Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches a Custom Oncology Treatment Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently agreed to collaborate with NantHealth and Allscripts to introduce a customized technical solution that will enable these companies to enhance their electronic health records. With this improvement, a number of healthcare organizations will be able to more efficiently record patient’s data and provide better access to information for its workers. The new system will also help provide more information about the cancer treatment process as well as allowing physicians to avoid interruptions with their clinical workload. This new system is powered by the clinical operating system known as NantOS which was built by a number of oncologists in the United States. Along with providing information more efficiently, the new system will also hold a comprehensive collection of cancer data.

As stated in this article, the organization known as Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a healthcare company based in Boca Raton, Florida. It is currently a national network of hospitals which serve a number of adult patients who are looking to eliminate cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides an integrative approach in order to take care of its many patients. These methods include genomic testing, surgery, radiation treatment, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. As a result, the organization has been able to provide a number of ways to help patients battle and eventually overcome various forms of cancer.

According to Wikipedia, this organization has a number of locations throughout the United States that provide care to patients from all over the world. People suffering from cancer can go to one of the company’s hospitals in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. For the last several years, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been ranked as one of the top hospitals to provide the highest quality cancer treatment available. It has also provided among the best experiences for patients as well.

Hard Work Pays Off with Seattle Genetics

Hard work and dedication MOST CERTAINLY pay off in the fast paced world of today! Today’s society moves upon every inclination and mention of the mere word “progress”. To what ends and wonderfully rewarding possibilities are we heading in such a direction? I will tell you!

As many know, of course, today’s modern society and American culture are both just equally filled with opportunities for growth, benefit, and advancement…..rewarding those who work hard and are willing to—very literally—“step out on a limb and take a chance”. Mr. Clay Siegall is but one such person is a wealth pool of many, who has done just that! His name may be lost inside of so many known company Presidents and CEOs and their numerous, uniquely tailored and varying, successful organizations….but what makes him so particularly unique? Well, I am sure glad you asked!

For one, Mr. Siegall and his company (known as Seattle Genetics)do not specialize in the common brand or in the ordinary. Biotechnology is the specialty there. Also, of course, as implied in the name of the company….the company and its President/CEO/Co-founder (Mr. Siegall) are based in the city of Seattle, Washington.

Now, not every person can claim to do business in the areas of biotechnology and bio-pharmaceuticals, for example. It is a more desired company and business than ever, though. Not every one can claim to merely UNDERSTAND what these sorts of companies DO and UNDERSTAND on a regular day to day function. This alone speaks for itself.

This holds the science and technology industries to a much higher grade and standard, of course, one more highly favored and sought after. Just think about it! Are there a lot of genetics and biotechnology companies in the Seattle area, for example, or is Seattle Genetics one of the few there….to which many living nearby must do business with? I mean, yes, the pharmaceutical industry does make billions of dollars every year….but each supplier must find its source. Among those fewer sources of production and core business are Mr. Clay Siegall and his wonderful company, Seattle Genetics.

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