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Todd Levine Stands Out As A Reputable Lawyer At Kluger Kaplan

Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine has been around for a little more than a decade now since it was founded in 2009 by the five founding members, including Todd Levine. The firm has built a rather large reputation from its headquarters in Florida, with many nominations as a leading law firm in the United States. Various legal organizations have also recognized the talents at Kluger Kaplan, especially since each attorney has been presented with individual awards in the legal industry.

As an attorney, Todd Levine has made a commitment to his firm and his clients to overcome and legal situations and continue expanding on his expertise. Today, Todd is an exceptional litigator, though he has experience in many fields of law. As a sought after attorney in Florida, Todd makes regular moves around the state to talk with clients and handle different trials that take place in different cities. This means he pretty much never has a typical day or schedule, and he has a lot of in-between time.

The Best Lawyers in America organization has recognized Todd Levine several times over the years, along with Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine as a firm. Millions of votes come in each year to select eligible members to see which attorney has stood out the most in a particular category. Along with The Best Lawyers in America, Florida Trend’s Legal, South Florida Legal, Super Lawyers, and Chambers USA Guide have all backed Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine and the expertise shown by every dedicated attorney that has signed onto the team.

As mentioned, Todd Levine has a lot of downtime in-between his work simply because of travel and being on the phone. These simple but cumbersome tasks are an obstacle for any attorney, but Todd manages to keep organized from day to day to stay efficient and get as much work and research done as possible. According to Todd, even simple to do lists are handy, even if you have to use post-it notes.

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Marc Beer: Championing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Biotech Recap

Marc Beer is a highly successful entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology. Beer graduated from
the University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in business in 1987. Since then he has worked in
biotechnology and has started multiple successful businesses of his own.
Beer's first successful business was Viacell. Viacell was a company that collected and preserved
umbilical cords for stem cell research. This research was used to help treat various conditions in
the body. After building the business for 7 years, Beer sold it to PerkinElmer for around $300
million. Unfortunately, around the same time, Beer’s wife had passed away. This was devastating
to Beer and his 3 children. Beer did not let this tragedy slow him down. 2 years later his daughter
inspired him to start a new business to help change the world.
Beer received a phone call from a man named Ray Iglesias. Dr. Iglesias was a gynecologist who
was well experienced in pelvic floor surgeries. He had an idea of how to help women with pelvic
floor disorders prevent getting surgery. This sparked a chain of events that lead to Beer and Dr.
Iglesias starting the company now known as Renovia. The goal of Renovia is to help women with
pelvic floor disorders receive diagnosis and treatment. This would be achieved through the use of
technology. Learn more:
Renovia’s first successful product was called Leva. Leva is a product that helps women strengthen
their pelvic muscles which prevent further complications and even surgery. Following the release
of Leva, Renovia was granted over $32 million in funding from various organizations. Renovia's
mission is to get rid of the negative stigmas surrounding pelvic floor disorders. Many of these
disorders get worse because women do not come out and talk about them. They also want to help
treat women suffering from pelvic floor disorders with non-invasive and non-threatening measures.
Beer strongly believes in giving back to the community and making a change in the world. He
believes that with strong leadership skills and principals you can achieve anything. Beer feels that
the key practices to leading a successful business include setting goals, learning from failure,
critical thinking, and giving back to the community.

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Junk Mail Cleaner

Unroll me is a simple solution to un-enrolling in unwanted mail subscriptions or pesky junk mail subscriptions. Junk mail has been known to get out of hand. Even after several minutes of unsubscribing or simply avoiding mailing lists, people find themselves with a filled inbox of junk mail. Unroll Me is a web server that allows their users to unsubscribe from all their unwanted subscriptions with one easy click. Web interfaces are created to make things easier for each user, and Unroll Me has been able to implement this software into a business model that makes clearing an inbox simple and effective. 

Unroll Me is a free service that is available on Yahoo Mail, AOL, Gmail and Outlook. For customers who are not using the list email providers, they can sign up using their preferred email address; either options will offer the same benefits. Unroll Me makes it very easy to clear out your inbox by narrowing down the options. Each user is given three simple options: unsubscribe, Rollup and keep in inbox. The three options for Unroll Me are pretty self explanatory: Unsubscribe helps remove contact, keep in inbox helps avoid changes and Rollup makes subscriptions more visible. 

