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The Exceptional Staff of TigerSwan Drives the Company to Unparalleled Success

James Reese TigerswanDespite starting and running a company being an intimidating prospect for the majority of people, there are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who have managed to set their own. Several of them tend to become very successful, but others not that much. The venture is a threatening prospect due to its substantial financial demand and legal procedures, especially in this modern world. For you to succeed, you need commitment and resilience regardless of the challenges that come along your way. Therefore, the existence of TigerSwan, global security, and stability firm that was set up in 2008, is a result of the commitment and dedication of James Reese both financially and physically. TigerSwan refers to a service-disabled veteran-possessed minute business that is positioned in Apex, North Carolina, and it operates internationally.

It was one morning when James Reese took the concept to a colleague, and they planned the idea of beginning TigerSwan in his colleague’s kitchen over coffee without any outside capital. Their disabled status saw them appointed to be the SDVOSB, put aside company for the leading defense contractor. James Reese’s 80% disability was not the motivation to found TigerSwan. However, the company’s primary goal was to bring together other disabled veterans and perform something worthy in their life and also world-changing. In its operation, it has seen success due to the excellent workforce that is committed to achieving its goals. TigerSwan has the capacity of more than 300 employees and performs operations within over 50 countries.

Finally, James Reese is a reputable, problem-solving expert and respected leader who conceived the idea of erecting a company that could aid disabled veterans like him to live a reasonable life like other people. Before his retirement, he had been in service for 25 years as both Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer. Currently, James Reese is the Chief Executive Officer of TigerSwan, and in his leadership, he has always demonstrated maturity and proactive mindset characteristic. Also, his knack for headship plus go-getter mentality has admittedly taken a new form, and James Reese is considered as an experienced cross-functional manager with more than three decades of successes.

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HGGC Announces Completion Of Its Purchase Of Monotype

HGGC, LLC, has now completed its purchase of Woburn, MA’s Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. Monotype was a publicly traded firm and had all of its outstanding shares purchased for $19.85 each. The total value of the deal is $825 million.

Both CEO’s Discuss This Transaction

Monotype President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Landers said he was pleased this transaction has been completed. His company can continue building their strategy and engaging customers. He appreciates the operational insight and industry knowledge that his new parent company offers to his team. His company can now offer customers an improved experience and more value.

HGGC Co-Founder and CEO Rich Lawson said that the closing of this transaction marks a milestone for Monotype. It can now embark on an exciting new chapter and is perfectly positioned for success. He called the font industry an evolving and demanding one and looked forward to helping Monotype effectively compete.

Transaction Details

HGGC and Monotype first came to an agreement for the acquisition on July 25, 2019. The deal was approved by shareholders of Monotype on October 9, 2019. Monotype’s stock was trading on the NASDAQ but was delisted when the market closed on October 10, 2019.

Goodwin Procter LLP was Monotype’s legal counsel and their financial advisor was J.P. Morgan. HGGC’s legal counsel was Kirkland & Ellis LLP and its financial advisor was Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

About Monotype

Monotype fonts are used by thousands of brands around the world. It has 710 employees and generated $246.7 million in revenue in 2018. It earned $12.3 million in profit that year.

About HGCC

HGGC is based in Palo Alto, California, It is a private equity investment firm that was formed in 2007 by Richard Lawson, Gregory Benson, Steve Young, and Bob Gay. It invests in mid-sized companies in the private equity and late stage venture investment stages.

HGGC has invested more than $4.3 billion in companies in its portfolio. These companies collectively have over 60,000 employees. It is a privately held firm.

Serge Belamant Changes The Information Technology Industry Forever

Tulle, France was the birthplace of applications and software developer Serge Belamant. Serge attended The Highlands North High School for Boys in South Africa, As a scholar-athlete, he was as adept in the classroom as he was on the Chessboard and Rugby pitch.

More About Serge’s Academic Career

While at Highlands North Serge was named Head Prefect. In that capacity, he served as his alma mater’s representative to the public and other schools. His athletic prowess earned him the Victor ludorum (Latin for the winner of the games) trophy during two consecutive years.

Serge pursued a post-secondary degree from Witwatersrand University and the University of South Africa. His course of study included engineering, computer systems, and information systems.

Serge’s Working Career

After entering the workforce Serge’s first job was with the engineering firm Matrix. While at Matrix Serge Belamant created a method for predicting droughts. While employed by Cybernet he was honored as Analyst of the Year. During his career, Serge has worked for the US Military and in the banking, mining and nuclear research industries.

