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Adam Goldenberg Knows The Tricks Of The Trade

When it comes to running a business, there are few people, if any, that can compete with Adam Goldenberg on Simply put, he is in a league of his own along with his business partner Don Ressler. He started at the age of 15 and he has only grown as a businessman since then. One of the things that has been vital to his success is a willingness to learn. He is like a sponge when it comes to information on He is also not shy about asking for help, reaching out to people, and researching things on his own to find out what he is looking for and what he needs.

That is how JustFab came along and that is how it has come to life. A lot of times in business, people tend to get a little too comfortable with what they are doing and they stand put. They become content. That has never been the Adam Goldenberg way. He has always had the mindset of “What’s next? What is around the corner?” So many successful businesses on have failed because of their own success. They do not know how to handle it and it becomes too overwhelming for them. Some people might believe that failure is harder to accept, but it is actually success.

Adam Goldenberg has always handled success like a true pro’s pro and has always been able to keep a humble approach. That is how he was able to start a business at 15 and not let it get to his head. With JustFab, he is taking the same approach that has worked for him for a number of years. He learns on people when he needs help and asks questions, he works around the clock, and he never rests until it is completely done the right way.

He is no hurry to just get a product out there and have it be filled with deficits. With JustFab, which includes shoes, handbags, and accessories, he looks everything over before it goes out to the customers. This is his reputation on the line, Don Ressler’s reputation, and the reputation of JustFab. When people think of JustFab, he wants them to think good things and positive things. Goldenberg is a positive person, after all, and always looks for the silver lining in things. He has gained a wealth of knowledge throughout his life, and it has always been there for him to fall back on when he needs it. See:

Adam Goldenberg: And The Importance of Analysis

When it comes to business, there is one aspect of business that should not be ignored. This is the technical aspect of business. The technical aspect of business is where people learn exactly what is the driving factor behind the sales. It is also where they identify trends. This helps the company adapt to the trends and offer what the customers have shown themselves to desire. Analytics on also helps with other aspects of business such as marketing and merchandising. When people look at the reports presented by the system, then they will know what the next step is in offering products and services to the customers.

Adam Goldenberg has a lot of wisdom when it comes to marketing and merchandising. He has a lot of influence over the products that are offered by the company to sell to customers. One thing that he notices about a lot of other retail companies of various categories is that they tend to put a heavy focus on advertising and marketing as opposed to offering products. Adam Goldenberg is aiming for a more balanced approach. He wants to make sure that all of the products that are being offered are something that the customers want to buy. Of course he also sees importance in marketing. Adam Goldenberg understands that even the most revolutionary product is not going to sell if no one knows it exists.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the inspiring agents of JustFab and Fabletics among other subdivisions of the company. He is the one that looks for products that he is sure is going to attract the attention of many customers. If the customers are not interested in the products that are being offered, then they are not going to buy the product. As a result, the product will be sitting on the shelf and the only hope of selling that product would be a markdown. Adam Goldenberg sees to it that the products offered are greatly desired. With fashion, he makes sure that there are a wide variety of fits and sizes so that people of all sizes and body types will be able to enjoy the fashion that is offered. Source:

Forefront Capital’s Innovative Solutions for Non-Accredited Investors

When it comes to many investment opportunities, such as private equity placements, these are often available only to accredited investors. Often, these individuals are known as the “one percenters.” But now, Forefront Capital has created an investment plan known as Forefront Income Trust which caters to these non-accredited investors.

“For several years I was only focusing on the accredited investor that makes $200,000 a year or has a net worth of more than a million dollars not counting their home,” stated company’s founder and CEO, Brad Reifler. Now, the company will shift to non-accredited investors, often those from the middle class with much smaller incomes and wealth. The 99 percent are overlooked,” feels Mr. Reifler.

And there’s opportunity in serving this large group. Forefront Capital will seek to attract new clients by offering low-risk investing that only comes from specialty finance. So far, there were only limited investment options for this group. Often, alternative investments that are known for their diversification and return potential- such as hedge funds or private equity- were blocked to non-accredited investors.

Mr. Reifler himself realized how hard it can be for these investors to access the same investment opportunities as the wealthy individuals after he was given his father’s savings and couldn’t pursue many investment strategies.

To attract new clients, Forefront Capital has scheduled its performance fees is such a way that the company won’t make any money until the clients make 8%. This is in sharp contract to many Wall Street firms, and is an encouraging development.

