David Zalik, Going Through The Story To Get The Glory

David Zalik is the man behind the plan when it comes down to how the business systems across the world borrow money and how individual people attain credit and loans as well for their specific endeavors. The company that he owns is called GreenSky Credit LLC and has raked in about three billion and five hundred million so far which an average cash flow statement of two hundred and fifty million dollars per year.

One might ask how this man came to be the tycoon and mega-investor that he is today, and it is simply because he was patient and he worked hard with a focus to get to where he is today inside of the industrial world of finance. His first business started when he was about thirteen years old with nine years to work at it before that was able to sell it with a total of twenty employees for three million dollars.

It started out when the dot-com bubble hype was booming and people were buying thousands and hundreds of shares due to the evolutionary changes that the technological landscape was going through at the time. David Zalik saw the trend and began putting broken computers back together at the age of thirteen where it initially took him ten hours to finish just one computer. Then as time went on he was able to put together a whole computer in only thirty minutes which was the beginning of his computer repair business. After selling it that was when David Zalik went into the financial industry for his GreenSky Credit business where people’s financial needs were met with excellent customer relations and services.

This was just in time because this was around the time when the dot-com bubble finally popped and investors who held their hard earned money too long in the stock ended up walking away with empty pockets instead. Yes, from an early age David Zalik cultivated and honed his entrepreneurial mindset and skills so that he would be ready for the big time when it came. How he became a student at college when David Zalik was thirteen is not a mystery. He was always a devoted hard worker and that is his bottom line for becoming the CEO at GreenSky Credit.

Connect with “ClassDojo”

“What is ClassDojo?” Class Dojo is a free classroom app that keeps parents, students and teachers connected. The ClassDojo app can be easily downloaded to a smartphone, computer or tablet. It is available from grades kindergarten all the way up to high school.

Parent Benefits

The ClassDojo app allows the parent to become more involved in their child’s education and classroom progress. A parent no longer has to wait for a parent/teacher conference or a progress report that gets sent through the mail. Now a parent can check in with a teacher at any time; even real time.

Parents can now be on top of their child’s activities, progress and participation. With messages, photos and video, a parent can become more involved than ever in their child’s education. This is especially useful for the working parent who can’t always schedule a given time between a job and home.

Teacher Benefits

Teachers can now receive messages from parents. They are able to keep a parent up-to-date on what’s going on and answer any questions. Through teacher/parent communication, teachers can be updated on a student’s needs. This allows them to personalize interactions with their students that can enhance their education. Teachers can also access and print ClassDojo’s decorations.

Student Benefits

The ClassDojo app can encourage students with their learning, assisting others, and becoming more involved in activities. They can learn team building skills that can enhance and build self-esteem, as well as promote class values. They can even choose their own avatar.

Since the app is private and secure, this can give students, parents and teachers peace of mind. Try the ClassDojo app and connect.

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Communication Is Better Than Ever In Schooling With The Use Of ClassDojo

There are many parents out there who are unable to take part in the activities of their children while they are in school. In the majority of cases, this is because of time related issues, and of course since active communication is something that’s never been very big while students are in school. This is becoming possible, however, with the use of ClassDojo, an educational platform that greatly increases the available communication between students, parents, and teachers. The overall goal is not to just improve communication though, it is also to reshape education for the better and build more positive and supporting schooling environments for all parties involved. This is important because students who feel left out, looked down on by their peers, or just lack confidence, will fail to do well when they are highly capable.

Liam Don, one of the founders of ClassDojo, got into working on the app in the hopes that it would potentially change education as a whole, for the better. By using this platform, teachers and students are able to post up pictures and videos as well as stories and notes. This allows for saving special moments by putting them onto the story board that can be seen all year.

The app also presents even greater opportunities for parents as well, since they no longer have to worry about lengthy conferences or finding the time to schedule a meeting with a teacher. With ClassDojo, parents can stay in direct contact with teachers at all times of the day, regardless of what they may have to do. Parents can check in on their children using the platform at any time of the day as well, to check in on their progress as well as behavior. This allows parents to also provide encouragements and feedback on what they are doing to build their confidence and discipline for doing their school activities.

ClassDojo only launched around 5 years ago, and it has since grown steadily and seen a great deal of praise an admiration among parents and teachers alike. After seeing so much success with the platform, ClassDojo was quick to keep up support and add features to make their app better, and they will continue to do so in the future while keeping the app free for everyone. With more than 2/3 of schools in the United States hopping on board with ClassDojo, the company has a mission to extend their platforms reach even further around the globe. Spread their reach around the world.

Kabbalah Centre – a New Religious Believe

Headquartered in Los Angles, California, The Kabbalah centre is a non-profit organization that teaches and provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalistic learning both online and through centers in many cities. Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg developed the presentation of Kabbalah. The center has a lot of international Kabbalah centre teachers who teaches Kabbalah lessons to the students at the centers around the around.

The mysteries of the Kabbalah believes to be so complex to understand that the Rabbis only encourage to devoted students over 40 years of age and especially male. It is also believed to be an ancient part of Judaism and sometimes as secretive mystic function.

