End Citizens United Battles Dark Money through its Political Endorsements

With the 2018 midterm elections approaching, End Citizens United continues to select its preferred candidates for different positions. These candidates have exuded their staunch support in battling finance atrocities within the American political landscape. ECU was established in 2015. The foundation of its establishment was responding to the catastrophic court ruling against its intentions. End Citizens United intends to overturn the court’s decision and delve into the support campaign that champions finance reforms through specific activities including throwing its weight behind astute political leaders who have a clean track record for rejecting corrupt sources of money during campaigns.

Background Data

Following the upcoming elections, End Citizens United has endorsed some of its best candidates. These candidates include those who look forward to unseating the sitting Republicans. As a loyal advocate for the state’s consumers, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been chosen to represent her people’s interests in the government. Having worked with End Citizens United to battle the Supreme Court decision in 2015, she is better placed to contribute to the reforms of a broken finance system.

Additional Candidates

Additional candidates endorsed by End Citizens United include Josh Butner, Sylvia Garcia, Mucarsel Powell and Max Rose among others. These candidates commit to battling the rigged political system by reinstating ethical values and getting rid of mega-donors who finance campaigns at the expense of American citizens.

Team Work

Regarding the endorsements, the president of the committee, Tiffany Muller stated that the leaders are committed to working with constituents to break the chain of a rigged finance system. Painfully, it has been noted that most politicians are not concerned about middle-class families.

Support System

The said endorsements came in several announcements from the management of the team. Recently, the organization announced the fundraising of $13.6 million last year (2017). This donation came from grassroots donors who issued a maximum of $14 each. The latest segment of endorsement included Doug Jones of Alabama who received more than $60,000 from the management with the equivalent of $12 channeled to Jones. Over and above these endorsements, End Citizens United will assist its candidates to focus on low-spending interests by connecting them with grassroots donors within their districts.

The Overview

From its inception in 2015, End Citizens United has battled finance atrocities with the intention of protecting citizens against politicians’ ulterior motives. As such, the group is committed to foster pro-reform candidate election. Moreover, End Citizens United has supported pro-reform Democrats, and without a doubt, critics can point the finger at this.

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