Brad Reifler’s company is a boutique financial services firm that specializes in investment banking and wealth management solutions for individuals and institutions.  See the full story of Brad Reifler on

Kevin Seawright Working to Create Better Community Housing

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management professional based in Baltimore, Maryland. He is experienced in local government, education, and real estate development sectors in Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. He is the current Executive deputy President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), which serves as the leading economic development agency for New Jersey’s largest City, Newark.

By establishing the partnership joint venture RPS Solutions LLC in 2015, he had envisioned tackling the affordable housing market and strengthening the community of Baltimore by connecting mortgage lenders with individuals, managing assets, attending construction of new properties and assisting with custom renovations of existing underdeveloped housing units. Each person who purchases a new home joins the community hence raising home ownership.

WorldClassMagazines makes it clear Seawright and his firm make it easy for individuals to have their homes. Kevin has utilized his financial expertise to better communities on the East Coast. The ultimate goal is for Baltimore residents to exceed the current city home-ownership rate and improve the sustenance of those who live there, the Belvedere Square neighborhood is the best to begin. More than ten years in the public service, he ventured into the private sector. Seawright developed and managed annual budgets and ensured operational quality and efficiency as an administrative director at Tito Contractors Inc.

Kevin Seawright is renowned for his strategic vision and capability to meet goals and find new opportunities. He presents a unique mix of business shrewdness and outcome efficiency. Kevin Seawright has an aptitude for immediately establishing a great relationship with staff, managers, leaders, clients, and constituents. He awarded with several awards for financial responsiveness during his tenure in municipalities for outstanding service, professionalism during tight economic times. Kevin is currently attending Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. He has acted as an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and coached youth sports teams and is an avid sports fan. Kevin Seawright has been a member of several organizations. He is an occupant of New Jersey, and loving dad to his daughter.  Read more about Kevin on CrunchBase.

Grow Your Business Through White Shark Media’s AdWords

All the business people have the dream of seeing their businesses grow. There are many ways of facilitating this, and one of them is increasing targeted traffic to your business website through the use of AdWords. For you to do this perfectly well, you need help from professionals, and this is essentially what White Shark Media does.

White Shark Media is a leading digital marketing agency in the world. Last year alone, the agency managed almost $36 million in ad spend. They also sent more than 300,000 emails and more than 35,000 reports.

You can get free AdWords evaluation from White Shark Media rather very easily. It doesn’t matter whether you have ever used AdWords campaign before or it is your first time. There is no need to worry even if you are not familiar with the campaign because one of the agency’s expert professionals will guide you on what you need to do to increase traffic to your website thanks to AdWords campaign. Get addtional info at: and

The specialists who carry out the evaluations are AdWords certified. They use and you can see their screen, and you can follow along all what they say and do. They explain everything in great detail, and you will be able to learn so much. After the free evaluation is complete, you can either choose to hire the agency to manage your campaign or to use the knowledge you have accumulated and manage the campaign yourself. Either of the options is good for you, and it is up to you to choose any.

Requesting your free AdWords evaluation is very easy. You simply need to visit the agency’s website and you fill out the form. After filling the form, you then submit it, and you will be contacted by a certified specialist as soon as possible. You can call 305-728-4828 to request your AdWords evaluation.

Apart from AdWords management, White Shark Media also offers other services to its clients such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing. These two services help you appear among the top results in the search engines and also attract more traffic to your business website.

About White Shark Media

The agency offers innovative marketing solutions at affordable prices to small and medium-sized businesses. The company highly values its customers, and that is why it acts on any feedback given whether it is a compliment or complaint. This has made it grow from strength to strength. It has created more platforms such as Disqus where it can interact with its customers and deal with any complaints.

George Soros Foresees Hard Times For America

George Soros has warned the American population and potential investors of a looming economic crunch similar to the one that rocked America in 2008. These remarks were made by George Soros while addressing an economic forum In Sri Lanka.

The situation is not much different in China with its preferred growth model failing to live up to expectations; this has had the overall effect of affecting developing countries’ economies.

These events are very similar that led to economic depression in 2008, with a global currency, stock and commodity markets hitting rock bottom in the New Year. In particular on, the Yuan has faced a major depression; this has led to major concerns to major players in the world market. This drop has affected China’s economy with the country shifting gears from investment and manufacturing and opting for consumption and services. This is not an isolated event, with the value of global equities facing a loss of about $2.5 trillion this year, with Asia facing tougher economic times due to the plunge in Chinese equities. 