Net 1 Technologies

Net 1 Technologies was Serge Belamant’s first company. Net 1 created a system for speeding up the credit/debit transactions while detecting fraudulent transactions more efficiently. Through a partnership with Visa, Net 1 developed a Chip Offline Pre-authorised Card (COPAC). For the South African Government, Net1 created a system to pay welfare benefits with greater efficiency and security.

The innovative talents of Serge Belamant would prompt a journalist to compare him to Henry Ford. For 12 years Serge served as CEO of Net1. During his tenure, Net1 became a multinational company. By the time Serge moved on to the next enterprise he had grown Net1 Technologies into a $2 billion company.

Zilch Technology Ltd.

Serge Belamant and his son Philip entered the cryptocurrency business in 2017. Their company Zilch Technology Limited focuses on blockchain technology. The blockchain is a means of recording transactions involving cryptocurrency. His fellow analyst has expressed the belief that through Zilch Technologies Serge has altered the Information Technology industry “forever”.

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Article Title: Louis Chenevert Discusses How to Improve the Performance of a Business

How do you improve the performance of an enterprise, company, or business? Most business executives find themselves asking this question throughout their career. Companies need to grow. Louis Chenevert states that if a business is performing better during a particular year than the previous year, the executives are sure that the firm or company is experiencing growth hence the better performance.

But business executives are never content with high performance during a particular year since a firm’s growth shouldn’t stagnate but continually improve. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why business owners and executives often look for ways to improve their enterprise’s performance.

Louis Chenevert is aware that most business executives tend to lean towards the adoption of new technology when they want to improve a company’s overall performance. Other than the use of cutting-edge technology to solve a performance slump, there a lot of instances where business owners and senior executives outsource the services of highly experienced outsiders to address or provide solutions to a company’s problems.

While the adoption of new technology at any workplace is welcome, Louis Chenevert believes that investing in a firm’s employees is a long lasting solution that executives can use to improve an enterprise’s overall performance.

Similarly, Chenevert, the CEO of United Technologies Corporation, is skeptical of executives who continually hire outside professionals to fix a company’s internal issues relating to performance. Chenevert believes that the hiring in outside professionals or reliance on technology to solve a company’s performance issues is a short-term solution since the technology eventually becomes outdated, and the outside professional will subsequently leave the firm with other unresolved issues.

Chenevert also explains that the reliance on outside professional to assist in solving a company’s performance issues may not be logical and can be expensive when compared to investing in the company’s current employees. Besides, it doesn’t make business sense to hire outside professionals every year there is a dip in a firm’s performance.

Louis Chenevert elaborates that the current dynamics of the business world make investing in a firm’s employees necessary. Chenevert is an advocate for employee empowerment while a firm is in the quest to boost its performance since it is cost effective and efficient.

The Reputable Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is one of the prominent personalities in the medical industry in the United States. As the HRSC Staffing’s president, he ensures that all his offices in Florida, Deware, and Pennsylvania operate smoothly. His staff comprises of physician assistants, la chiropractic doctors, physicians, nurses, and therapists. HRSC Staffing is the top full service consulting and staffing company in the healthcare sector. The success is one of Brian’s achievements. His primary objective is to ensure the clients receive the best services since 2007.

Besides serving clients directly, HCRC serves in filling positions in medical offices and companies. It specializes in billing, desk receptions, public relations, as well as office management. Additionally, HCRC works with law firms by filling positions for administrators, assistants, paralegals, secretaries, and attorneys. Dr. Brian Torchin notes that he founded HRSC to address the employee turnover in the medical and legal industry. The company collaborates with over 200 companies globally. Most of the clients come from Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Brian is the lead author in making publications on matters concerning recruitments, hiring, and employment. It ensures HCRC staffing gets the right staff for its clients. Brian Torchin is an alumnus of the University of Delaware. Majoring in exercise science, Brian obtained an undergraduate pre-med Bachelor of Science degree from the institution.

Additionally, he pursued his Doctor of chiropractic degree in Chiropractic College in New York. It took him four years between 1992, and 1995, to complete the training. The board-certified chiropractic practitioner set up his chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after finishing college.