Rollup allows for the wanted subscriptions to be organized and readily available. Rollup makes it easy for users to see certain email subscriptions at certain times of the day or month. For those looking for a simple solution for their inbox, Unroll Me is a good consideration. Their product is quick to use and easy to understand since everything is so simple and user friendly. Unroll Me makes it easier to unsubscribe without having to scroll through every message. Unroll Me is a good product to try and the best part is that it’s free. 

Unroll Me is a web interface by Slice Technologies, Inc. It also offers a phone app for their product to ensure email correction on the go. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices. Unroll Me encrypts sensitive data in order to keep information private and secure. Unroll Me is interested in customers as a whole and does not focus directly on their users individual email. They focus on receipts, company subscriptions, emails subscriptions, flights and hotel reservations, confirmation emails etc.

Ashley Lightspeed Takes Her Talents To Lightspeed Venture Partners

Lightspeed Venture Partners is a San Francisco, CA-based venture capital firm. After raising $1.8 billion in new capital they brought new partners on board. Among these was Ashley Lightspeed. Having just earned an MBA at Stanford Business School, she was hired to work on this company’s consumer investing team. She already has years of experience working in Silicon Valley and helping startups improve their growth strategies.

She had worked at Thumbtack, an on-demand services provider. Ashley Lightspeed was in charge of the Events and Weddings vertical. While attending Stanford, she worked as a consultant to startups throughout Silicon Valley. She is very experienced working with early-stage companies and has a good eye for craftsmanship. Learn more about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

She says that craftsmanship is a spirit that encompasses a desire to give consumers something that the creator really cares about. Someone that cares about craftsmanship will take the time to truly understand what their customers need and come up with solutions to make their lives better.

She graduated from Duke University in 2012. Her career began at Bain & Company where she was hired as an associate. She was soon promoted to senior associate consultant. This company advises businesses around the world on corporate strategy, supply chain management, IT, mergers & acquisitions, change management, private equity, and more.

Ashley Lightspeed moved across the nation to join Thumbtack. This company makes it easy for people to connect with local professionals in many industries. While working for this company she became acquainted with consumer behavior and how retail works. She founds these subjects fascinating and so attended Stanford. She wanted to further her education so she could fully pursue this new career direction.

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, she works mainly with early-stage startups. Her goal is to push their growth “up the hockey stick” and she has already done so for multiple firms.

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Email Management Service Unroll Me

Unroll Me has emerged as one of the best tools to use when looking to manage email accounts. The service provides people with a way to sort their emails and either keep or get rid of the ones that they receive. Unroll Me can be used to manage subscription emails or ones that arrive in the inbox individually. With Unroll Me, email account holders can now ensure that they have a more efficient way to gather their emails. 

Several years ago Unroll Me was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs. These two individuals were running another business and were communicating via email. They tried to get in touch with each other but never received the messages that they sent. The two entrepreneurs found out that their email accounts were saturated with junk messages and that is why they never received the emails. As a result, of this, they decided to come up with a solution for managing emails. They came up with Unroll Me which allowed account holders to more easily manage emails and get rid of the ones that they no longer want to receive. 

With Unroll Me, email account holders can use one of three options to manage their emails. The first option available is Add Rollup. This option allows a user to gather all of the emails that they want and then store them in the inbox. Using this option is ideal for those looking to keep email subscriptions. However, it can also be used to store individual emails as well. 

The next option available with Unroll Me is Keep in Inbox. This option is one in which you just click on an email that you want to keep and then it remains in your inbox. Using this option is a good idea whenever you are looking to store one individual email. Keep in Inbox is a good option to use when looking to better organize every single email you receive that is not part of a subscription. 

If you are looking to eliminate emails, then using the Unsubscribe option will benefit you. With this option, you will simply click on the emails you receive and choose the Unsubscribe option. This will enable you to get rid of email subscriptions as well as individual emails that you don’t want to receive anymore.

