrying out his administrative duties at Eucatex and Gradnfood, more than often you can find him giving back to society. He also loves sharing knowledge and tips on how to succeed with budding entrepreneurs.

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Serge Belamant Changes The Information Technology Industry Forever

Tulle, France was the birthplace of applications and software developer Serge Belamant. Serge attended The Highlands North High School for Boys in South Africa, As a scholar-athlete, he was as adept in the classroom as he was on the Chessboard and Rugby pitch.

More About Serge’s Academic Career

While at Highlands North Serge was named Head Prefect. In that capacity, he served as his alma mater’s representative to the public and other schools. His athletic prowess earned him the Victor ludorum (Latin for the winner of the games) trophy during two consecutive years.

Serge pursued a post-secondary degree from Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. His course of study included engineering, computer systems, and information systems.

Serge’s Working Career

After entering the workforce Serge’s first job was with the engineering firm Matrix. While at Matrix Serge Belamant created a method for predicting droughts. While employed by Cybernet he was honored as Analyst of the Year. During his career, Serge has worked for the US Military and in the banking, mining and nuclear research industries.

Net 1 Technologies

Net 1 Technologies was Serge Belamant’s first company. Net 1 created a system for speeding up the credit/debit transactions while detecting fraudulent transactions more efficiently. Through a partnership with Visa, Net 1 developed a Chip Offline Pre-authorised Card (COPAC). For the South African Government, Net1 created a system to pay welfare benefits with greater efficiency and security.

The innovative talents of Serge Belamant would prompt a journalist to compare him to Henry Ford. For 12 years Serge served as CEO of Net1. During his tenure, Net1 became a multinational company. By the time Serge moved on to the next enterprise he had grown Net1 Technologies into a $2 billion company.

Zilch Technology Ltd.

Serge Belamant and his son Philip entered the cryptocurrency business in 2017. Their company Zilch Technology Limited focuses on blockchain technology. The blockchain is a means of recording transactions involving cryptocurrency. His fellow analyst has expressed the belief that through Zilch Technologies Serge has altered the Information Technology industry “forever”.

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Businessman Chris Burch Makes 1608 Hôtel Particulier Into Breathtaking Family Home

CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, was visiting longtime friends Marco Scarani and Jamie Creel in Paris. During an excursion to Senlis, Scarani and Creel saw a property they were considering as their new home. The 1608 hôtel particulier was a historical beauty, but far too big for their purposes. Burch was immediately taken by the idea of a home in the quiet Paris hamlet.

Burch made an offer on the 10,000-square-foot property landmarked on both the outside and a significant part of the inside, Burch knew that the undertaking would be not only personal but also have cultural and historical significance.

While the home still retained priceless seventeenth and eighteenth-century floors, framing, and bars, it was marred by spotty renovations throughout different time periods. Burch aimed to restore the home back to its former splendor.

Scarani, Burch’s creative director for his extravagant resort, Nihi, went to work gathering a team to bring Burch’s vision to life. The first acquisition Scarani made was a complete set of Joseph Dufour’s 1805 scenic panoramic depicting the voyages of Captain Cook. They got the set, from Christie‘s, and it provides a framework for the artistic theme of the home.

To head up the restoration Scarani commissioned French architect and designer Michel Pinet who renovated Château de Versailles. Pinet maintained the integrity and richness of the original home while implementing all of the comforts of a twenty-first-century one.

Max Salk Conducts Proper Financial Analysis

Max Salk is an investment analyst in the great city of commerce that is New York. He went to school in Illinois and he graduated in 2011. He focused his studies in Finance and added on a minor in the subject of History.


Max would jump straight into the finance sector and utilize his new knowledge. Max Salk would go to Chicago and work at Morningstar. It made sense for Max Salk to work in Chicago as he had gone to school in Illinois and he didn’t have to make a big move going from one city to the next. Going to school in Illinois was also a great call because it would allow Max Salk to stay within a region that has some of the best-specialized firms within the financial sector.

Max Salk and Morningstar

As noted above, Morningstar would be a great place to go work for a person interested in finance such as Max Salk. Morningstar is considered as a global financial services firm that is based within Chicago. It was formed in 1984 and is known for providing compelling research and investment management services to its many different clients. Many in the financial world pay close attention to the commentary, information, and overall research provided by Morningstar. The firm is respected in such a manner that recommendations from the firm can lead to significant inflows or outflows of money into a variety of funds.


The firm has expanded and provided more services to capture more revenues.


