Igor Cornelsen Can Help You Become A Successful Investor In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor who is highly knowledgeable in investing in any commodity or company. He prides himself on educating fellow investors on how to make profitable long term investments. He will also steer you clear from investing in damaged companies and put your focus on damaged stocks. Igor Cornelsen currently works as the proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc. and has held executive positions in several of Brazil’s top banks until 2010. Igor is now retired and lives in South Florida counseling investors as a hobby.

Brazil has become one of the hottest markets when it comes to investing due to their growing financial sector. With the country no longer in turmoil, and the help of strong production from China, the economy in Brazil is creating positive gains. In can be risky if you have never invested in a foreign property before. There are definitely tips and tricks that you should know from professionals such as Igor Cornelsen. Investing in Brazil is different from investing in the United States or any other country. Here are some of Igor’s tips to maximize gains and lowering your risk when investing in Brazil.

It can be difficult to invest in Brazil due to its strict currency controls. You must find an authorized bank to exchange currency if you are not a local business or resident. You should start out by researching the country’s currency laws to use their multiple exchange rates to your advantage. There is a commercial exchange rate but The Central Bank of Brazil can change the exchange rate at any time.

Brazil has become home to many successful investors and entrepreneurs. It is important to network and connect with others in the country. Brazilians are friendly people who like to talk. Many are willing to attend focus groups and offer up their own advice and ideas.

The Brazilian government can make it difficult for you due to becoming heavy on regulations. There is a restrictive labor market and high taxes that can turn your investment into a nightmare. You should research these regulations ahead of time no matter how big the market is getting.

Dr. Jorge Moll’s Years of Dedication to the Medical Field

It will not take you long when glancing at the Brazilian healthcare system to notice the presence of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz as a major group of hospitals. This is because the company has grown to become the largest group of independent hospitals in the country. From just a single imaging laboratory founded in 1997 by Jorge Moll, Rede D’Or Sao Luiz has seen remarkable progress in term of expansion of services offered in various branches across Brazil. Under the chairmanship of Jorge Moll the hospitals’ group boast of more than 35 branches with more than 5000 bed capacity across the country. The contribution of Dr. Jorge Moll to the health care of ordinary Brazilian people cannot be overstated considering the huge impact his hospitals have on communities in Brazil. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

In 1994 Dr. Jorge Moll graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Medical School and proceeded to pursue Neurology in the same institution, graduating in 1997. He later joined the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Medicine where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology in 2003. His entrepreneurial spirit gave rise to instant success as his idea of a health imaging laboratory seemed to be what Brazil needed most. Between 2004 and 2007, Dr. Moll was a post-doctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Health-Based in Bethesda, USA.


In 2010 Jorge Moll, being an enthusiast of medical research and development, founded the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). This is a nonprofit organization that according to its strategic mission, aims at promoting scientific research and technological progress in healthcare and excellence in education. Due to its modern equipment and high quality of its research team, the institute stands a high ground in quality of its research work.

His immense interest in human cognition has led him to conduct extensive research in the field over the years. There is no doubt that Dr. Jorge Moll is an established academician with a trail of research articles published in major scientific journals. The articles he has authored or co-authored have attracted much attention from many other researchers in the field and have been cited more than 8000 times in various medical journals. Follow Jorge on

Meet the Two Technopreneurs Behind Techstyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the two co-founders of Techstyle Fashion Group that sell membership fashion accessories. The two were once green on fashion matters; however, they had a keen interest figuring out what most clients desired and had a strong desire to succeed in their line of work.

Background History

Adam Goldenberg began his professional career in his teenage years when he created Gamers Alliance, an ad network design for gaming websites. In 1999, the company was acquired by Intermix Media, and Adam dropped out of high school to work as the VP of Strategic Planning for Intermix. Later at the age of 20 years, Goldenberg was promoted to be the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix.

Don Ressler too joined Intermix after selling his website to Intermix in 2011. At the time, he had raised enough capital from several online companies, and so he became interested in expanding his horizons into the world of fashion.

Adam and Don met while working at Intermix and became great acquaintances. In 2006, the two technopreneurs co-founded Intelligent Beauty and another successful business brand. During that time they started brainstorming on various ways of online shopping when they discovered that most consumers wanted comfortable, trendy, and personalized clothing that was not easy to find.