OSI Group Merges With Rose Packing

OSI Industries recently said that it has acquired another food service company known as Rose Packing. The company Rose Packing specializes in providing pork products to food service and retail companies. With this recent acquisition, the two companies will merge in order to better meet the needs of their customers. The terms of the recent acquisition were not disclosed in detail.

Rose Packing was established in 1924 and currently operates as a major production facility in Chicago. It has 700 employees and is therefore one of the largest food distribution companies in the United States. The company provides a number of different products such as burgers, loins, ribs, boneless turkey, breakfast sausages and salad toppings. With the wide selection of food products, Rose Packing has been able to establish itself as one of the most trusted food distribution companies in the world. Together with OSI Industries, Rose Packing will look to continue serving their customers.

Kevin Scott of OSI Industries made a statement about the recent acquisition of Rose Packing. He said that the merger will bring together two of the top leading companies in the food industry. Scott is also very excited to be working with Rose Packing in the near future. When he made his statement, Scott also said that the acquisition of Rose Packing compliments the business model of OSI Group by supporting its strategy for growth. The acquisition of Rose Packing will help OSI Group have new processing facilities, strong sales and an additional capacity to serve customers. Both companies share a commitment to their customers and look to provide unique and innovative solutions.

The chief executive officer of Rose Packing Dwight Stiehl also made a statement about the recent acquisition. He said that the management team of Rose Packing will remain intact and work with OSI Industries on a regular basis. He said that he looks forward to working closely with OSI Group and that the two companies will be a great fit together. Stiehl said that the two companies will form a strong business relationship because of their track record as two of the most successful food distribution companies in the world.

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Jeunesse Global Ups the Ante

The sort of people who operate Jeunesse Global are not the kind who can easily be swayed when it comes to how much they believe they should be contributing to the current state of business. Even if someone were to tell them that their resources would be better spent into their own company, Jeunesse Global does not think on this level. To them, every business is so clearly operating by a force of human beings, and usually they are trying to do the right thing. However, even though this is the case, they do not believe that we should be giving a break to companies who slip up so frequently just because they are trying their best. If a company is trying their best, no one should ever feel like they are uncomfortable working within their walls, but unfortunately, it is rarely true that an individual feels totally comfortable at work. This is part of why Jeunesse Global believes that America finds so much trouble with developing the technology behind business, and it is why they predict other countries to soon start upping the ante. 

People can only take so much before they feel like they need to do something to create change. Because those involved at Jeunesse Global are so incredibly passionate about the beauty industry, they knew from a young age that this was something they wanted to get into, and they have shown that this is a subject that they will be capable of influencing for years to come. The sort of individuals who become employed at Jeunesse Global are those who find peace in working late nights at the office trying to unravel an issue regarding finance. 

These are the people who will pick up the slack for the entire rest of the nation and start to provide them proper products to keep their teeth healthy. Because of all that they have shown to care about within beauty, the people who buy from them have already built up quite the relationship, and few who are invested with their customers plan on switching to an alternative anytime soon.

Article Title: And Hungarian Sweet Wine is a firm located in China, dealing with a variety of goods and services. Jingdong sets the standards of products in China since they are focused on providing their customers with legit and high quality products. makes sure that all their consumers in China get ordered got on the same or next day. They assure customers of fast delivery by making use of drones and robots. Jingdong is a popular online service in China. It is well-known for its incorporation of technology in carrying out operations and in the delivery of goods. is a prominent firm that has worked together with several other companies. partners up with firms to expand its operating premises and to ensure they make use of JD’s technology in their operations.Currently, Grand Tokaj of the Hungarian Sweet Wine is partnering up with The partnership will allow Grand Tokaj to open up a customer base in China. Grand Tokaj, the producer of Hungarian Sweet Wine, will be marketing wine products in China for the first time. The partnership will help in the creation of an online platform for Hungarian Wine. will also assist the firm to create a suitable customer base and market and advertise their products. Jingdong is well-known for its ability to connect alcohol brands from abroad with Chinese citizens.