Max would leave Morningstar after close to a year and then progress to joining PPM America, Inc. PPM America, Inc is a company based within the United States that has conducted research and allocates capital toward different investments.


The firm had $9.7 billion assets in 1990 and grew the assets under management to $106 billion by 2014. The firm is part of the Prudential Corporation. Max Salk would have the opportunity to do more at this firm and dive deeper into investment analysis. He was able to do well within this role and found himself moving on to a different role with a different company just three years later. Max Salk would join Blackstone Group.

Guilherme Paulus Succeeds in His Career: Shaping Brazil’s Tour Sector One Day At A Time

He spent his lifetime in Brazil’s tourism sector. While at it, Guilherme Paulus acquired a significant amount of success in a career he’s passionate about. Being the head of the Sao Paulo-based company as well as the GJP Hotels and Resorts, he vastly searched for advancement methods in his career throughout his life. When working as an intern at IBM, he observed the functionality of larger businesses. That marked the onset of his career in the sales industry where he was required to pitch his brands to win client’s hearts. With more than 15 hotels and restaurants in Brazil’s busy tours and hospitality sector, Guilherme Paulus employs over 5,000 workers who have welcomed more than 95,000 guests since the inception of his tour agency. His success his propelled him toward a lofty status as one of the most accomplished business professionals in the tourism sector. Being a leader, Guilherme Paulus serves as the head of the National Tourism Council and the vice president of International Relations in charge of the Brazilian Association of Tours and Travel Agencies. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

With his entrance in the tour and travel sector, Guilherme Paulus has turned Brazil into a visionary brand following his established records as an excellent businessman. From his earliest days serving as a salesperson in the same industry, he aspired to understand the business in many ways including joining groups to facilitate his learning ability. As the development of his excellent skills went on, he’d join college to pursue a relevant course in business administration. He would then accept a leadership opportunity at IBM where he was a junior associate. He started assuming senior positions in the company before delving into the sales of tours and travel services and products.

A successful meeting with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari a famous local government official linked Paulus to the idea of establishing a tour and travel company in Brazil. The topics coincided with his focus and interest in promoting his country. Being an avid student of business who had developed excellent leadership skills, he aspired to be part of the sector. Therefore, he requested Cerchiari to furnish him with the capital to start a business. That marked the onset of CVC Brasil.



Hussain Sajwani Entrepreneurial Journey To Success

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known businessman from the U.A.E. He is the CEO, Executive Chairman, and the Founder of DAMAC Properties. His entrepreneurial adventure started at the age of 3 at his father’s shop. However, it seems the harsh experience drove him away from the business world, and he opted to study medicine in a medical college in Baghdad. After the first year of study, Sajwani changed his mind and he went to study engineering in the United States of America.

While studying, Sajwani rediscovered his entrepreneurial talents, and he sold timeshare products in Dubai in his final year of study. This was one of his early business ventures. Over the years, Hussain has become an outstanding business leader in real estate and property industry. As a result of his excellent performance, he has been listed among the 50 richest Arabs in the world by Arabian Business, with a net worth of $2.1 billion.

DAMAC Properties is one of the leading private developers in the U.A.E. The reputable company is expanding quickly to serve Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, North Africa, and the Far East. Established in 1992, DAMAC Properties has more than 2,000 employees that serve in hospitality, investment, logistics, real estate development, and commercial trading. Sajwani has built his empire from scratch. He started it as a small catering service company and he has managed it effectively into a multinational corporation.

Hussain Sajwani graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington. After graduating, he was employed as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Company, and in 1982 he launched his own business – Dariah Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC, which later became DAMAC Properties.

In 1992, Sajwani established DICO Invest, which presently holds investment portfolios of securities in various companies in the global markets. In addition, he has set up other businesses such as Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., Al Amana Building Materials, and Al Jazeira Services that offers Catering and hospitality services. His ability to initiate and manage numerous businesses effectively proves that one determined business leader can bring the desired change in the world.

Bernardo Chua: Living Healthier With Ganoderma lucidum

Coffee is an extremely popular beverage around the world. Most of us are aware that coffee contains antioxidants that can promote health. Bernardo Chua is a man who went further to provide a healthy coffee and other consumables that can lead to being healthy. He started the Organo Gold company in 2008. This firm sells a wide variety of beverages and health care products. All of their products contain Ganoderma lucidum. This is a mushroom that has been widely used to improve overall health. There are plentiful health benefits from using Ganoderma lucidum. Mr. Chua was taught early in his life how this simple herb brought the human body in a healthy balance and can strengthen one’s immune system to fight many diseases. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Utilizing the products that Bernardo Chua promotes has many benefits. There have been studies that show using Ganoderma lucidum increases oxygen levels in the human body. A body with high levels of oxygen is able to fight many diseases. There are studies that show the effects of oxygen on cancer cells. High levels of oxygen can kill cancer cells, but low levels will create an environment for cancer cells to flourish. High levels of oxygen can help the body consume body fat because it speeds up the digestion process by consuming nutrients quicker. The herb has shown to help with blood pressure problems and other health issues.