Launch and Success of Techstyle

Techstyle, JustFab, was the first company that Adam and Don welcomed to their website. JustFab was a membership-based clothing firm that specialized in personalized athletic wear and accessories. Moreover, JustFab also guided its clients in how to mix and match gym wear pieces for more trendy looks that suited their style choices. Matrix Partners were the official sponsors that funded JustFab, and it was also the same company that had financed Intelligent Beauty back in the day. JustFab changed its name to Techstyle in 2016 to reflect the two co-founders history with digital commerce and now fashion.

Presently, Techstyle has evolved into a colorful and modern workplace that can be found in most Silicon Valley startups. Techstyle focus on enhancing lives of women who can now access comfortable yet trendy wear that boosts their confidence is another factor that makes it stand out as a business brand. Remember, confident and healthy individuals are more productive to the society.

Moreover, Adam and Don are not just interested in making profits and running a successful brand but are also passionate about giving back to the society. They do so by participating in several public projects and hosting several charity events like the Cinderella Project, an initiative aimed at donating dresses and accessories to less-fortune kids that would otherwise not attend their proms.

Future Plans for Techstyle

Even though Goldenberg and Ressler are innovative technopreneurs and are expected to develop more exciting business ideas, their primary focus at the moment is to continue making Techstyle a leasing source of clothing and accessories for ladies across the globe.

Why Women Should Be Happy With Don Ressler and Fabletics

There are plenty of reasons for women to be happy with Don Ressler. One of the main reasons is that Don Ressler is for women. He not only wants to provide products for women, but also wants to bring them something that is going to make them happy and improve their self image. Don Ressler has gained an interest in fashion over time. He has also worked with Adam Goldenberg who was also interested in fashion. They have learned a lot about the world of fashion and what it means to people, especially women. Given that women have all of the different unique designs and a more fashion oriented mindset, Don has wanted to see what he can do to make it work for women.

The first thing he has done was establish a company that has eventually come to be known as TechStyle. Afterwards, he has gotten started on different categories of clothing. Before opening up an online retailer, he has looked at what he can offer that is missing from the fashion industry. He has started with shoes and opened up ShoeDazzle. These shoes had some very unique designs and a durability that exceeds that of other shoes. Women do place a lot of importance on the shoes that are right for the outfit.

Don eventually got into full outfits and has started looking for other areas where he can provide women with something that is going to help with their self image. He has looked at the active wear section of many stores and even dedicated active wear stores and have noticed that they are very limited in selection for women’s clothing. There is just nothing at most stores that is going to be flattering for women, and yet this was what they were offered. Don Ressler has worked with Adam Goldenberg and has even gained the help of Kate Hudson in order to bring forth a new brand known as Fabletics.

Fabletics has taken off and become a very successful brand. A large part of it is in the products being offered. Women have been impressed with not only the designs but how the product feels with the fabric. This helps women gain the needed confidence to pursue their goals.

Greg Secker Answers Questions About His Career

Greg Secker is not scared of challenges. In a recent interview with the CEOCFO Magazine, the financial expert admitted that he has always believed in accepting challenges. This philosophy is one of the factors that saw the entrepreneur create the Flying Trader initiative. When people asked him why he needed to trade while flying, he answered with a question ‘Why Not?’ Greg is now focusing on training and mentoring traders from around the world to ensure that they can make money anytime and anywhere.

What amazes many people about Greg Secker is his sound educational background and successful career path. Despite studying agriculture and food sciences, he went ahead to become a good programmer and trader. Secker notes that his love for computers started while he was at the university. During his free time, he used to build and sell computers to fellow students and companies. Before long, he ventured into coding, which he quickly mastered. According to him, he was already an outstanding coder by the time he was graduating.

Determined to build a career in IT, Greg attended a job fair. He specifically targeted companies that had opportunities in the in IT and trading. He ended up securing a job with the Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, Secker was part of the team that built the Virtual Trading Desk, the world’s first online currency trading platform. This opportunity helped the young programmer to deepen his knowledge on trading.