Soros feels that China is headed for harder economic times; this is because the country is finding it hard to make the switch from manufacturing to consumption. George Soros, who is seen by many as a leading expert in world markets, feels that the current situation is similar to that of 2008 that led to the economic plunge. 

This is not the first time that George Soros has aired his views on the subject; in 2011, while sitting on a panel in Washington, compared the Greece-born European debt crunch to that of 2008, Soros felt that the Greece crisis is worse compared to that of 2008.

George Soros’ career began in the 1950s in New York City; his hedge fund boasts of about 20% on average up until 2011. This is according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His company has a net worth of about $27.3 billion strategically placing the company as one of the most profitable hedge funds. 

George Soros hit the limelight in 1992 through a bet which he made $1billion. The bet was based on a projection by Soros that the U.K would be forced to devalue the pound. 

The projection by George Soros is not misdirected; the signs are clear with the Chicago Board Exchange volatility index is up by 13%, and the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index has increased by 43%. This is according to

China has through the Communist party attempted to save the country’s economy from self-destruction by pledging to increase the Yuan’ convertibility by 2020. There have also been efforts by the People’s Bank of China cutting the banks interest rates to a record low. This attempt has had little or no effect in saving the world’s second-Largest Economy.

George Soros founded and heads the open society; this organization comprises of a network of foundations and run projects in more than 100countries. George is committed to the idea of an open society where individual rights are respected and where the Government is held accountable by all standards. The idea of an open society is based on a free market where no corporate has a monopoly in the market. In essence, this virtues make the organization the most noble in history.

James Dondero’s Filings of Quarterly Report of HCM

Earlier this month, James Dondero, Chairman and co-founder of Highland Capital Management filed with SEC their quarterly reports. They revealed a portfolio value of $3.42 billion. This was a decline from the previous quarter’s $4.91 billion. The filing however, was just a representation of about 22.73% of the total assets under their management. The report further went to show that they had increased 62 of their holding, bought 69 new stocks and sold out 119 and reduced their holdings in 80 stocks. Looking at the sectors allocation, Health Care topped the list with 20% closely followed by a tie between Information Technology and Finance of 18%. The third was Energy with 12% and finally Consumer Discretionary closed with 10%. American Airls Group Inc. (call) topped the list of the highest holdings with 5260000 shares. Salesforce Com Inc. followed with 2091550 shared and Ishare Tr (put) closed the list of top three holdings with 1055000 shares.

James graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce, having majored in Accounting and Finance options. He then joined Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst in 1984. This is where his promising career started. Jim Dondero also worked for American Express from the years 1985 to 1989 as Corporate Bond Analyst and was later promoted to Portfolio Manager. Here he was in charge of approximately $1 billion worth of fixed income funds. He then left American Express and joined Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary from 1989 to 1993 as a Chief Investment Officer. In this period he facilitated their growth to over $2 billion from scratch.
In 1993 he left formal employment and partnered to co-found Highland Capital Management, an independently- owned investment adviser registered by SEC. Jim Dondero who currently has over 30 years of experience in distressed and high-yield investing is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. Currently, he also serves as the Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. He also serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Jim is also involved in a number of philanthropic activities in education, public policy and veteran’s affairs. For more information click here.
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James Dondero: Guiding Highland Capital

James Dondero has been hailed as one of the most strategic business leaders in the modern business setting. Popularly referred to as Jim, the dynamic and visionary leader has guided Highland Capital to an enviable position competing with the very best in the industry. Jim has been able to turn around the situation at Highland Capital making it one of the most successful ventures in recent times.

James Dondero has, however, remained to be a humble individual despite the massive success he has attained over the years. Jim continues to dedicate his time, effort and resources towards improving the quality of life of people in the society. The people working under him have consistently praised his attitude terming his most endearing characters as motivating factors and reasons for the success of Highland Capital.
In addition, Jim has used his position to create innovative ways of shaping the capital markets. Through the inclusion of creative ideas and having a listening attitude to the views and opinions of his work employees, Dondero has positioned himself as one of the leading visionaries in the business world. This has led to numerous admirers both in the public and private sectors. He also serves as a leading role model to numerous upcoming entrepreneurs both locally and internationally. Over the years, James has amassed numerous awards in recognition for his distinguished excellence.