Bernardo Chua’s greatest accomplishment was taking his childhood knowledge of a simple herb and eventually creating a company that has become a leader among other direct selling businesses. Much of his focus now is to continue teaching people about how Ganoderma lucidum can help a person live a much healthier life, free from debilitating diseases. Mr. Chua and the numerous health benefits of his company’s products have been spoken about in Marketwired and CisionPRWeb.

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Stream Energy:Understanding the Stream Cares Foundation

Most organizations start their business with the aim of making profits. It is not easy to find a firm with an arm that is dedicated to helping others by being involved in philanthropic endeavors. However, Stream Energy is different. The organization, which is based in Dallas, created an arm called Stream Cares which is focused on charitable efforts according to The company has been enjoying financial success which has allowed them to build a strong arm to incorporate philanthropy in their endeavors. It is an effort that is useful for the company since it has always been engaged in philanthropic endeavors since it started. They helped a lot of people by offering relief after the Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Cares is also involved with those without homes in Dallas. The percentage of homeless adults and children has increased, and this is why the company is concerned with helping those without homes to improve their lives. They have achieved this by partnering with another organization based in New York called Hope Supply. According to an article by, the two organizations partnered and paid for more than 1000 children who attended the event called Splash for hope. They were able to have fun at the waterpark where they also received money and other essentials. The arm created by Stream Energy has been working with Home Supply for a few years now. They have succeeded in helping homeless children with essentials like diapers, clothing and school supplies.

Stream Cares is not only dedicated to providing money to help the needy, but they also offer other services like free transport to Dallas. Through this way, the residents can enjoy themselves by having a special lunch with family members. They have been doing this to ensure those affected have fun too.

According to Kimberly Girard, who is the senior event manager at Stream Energy, the firm has always been looking for ways in which it can give back to the society. According to WalletHub, Dallas is ranked among the least generous states in the country, but Stream Energy is changing this. They are making an effort to help the needy in the society, and this is a commendable job. They believe in helping the community members because they are an integral part.

Michael Hagele: Corporate Law and Business

If you’re not already familiar with Michael Hagele, he is a serial investor and attorney, who spends the greater majority of his time investing in early-stage tech companies or fulfilling the role of general counsel for multiple top-tier corporations, namely in the biotechnology, defense, and aerospace fields. Hagele’s knowledge of corporate law and business has made him a highly sought-after corporate attorney. In fact, he has served as general counsel for some of the most celebrated companies. In addition to this work as an attorney, Hagele routinely looks for investment opportunities that can help small business startups, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality fields. Read more about Michael at

As far as his skills as an attorney and general counsel, Michael Hagele’s expertise is wide-ranging. He is highly proficient in licensing distribution and development agreements, and he is a skillful negotiator. On the business side of things, Hagele has demonstrated proficiency in areas relative to software, hardware, and telecommunications. With regard to his educational background, Hagele attended the University of Iowa, earning a B.A. in Political Science and English, in 1992, before going on to attend the University of California, Berkley School of Law, where he earned a J.D. Law degree, in 1997.

According to his Linkedin bio, Michael Hagele began his career in law when he joined the law offices of Fenwick & West LLP, in 1997, a firm specializing in online commerce and technology transactions. Hagele remained with the law office until 2000, before going on to pursue new opportunities. His career ambitions ultimately led to the role of Corporate Counsel with BigVine (recently rebranded as All Business), where he remained from 2000-2002. In 2006, Michael Hagele landed the role of Special Counsel for Metaweb Technologies, a company that designs and builds Web infrastructure technology.

In an article in, Hagele discusses a few tenets for his success; he strongly believes in putting the customer or client first. Additionally, he believes in being adaptive; according to Hagele, when it comes to long-term success, the ability to quickly adapt to changes, like the introduction of social media, is what makes certain businesses thrive while others fail. In fact, Hagele is a big fan of social media and routinely uses various social media platforms to connect with customers and to spur new business opportunities.

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