Market America Provides Assistance for People That are Working for Themselves

Many people that are enjoying the benefits of working for themselves may find themselves at a disadvantage. One thing that the self-employed entrepreneur often believes is that they have to do everything by themselves. While there are many reasons for people to try to do everything on their own, it can cause a lot of issues for people in the long term. Another thing is that people can miss out on some of the benefits of having a team. However, they do get to continue on with the idea that they are sparing people the burden that can come with dealing with them.

Fortunately, Market America is one of the companies that believes that people should not have to do all of the work by themselves if they don’t want to. Therefore, Market America makes itself available for anyone that may have a question or may need help with some aspect of the marketing. One thing that Market America has is more than 700 employees. This gives them a much better ability to provide services to almost 200,000 unfranchise owners. Given that there is that many unfranchise owners, there is the chance for people to connect with one another and learn something that is going to help them make the right choices.

Another thing that makes Market America easy to work with is that there are tons of products that are exclusive to this company. Therefore, it can be a little easier to sell the products. When people see that they can only get that product from a certain company, then they are going to visit that company so that they can get the product. This is another aspect of marketing that people should be working on. People have to offer something exclusive when it comes to the products or the experience of shopping.

NewsWatch TV Helps Businesses Broaden Horizons with Product Reviews

NewsWatch TV airs across the United States on AMC and the ION Network and is the go to source for technology, consumer, travel, health and entertainment news. The company currently airs weekly broadcasts on the ION network, and bi-monthly episodes on AMC. The series began in 1990 and since that time has featured more than 10,000 individual stories on a variety of topics. In recent times, many celebrities such as a Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis and Bradley Cooper have graced the show to discuss the causes they support and their thoughts on multiple issues.

Located in the Washington D.C. area, NewsWatch reaches more than 96 million people with each edition. Overall, in the 25 years since its inception the broadcast has reached over 700 million people making it one of the most successful independently produced shows on television. The NewsWatch team has decades of broadcast experience. With all of these attributes, it’s no wonder that companies featured on the show are thrilled with the exposure it has gotten them.

In 2013 NewsWatch TV worked with SteelSeries, an electronics and headphone company. Senior Director of Marketing at SteelSeries, Tori Pugliese said “it was an excellent experience to be able to work with a team who understand how PR really works.” NewsWatch produced two seperate reviews on products for SteelSeries, and Tori Pugliese stated that the company saw great distribution from these reviews and was able to incorporate the reviews in to other media channels the company utilizes such as social media. Overall the reviews reached 95 million households across the United States


How Louis Chenevert Rose To Lead United Technologies Corporation

Becoming a success in business can be a fiercely competitive endeavor. And to ride to the top of a Fortune 500 company is an especially incredible accomplishment. For Louis Chenevert, rising to the top of United Technologies Corporation was an acumination of a decades-long string of successes.

Mr. Chenevert’s story started in Montreal, Quebec. From a young age, Mr. Chenevert learned about business. Right after graduating from HEC Montréal with a degree in business administration, the Montreal native went to work for General Motors. It was at one of the largest companies in the world that Mr. Chenevert got his first taste of success.

Louis Chenevert rose to the position of general production manager during his 14 years at General Motors. During this time, Mr. Chenevert learned how to deal with the operations of one of the largest automotive companies in the world. His success at General Motors would lead to Mr. Chenevert being recruited by Pratt & Whitney in 1993.

At Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chenevert was vice-president of operations. By 1999, he would become the President of the company. Me. Chenevert would remain President of Pratt & Whitney for seven more years.

In 2006, Louis Chenevert would receive a call that most business people only dream about. United Technologies Corporation wanted him to lead their entire company. Mr. Chenevert accepted the position and was named President, Chief Operating Officer as well as a Direct on the company’s board. Just two years later, Mr. Chenevert would be named Chief Executive Officer. And in 2010, Mr. Chenevert would become the Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Chenevert would remain at United Technologies Corporation until 2014. During his tenure, Louis Chenevert led the Fortune 500 company to increased revenue and profits. His reputation as a great business leader also led him to be named co-chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation Board of Directors in 2015.

From General Motors to United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert has found success. With a determination for greatness, the Montreal native was able to make the most of his opportunities. As he enters his next decade in business, Louis Chenevert seeks to blaze more trails through the corporate landscape.

Jordan Lindsey, The Founder of JCL Capital

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital, and has found many businesses. He was born in New York, and that is where he was raised. Growing up, Jordan Lindsey loved to play sports, especially tennis and ice hockey. Growing up, he also had the mind of an entrepreneur. Creating something that would change the world was always a passion of Jordan Lindsey.