Highland Capital offers solutions and provides a platform for the financial needs of both individuals and companies. Through the numerous portfolios, clients have the option of selecting the alternative that best suits their needs under the guidance of a pool of qualified and competent personnel. This has been a hallmark of Highland Capital.

It is evident that Highland Capital will continue enjoying success over the coming years under the stewardship of Jim Dondero. By offering new and innovative solutions to challenges in the market, Highland Capital remains to be a company of choice for many. This can be credited to the fact that the services and products offered are tailored towards the needs of the client.

Therefore, every option is available whether it is for an individual or an organization. As the founder and leader of Highland Capital, it has always remained the objective of Jim Dondero to seek new and modern ways that not only keep the company at an edge over their competitors, but also one that can sustain itself in the long term.


James Dondero Explains Performance Of The Yuan

James Dondero is an experienced individual when it comes to investments and equities. His investment prowess was incubated in 1984 after he had graduated from the University. His experience is over thirty years, and this makes him the best analyst regarding the markets performance. He has certifications in CFA and CMA giving him the ideal experience on the market performances.

Jim Dondero offers the services to investors and other companies that are involved in the industry. His company is tirelessly working so that it can bring sense to the equity and credit markets in the industry. He resides in Dallas, Texas. Jim is also involved in other activities, for example, he chairs board meetings of institutions such as NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical where his efforts are felt regarding investing in hedge funds.

Highland Capital Management offers investors advice concerning equities and credit markets. It is specialized in offering the best alternative credit management option in the market. Highland Capital Management is an SEC fully registered a company that is involved in providing the best advice to investors. It has over $21 billion of assets under its management currently, and it has been ranked as the best institution to provide credit strategies that include: private equity, loans with collaterals and credit hedge funds. Highland is also involved in other investments, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

The performance of the Yuan in Hong Kong has slid back to where it was as the year commenced. Many speculators are being left with no answers but letting the market work according to the demand and supply rules. It has made China strategize since its plans to provide local banks with cash to support the growing economy leaving no funds to the offshore markets. It will not be help for China’s economy to increase the interest rates of the foreign funds because this will decrease the performance of the economy further making the Yuan weaker.

China has already given a warning to investors who are betting against the currency that they may end up losing more if they continue betting on the Yuan. Lending rates of the offshore funds have risen, and this will create a direct negative impact on the Chinese economy. For stability in the China economy to prevail, the government bank bought the currency that had fallen to a five low in January that led to a decrease in money supply in the economy making it more expensive to trade in the short term. It also forced investors to sell the borrowed assets at a small price to speculate and buy them at low prices later.

The article is a recap from Bloomberg

U.S. Money Reserve President Phil Diehl Thinks The Next Great Bull Gold Market Has Arrived

Phil Diehl has an impressive resume. Diehl has been the chief of staff of the United States Treasury and the staff director of the United States Senate Finance Committee. Mr. Diehl also served as the Director of the United States Mint. One of his accomplishments while serving at the Mint was to produce the first platinum coin. Diehl was also responsible for creating the 50 State Quarter Program. Phil left government service after that impressive career, and he became president of the U.S. Money Reserve in his home state of Texas.

The stock market got off to the worse start in history in 2016, and investors like George Soros are predicting a stock market meltdown in 2016 that may be as bad as the 2008 meltdown. Diehl says the cause of this new crash is China. China’s economic issues are being exported to world markets, and investors are pulling money out of global stock markets and investing in gold and silver.

According to, Diehl said investors have retreated from the stock market in the past and sent the price of gold into the stratosphere. In 2000, the price of gold was $250 an ounce and in 2015, it was worth more than eight times that amount. One reason for the increase is people around the world love to own gold, according to Diehl. China and India always buy gold and hold it because history shows that gold increases over time at a much faster rate than stocks.

Some gold experts are predicting that the price of gold could pass $25,000 an ounce over the next 20 years, and smart investors know that is not wishful thinking. All the signs for another bull market in the bullion industry are present, according to Diehl, and smart investors say he’s right. Gold prices are on the way up again, and some investors are predicting gold will be well over $2,500 an ounce by the end of 2016.

Phil Diehl has a winning track record when it comes to predicting what will happen in the gold and silver market, and now may be the time to listen to his new prediction about the gold market.
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