Secker’s first investment in currency trading was a £5,000 loan that he had borrowed. He was able to grow this amount to £60,000 in less than a year. This situation motivated him to continue trading. His first year as a trader also taught him the need to develop and adhere to his core principles. To this end, he started using a risk managed approach, developed discipline for his craft, and adhered to his trading plan.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a shrewd entrepreneur, investor, and trader. He is highly respected in the forex business. Unlike other traders, Secker is generous with his trading skills. Often, he advises the public on the innovative ways of making successful trades.

The trader was born in Norfolk, England. He is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham. Secker started his career by working for the Thomas Cook Financial Services before starting his business, Learn to Trade.

Brazil’s Private Sector through the Eyes of Felipe Montoro Jens

The economy of any state is driven by various key factors. Brazil’s economy is no different, and the private sector plays a significant role in its development. In most occasions, the public sector fails to accentuate on the needs of the people, and this necessitates the emergence of investors in the private industry. Felipe Montoro Jens explains how the modernization of the infrastructure business has bolstered Brazil’s economy.

Brazil’s infrastructure modernization dates way back to the 1930s. It has since undergone a metamorphosis with the State being on the forefront. However, Montoro observes that 50 years down the line, a deviation was witnessed when privatization took shape as a direct result of the massive external debt borne by the State.

Fortunately, the initiative by the private sector was embraced with both hands. The government supported the move and integrated it as part of the economic reforms. In turn, it saw major companies shifting towards the privatization process. 1995 saw vital sectors of the economy accept the change and prioritizing the process.

In 2004, the privatization process was digging deeper in Brazil’s economy. The Public Private Partnership Act was introduced, and the telecommunications sector was privatized for the very first time in the country. The year also marked the most successful privatization national wide. Jens proceeds to point out how essential privatization has been through effective service provision arising due to competition.

The success of this process was not easy to come-by. For starters, it required the consolidation and organization of regulatory bodies responsible for establishing standards to be followed. This guarantees even competitiveness and service efficiency.

Felipe Montoro, a Brazilian infrastructure specialist, has the required expertise to understand the shift and its impact. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s in International Management. Over his career life, he has transcended various industries like real estate, infrastructure, technology, just to name but a few. With his active involvement in all these sectors, his take on the privatization process in Brazil paints a clear picture.

Entrepreneur Marc Sparks On Attaining Business Goals

Marc Sparks is a renowned visionary Dallas entrepreneur and business expert. Marc through his experience has helped many companies achieve monumental success. He is a major shareholder in the following companies: Cardinal Telecom LLC, Blu Jay Wireless, and Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC.



Marc Sparks came up with the idea of Spark Tank, an innovative concept that requires executives in the social service industry to come up with ideas that lead to social success. Sparks has been involved in community work, helping communities raise funds for various support services. A good example is The Samaritan Inn homeless shelter. He helped this community project to grow from scratch to a $3 million annual turnover project. Today, the project feeds over 200 people every day. Learn more:



Through the Marc Spark Tank initiative, he introduced mentorship and offers financial support to small non-profit organizations involved in community charity work that supports the members of the community. One beneficiary of Spank Tank initiative is an organization called ‘Mommies in Need.’ They are the winners of the second Spark Tank financial grant: Mommies in Need engages in the activity of delivering trained nannies to families that need childcare assistance but do not have the financial capacity to do so on their own. Mommies in Need avails such support at no cost.



To qualify for Spark Tank grant, applicants should be a 501c3 group with at least 2 years of operations. Applicants are given 10 minutes to explain their course before a Spank Tank panel. The panel then reviews the applications and presentations and decides on the most deserving. Sparks being the successful entrepreneur he is, started this program to promote social success in his backyard. The idea is to improve the lives of the community by giving grants and presiding over accountability. Learn more:



In his latest book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’ Marc Sparks outlines his journey, from successes to failures. From this experience, Sparks established the Timber Creek Capital, LP, whose aim is to help people understand the various stages involved in launching a profitable business ( Through Timber Creek Capital, Sparks offers emerging businesses mentorship and access to requisite resources. Marc Sparks is the founder and the CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is as well a philanthropist, author, and entrepreneur. Marc Sparks engages in humanitarian works such as building affordable housing for low-income families and donating laptop computers to needy children.