The first time that Jordan Lindsey had seen the San Francisco area, he fell in love with the place. He decided to move there from New York several months later. The people that live in the San Francisco encourage each other to create, and Jordan Lindsey is a fan of that.

Currently, Jordan Lindsey is an experienced trader in the algo trading business, and he has also done a lot to create financial service companies and technology companies in the private sector.

The EUR/USD has rebounded and it continues to consolidate around 1.23. The Forex dollar is also going down in price, and has been damaged by wage inflation. The dollar has fallen on Monday, because of low wages shown in the federal reserve data. This may prevent the Federal Reserve from being in a position to make three interest rate hikes this year. Job gains for February were significantly higher than the markets would expect, but wage inflation remained subdued. Wage inflation is a factor that historically has been watched by the Federal Reserve.

Wage growth would need to be above three percent in order to entice the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, most likely. The dollar fell 0.4 percent against the yen to 106.37 yen, and it was down 0.5 percent at 0.9470 verses the Swiss currency, which is the Franc. The euro remains below the three year peak that it hit in February.

A Closer Look at Elysium Health

Elysium Health was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, Eric Marcotulli, and Dan Alminana. Its co-founder, Dr. Guarente, is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Before founding the company, he conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging.

Elysium Health’s main mission is to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. The company works hand in hand with world-class scientists to achieve that goal.

Currently, the company makes a daily supplement called Basis. Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a  coenzyme that is essential to many of our cellular functions, including energy creation, circadian rhythms, DNA maintenance, and many others. As we age our levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those functions break down. Basis is designed to support those cellular functions and our cellular well-being as it increases levels of NAD+.

Basis is a clinically-validated product. Elysium Health put Basis  through a clinical trial in 2016 in order to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The trial demonstrated  that Basis increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent  in humans. The results of this clinical trial were published in November 2017 in the the peer-reviewed science journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease.

Basis can be purchased on Elysium Health’s website. It is available in a variety of monthly subscription plans. An ongoing monthly subscription to the supplement costs $50 per month. The most popular choice is the six-month subscription for $270, because it allows people to check out the long-term effects of Basis at a discounted monthly rate ($45 per month). Elysium also offers a one-year subscription for $480 ($40 per month). Individual bottles of the supplement are available for $60 each.

Elysium Health is currently in the process of developing new products that focus on the microbiome, cognition, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythm.

More information on Elysium Health, the company’s team, and the science behind Basis can be found on Elysium’s website.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks On Attaining Business Goals

Marc Sparks is a renowned visionary Dallas entrepreneur and business expert. Marc through his experience has helped many companies achieve monumental success. He is a major shareholder in the following companies: Cardinal Telecom LLC, Blu Jay Wireless, and Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC.



Marc Sparks came up with the idea of Spark Tank, an innovative concept that requires executives in the social service industry to come up with ideas that lead to social success. Sparks has been involved in community work, helping communities raise funds for various support services. A good example is The Samaritan Inn homeless shelter. He helped this community project to grow from scratch to a $3 million annual turnover project. Today, the project feeds over 200 people every day. Learn more:



Through the Marc Spark Tank initiative, he introduced mentorship and offers financial support to small non-profit organizations involved in community charity work that supports the members of the community. One beneficiary of Spank Tank initiative is an organization called ‘Mommies in Need.’ They are the winners of the second Spark Tank financial grant: Mommies in Need engages in the activity of delivering trained nannies to families that need childcare assistance but do not have the financial capacity to do so on their own. Mommies in Need avails such support at no cost.



To qualify for Spark Tank grant, applicants should be a 501c3 group with at least 2 years of operations. Applicants are given 10 minutes to explain their course before a Spank Tank panel. The panel then reviews the applications and presentations and decides on the most deserving. Sparks being the successful entrepreneur he is, started this program to promote social success in his backyard. The idea is to improve the lives of the community by giving grants and presiding over accountability. Learn more:



In his latest book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’ Marc Sparks outlines his journey, from successes to failures. From this experience, Sparks established the Timber Creek Capital, LP, whose aim is to help people understand the various stages involved in launching a profitable business ( Through Timber Creek Capital, Sparks offers emerging businesses mentorship and access to requisite resources. Marc Sparks is the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is as well a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. Marc Sparks engages in humanitarian works such as building affordable housing for low-income families and donating laptop computers to needy children.