His expertise in the medical field did not disappoint. He succeeded to start HCRC out of experience in the industry. Brian has a passion for helping medical practitioners get jobs. According to his Twitter account, most of his tweets address employment opportunities. Besides, Torchin has put a helpline for those seeking employment mostly in the medical industry to get help.

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Shervin Pishevar Has Thoughts About the Economy

Shervin Pishevar has many thoughts about the future of the United States both economically and as a place where businesses can form and grow. According to his tweets from February 2018, he thinks that the economy is going to be unpredictable with swings both up and down. He also thinks that the United States is going to lose its position as a world leader if it doesn’t start thinking more than a few years ahead.

Shervin Pishevar Sees the United States Crumbling From Within

Unless the American government starts to take a long-term view on infrastructure and other vital matters, it risks losing its place as the dominant power in the world. This is because it will be harder for businesses to ship goods or obtain them from other states or countries. However, Shervin Pishevar does think that people such as Elon Musk could be a part of helping the country solve its short and long-term problems.

Shervin Pishevar Thinks That Silicon Valley Loses Its Reputation

Silicon Valley has long been the place to go for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their companies. However, changes in technology and tools used to create businesses have allowed startup owners to begin operations from anywhere. Furthermore, angel investors and other startup fund providers have made it a point to provide capital to companies throughout the country and the world.

The Economy Is Going To Be Volatile

There are going to be a lot of changes as it relates to how people invest in the short-term. Bitcoin, bonds and stocks are all likely to lose value or go up and down in value over short periods of time. Ideally, investors who heed Shervin Pishevar’s advice will put their money into gold. This is because it is the only equity or commodity not likely to lose value until the markets calm down again.

Starboard’s Investment at Papa John’s expected To Bring a Huge Turnaround

The beset pizza chain, Papa John’s, which is caught up in a sales slump is accepting $200 million worth of investment from Starboard Value LP. This will necessitate bringing on board the CEO of the fund, Jeffrey Smith to the board to serve as the chairman. Part of the deal is also to add Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie to the board.

Starboard boasts of extensive experience in the restaurant industry. In 2014, it replaced twelve directors in the board of Olive Garden, the owner of Darden Restaurants Inc. As such, a turnaround is expected at Papa John’s with the infusion of Starboard’s cash at the company.

Papa John’s intends to use part of the money in repaying its debts and the remaining amount to go into investment. Starboard participation’s in the financing include purchasing new convertible preferred stock. The deal consists of an optional additional $50 million worth of investment. Things are already looking up for Papa John’s. Its shares gained a whopping 13% to $43.60 in Monday’s New York trading. Note that this is the highest intraday gain the company has witnessed since July 12.

In a statement, one of the members of the select committee responsible for initiating the review, Olivia Kirtley, revealed other agreements that Papa John’s and Starboard have in the books. The two organizations agreed on the importance of conducting a comprehensive strategic review over the past five months which is aimed at helping to align the growth of Papa John’s better, enhance its financial performance, and also, serve the interests of its stakeholders more efficiently.

Apart from Jeffrey Smith and Steve Ritchie, the board included an independent director, Anthony Sanfilippo. Anthony was the former CEO and chairman of Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. With these new additions, the board now has nine members.

In an interview, Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s is more focused on helping to improve sales rather than looking to franchisee assistance this year. He added that the executives would provide more information on February 26. Steve Ritchie couldn’t help but emphasize that the most critical thing for Papa John’s at the moment is improving sales and added that the management feels like it has a plan to achieve the same.

Gregory Aziz And His Leadership At National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He is also the company’s Chairman and President. National Steel Car is a global leader in the manufacture and engineering of railroad freight cars. It is located in Hamilton Ontario, and for over 100 years, it has excelled in producing quality and innovative cars. It is customer focused and ensures that it keeps meeting the ever-changing demands and standards of clients. Following this, it has created a positive perception among clients especially in North America and has become a huge corporation.



Gregory J Aziz has majorly contributed towards the growth of this company. He was born in 1949 in Ontario. He went to college at Ridley College and later joined Western University to pursue economics. Since then, he strived to gather entrepreneurship skills. He entered his family business which dealt with the importation and sale of food. After leaving this company, he went to pursue his passion which was in investment. He sought jobs in several companies in New York. It was out of his hard work that he was able to buy National Steel Cars which was based in Canada.