In 1965, The Kabbalah centre was first established as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah by Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Brandwein was the dean of an Israeli center for Kabbalah which was established in 1922. Berg took charge after the death of Brandwin. He stayed several years in Israel and came back to New York with this wife. They declared themselves the spiritual teacher and director of Kabbalah and reopened new york center in 1984. After the death of Berg, the movement was now run by Michael and Karen Berg.

The center is registered as a non-profit organization and has over fifty branches in several different cities including Toronto, London, New York City, and Los Angeles. The Kabbalah centers encourage students to learn Hebrew and any Jewish text prior to understand the learning.

Relation to Religion

The religious or spiritual view of Kabbalah is believed to come from different wisdom. The belief is a mix of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism religion and a new-age teachings named as Kabbalah. The believers say that it is not an alternative to any religion but supplementary to all. However, most of the rituals and beliefs come from Judaism but strong Jews don’t believe it a part of them.


The Kabbalah center has a strong believe and practices in astrology as of the ancient Judaism. Astrology was widely practiced and studied by ancient Jewish scholars.

Madonna, the famous singer, has a strong believe and connection in Kabbalah center. Other celebrities including Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay Lohan have been associated with Kabbalah.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is very important to your success in business. Larger companies usually hire someone to carefully monitor their online reputation. Small business people often cannot afford this expense. There are some easy steps that these small entrepreneurs can take to control their online reputation, according to an article published in Forbes.

The first step that can be taken is to control the top 20 places on Google’s search engine. Quality content that connects with your attendance audience helps to keep negative reviews off the first two pages. While you cannot keep it off the internet completely, you can bury it where very few people are ever going to see it.

Secondly, claim social media accounts that can easily be connected to your name.

Third, claim as many web domains as possible that could be connected to your site. Set these sites up with about 1,000 words of unique content and some photos or other graphic details. Then, list a social media site as the contact on each website. You have not only stopped someone else from claiming these domains but you have boosted the likelihood that the search engines will find your information. Make a plan to update each domain on a regular basis.

Take full advantage of sites that allow you to upload a profile on sites such as About,, and These sites often rank very high in search engine rankings. Therefore, you have yet another way to reach your customer base.
Remember that doing something once is seldom enough. Therefore, you need to continually be updating all your information on a regular schedule.


Class Dojo Makes School More Fun

The best classrooms are those that are engaging and empowering for students. Where students contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. These are environments where teachers facilitate rather than dictate learning. With such a shift in the way the world views school, it is important to have access to communication platforms that allow teachers and students along with parents to stay connected and on the same page. Welcome to Class Dojo!

Class Dojo allows for a systematic method for motivating students to contribute to the overall success of their classrooms. With a fun and engaging platform, students are able to see in real time, their progress in an overall point system managed by the teacher. Teacher’s can award points for a wide variety of contributions to the class. When a student gets a correct answer, a point can be awarded. Points are also awarded for good citizenship, contributions to class discussion, acting responsibly and more.

Teachers enjoy using Class Dojo because of how simple it is to manage. Points can be awarded to students from their classroom computer, tablet or even their phone. Imagine traveling down the hall with a class and being able to give points instantly to students for following the rules perfectly! 2 in 3 schools are finding Class Dojo to be incredibly useful and a seamless method for keeping students engaged and focused.

School administrators know all-too-well that a positive school culture is dependent upon what is happening in each individual classroom. For this reason, if change to the school culture is needed, it is a ground-up change that must occur. Class Dojo provides excellent reports for each student that outline areas where strengths are present and how improvements can be made. These reports are available for parents, who can also be actively involved in the point tracking system that Class Dojo has to offer.

With so many tools and resources that are all designed to instill a proactive approach to providing a vibrant class and school, Class Dojo is clearly one of the most substantial additions to educational technology ever developed. Students, parents and teachers alike are all singing the praises of this system for keeping classrooms fun and engaging.

Educators Debate Whether Students Can Use Google During Exams

Education today is far different than it was even ten and twenty years ago. The age of the smart phone, wireless communications and increased computer power has provided information into the palms of many students hands. Such information used to be contained solely in text books and libraries which were the primary depository of such information. Today, a student can simply “Google,” information from their smart phone, tablet device of lap top computers and retrieve just as much content and in some cases even more in a few minutes as oppose to spending hours researching the same information in a library or a series of text books. Teachers Debate Whether To Allow Google in “Open Book” Exams

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG explains the dilemmas that educators today are now faced with whether to allow such information retrieval into the classroom during testing. Educators have long waged the debate as to whether open book exams help or hinder a student’s ability to learn. The concept of “open book” now includes the ability for a student to be able to do online research to retrieve the same information. Some educators argue that being able to google search material during the course of an exam should be permitted as it is a real world function that the student will have to do in the real world and even before many of them graduate form high school. Others debate that whether the test is an open book examination or not is not relevant as a students ability to analyze an issue and problem solve based on the information presented to them is what is really needed to develop young minds.