Hungarian Sweet Wine will make use of’s technology of ensuring quick delivery of goods. The launch of Hungarian Sweet Wine attracted many customers than any other wine brand that has ever partnered with Jingdong. Despite a large number of customers and online followers they got on the launch day, Hungarian Sweet Wine did not beat the launch of baijiu giant Moutai. Hungarian Sweet Wine is highly recommended and consumed in Hungary. Grand Tokaj uses noble rot and raisin grapes to ensure that the wine is exquisite and sweet. Jindong’s research reveals that most citizens of China prefer Wine from abroad to wine manufactured in China. A large number of these individuals include the youth and ladies. Grand Tokaj Company is grateful to be working with and is eagerly waiting for the outcome of the union.

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Stream Energy Philanthropic Arm

Stream Energy currently started a Charity Foundation. The company has been having philanthropic activities over a period of time. The birth of Stream Cares was meant to officiate the activities being carried out in the country. Stream Energy has used its hard-earned resources in its philanthropic activities. During Hurricane Harvey, it was a point of reference using more than money to assist the community. Stream Care Foundation and Stream Care seek to help communities as well as aid local charities.

The start of a separate sector of philanthropy has more than one advantage. The company serves the community and earns respect and loyalty from them. Stream Energy works together with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. The company’s employees and the top management also steer towards grass root aid.

The company offers energy services as well as cell phone services (stream wireless). Stream Energy provides cooperate and home services to its loyal customers. Stream associates earn depending on their sales yet they opt to aid as passionate individuals bearing in mind that they are sole entrepreneurs. They keep the record of the number of people without homes in Dallas, Texas and a shattering 24% increase in people with no homes is a strong drive towards giving.

Hope Supply Co. is an enthusiastic project for Stream. Their partnership of more than four years gathers homeless children whereby the Stream employees share money as well as supplies with the children creating an unforgettable experience for them. Hope Supply Co. not only provides school supplies but also clothing and diapers to needy children who have no homes.

In 2016, Texas Tornado victims were assisted by Stream. The tornados struck a day after Christmas and Stream and its employees acted swiftly. They worked with the Salvation Army and raised lots of money in thousands of dollars for those who lost their source of livelihoods and their homes. Moreover, Dallas-area Veterans and their close relations were also provided with both financial and moral aid. Stream gave more to the veterans to cover not only for transport but a decent meal for them and their loved ones too. Stream prides itself in coming to aid to the neediest in the community and plays a significant role in creating life-changing moments for those who are less fortunate with passion.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets Give Way To Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Hyland’s has products for the entire family with medicines to relieve oral pain, the common cold, coughing, and sinus/congestion relief. Some of their popular products include the Hyland’s Teething Tablets and Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. Hyland’s has been around since 1903 creating homeopathic medicine for the entire family. Hyland’s Teething Tablets were suitable to relieve pain for babies and young toddlers but since has been replaced by Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, which cover more symptoms to relieve all around pain. The tablets help heal the pain caused by swollen gums and irritation of the mouth and the tablets dissolve quickly.

Hyland’s has been a company that has been helping the lives of many children and mothers across the world. The article from Ask Reporter lists all of the different medicines that they have to offer to customers. With so many companies delivering products to consumers, Hyland’s is one of the leading brands as they produce products by natural ingredients and that cause no severe side effects. Another thing that the company does that is unique is that they have products that target a specific age group as this can be important to healing someone’s ailment or sickness. Symptoms of the flu and common cold can be the same but headaches and fatigue are good indicators of the flu.

Hyland’s items work to restore balance in the body to target and cure a common cold, pain, flu, and more. Two of their items, for example, help kids get a good night of sleep so that they can fight off the cold or flu. Coughing, although it can be a normal process for fighting off an infection, cold, and more, it can keep people up all night and Hyland’s has a product for that called DEFEND Cold & Cough. Again their cough syrup is found to be natural and be great for children alike. There other product Hyland’s DEFEND Sinus helps alleviate runny noses and clears congestion. Like Hyland’s Teething Tablets, they also have tablets to battle the cold. The article ends that lists one last item called Hyland’s DEFEND Severe Cold & Flu to battle muscle pain and regular pain caused by the flu.

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