Upon the acquisition of this company, Greg Aziz made a lot of transformations to make the company the best. He dealt with promoting teamwork whereby everybody in the company worked towards a common goal. He also developed effective human and investment capital plans. Strengthening the company’s capabilities in engineering was also part of the areas that he emphasized on. Due to the strategic plans, the employment opportunities shot from 600 to 3000.


Greg James Aziz has also enhanced an innovative culture in the company. Every year, the company aims at producing unique cars to suit the changing needs of the consumer. Most importantly, the production of high-quality cars has enabled the company to thrive.See This Page for additional information.



Besides manufacturing and engineering or railroad freight cars, James Aziz and his company participate in giving back to the community. The Hamilton Community where this company is located has benefitted from several charitable events that have been sponsored by the organization. The company supports the United Way, Hamilton Opera and the Salvation Army among others. Greg Aziz together with his wife offers financial support to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This company is bound to grow due to the excellent leadership capabilities of Greg J Aziz. Today, people want quality which is what the company guarantees.



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National Steel Car CEO Gregory Aziz

Engineering is a discipline that drives the world economy. It is a very dynamic field which has multiple applications. All the industries that we see today have an element of engineering in them. It is one of those disciplines which we cannot really do without. Technological innovations significantly influence engineering, and it is even hard to differentiate between the two. These disciplines are forever in constant change. New technology keeps coming up which necessitate a change. Any successful engineering firm must be ready to adapt to changes or else it will go down. So, engineering firms should use technology to their advantage by ensuring that they employ the latest technology as it happens. This is the only way they can be sure of maintaining their place in the market.

Another thing is good customer service. A business which does not maintain a good customer relationship cannot succeed for the simple reason that customer retention is low. Customers are the life of the company. If there are none, then there is no business going on. Every business owner should ensure that the company has a clear guideline on customer treatment by the employees. A way of retaining customers is not only about after sale services but also offering the best quality products. As long as the quality of products is top-notch, then success is guaranteed.

National Steel Car is one of the manufacturing and engineering firms in North America. It deals with the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. Over the years, this business has continued to offer the best services based on the latest technology and good customer service. The management of the firm is also committed and dedicated to great achievements. Led by the CEO- Gregory James Aziz, this is one of the companies which is being run with the highest level of professionalism. Click Here for more information.

National Steel Car has been around since 1912. It has over the years been providing clients with top-quality products which is the reason it has remained dominant for such a long time. Greg Aziz bought NSC in 1994 from Dofasco. He took the first years after purchase building it to the levels he desired. When he bought it, it was only providing 3,500 cars every year, but after five years under his management, production moved to 12,000. James Aziz greatest achievement with this company has been revitalizing its production capacity such that it can meet all the demands of the industry.


National Steel Car has been the recipient of several honors over the years. It has the rare distinction of winning the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee awards and the ISO:90001 2008 certification for a consecutive 18 times. This organization values its workforce and considers them its most crucial element for success.




Shervin Pishevar Wonders How the United States Will Compete

Shervin Pishevar, who has long been recognized for his insightful views regarding all things associated with bonafide startups, many of which he’s personally handpicked, has never shied away from projecting his thoughts regarding the changing economic times, on a world stage. The established venture capitalist, who’s been directly responsible for entities such as Investment company, Virgin Hyperloop One, as well as being an early investor in Dollar Shave Club, Uber, and Rapportive, often utilizes Twitter to touch base with his audience, as well as to express his views. Recently, Shervin Pishevar did just that, as he came back to the social media network, after a noticeable absence, unleashing a wide array of messages concerning the future of the United States, as well as its place in world society. Traditionally, the United States has reign supreme in regards to technological dominance, as well as financial infrastructure, but there are a variety of upcoming issues that Shervin Pishevar believes will essentially shift the balance of power.

In the last decade or so, many countries around the world have become more Americanized, adopting principles that have been utilized to great success in capitalist America, and this change in philosophy, while elevating the countries of operation, has had a major effect on the United States. Countries around the world, most notably, China, have caught up with the United States in significant areas, particularly concerning their blinding speed of execution. To further back this claim, Shervin Pishevar discussed a train station that was recently completed from the ground, up, in China, taking only a number of hours to do so. This pace is considerably faster than anything currently possible on a commercial level in the United States, further widening the gap between both countries. According to Mr. Pishevar, the United States has essentially lost its position as the most singularly dominant world power, and with a projected 6000 point deficit due to affect the stock market, the United States could be in a great deal of trouble as the next few months unfold.