A few tips on Beneful Wet Food

There are a few different controversies on both wet and dry dog food, but some might say that the more meat protein and fewer carbohydrates make wet food the better choice. Another great thing about Beneful Wet Food is that it is safe for puppies, when given the specified amount.

Wet food is made for all dog breeds, sizes, and ages as well. 10 oz. containers of Beneful Wet Food usually cost around $1.77, but you can also buy them in bulk. There are many different, delicious flavors of Beneful Wet Food, but the most popular flavor would the Beef and Chicken Medley. If you are looking to snag a coupon for Beneful Wet Food, you can find coupons in a few different places. would be the first great place to look for Beneful coupons. A few others ways would be signing up for an email subscription at your local pet store, or finding their catalog section inside the store, which will have coupons and deals for specific dog food brands. Beneful Wet Food has eight different flavors, ranging from chicken to peanut butter.

You can also purchase different flavors in variety packs. These variety packs contain a number of different flavors for you to take home at a cheaper price, instead of getting an array of individuals. Wet Food is healthy for your dog because it contains fewer preservatives, keeps your pet more hydrated, and contains fewer carbohydrates. Dogs like Beneful Wet Food because it has a stronger and more delicious smell. It easy for them to eat, and keeps your pet hydrated.


James Dondero: a Renowned Corporate Leader and an Executive Member of SMU Cox Board

The founder and chairperson of Highland Capital Management (HCM), James Dondero, was appointed as an executive member of the board of the Southern Methodist University. This joint partnership between HCM and the Southern Methodist University was aimed at strengthening the relationship that exists between the two organizations. These two institutions have been working together in running an endowment program that identifies and encourages professional and academic pursuits in public policy.


According to James Dondero, this School of Business plays a huge role in the Dallas community, and HCM has benefited from it. He also added that he is humbled to have been appointed to the board and that he looks forward to assisting the school with its excellence initiatives. The Southern Methodist University is made up of approximately 100 elected members. A majority of these members are non-academics, but they are instrumental when it comes to guiding the business school. General Board meetings are held three times a year to forge ideas on how to run this faculty.


James Dondero’s career and educational background


James Dondero is an entrepreneur with immense knowledge in finance. He is the boss of HCM, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm. This company was launched over two decades ago by Dondero and his colleague Mark Okada. This investment genius has grown this business into a billion dollar enterprise that boasts assets amounting to $16 billion. This company is a boutique of investment opportunities and provides services, including collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and secured equity.


Under Dondero’s leadership, other alternative investment products such as natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short equities have also been introduced into the market. Dondero is responsible for strategic investment and direction of companies, such as Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, American Banknote, CCS Medical, and NexPoint Residential Trust. Dondero also sits on the Board of MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. Dondero was a student at the University of Virginia where he graduated with honors. His academic qualifications focus on finance and accounting. After completing short courses in three fields, Dondero has received certification from three prestigious professional associations.



Fashion Trends In The Tech Industry That Will Disrupt The Future

Technology has been moving at a fast and consistent pace that those who fail to keep up are rendered irrelevant in just a matter of months. The great changes that have come with technology in the business world have also led to the destruction of several businesses that have been relying on fashion sales. The fashion industry is one of the most affected by these changes and will in the near future see more and severe disruption that will offer both benefits and disadvantages. Below is a brief highlight of some of the issues that will emerge with new technology in the fashion industry.


Technology complements fashion

In many cases, technology calls for some assistance to offer popularity from fashion. For example, putting on glasses received little attention until some few years ago when technology trends changed in favor of the practice. One of the issues that were barring many from wearing glasses in the past was the stigma associated with the product but since fashion trends included this as an accessory for celebrities and those interested in looking classy, it has become easy to walk around wearing glasses.


Another reason many people have been favoring glasses in the current world is the design trends and technology that has come with some of these products. There have been many technological amendments to the business and this is the exact same principle that rules the fashion industry. Some businesses that stick to old ways of designing and producing products may find themselves out of business if new and better technological methods emerge to assist in the production process of different products.


About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital, a company that deals with investment advisory services. His entrepreneurial values and skills as an author on a number of issues affecting businesses have been a key point to support his development as an entrepreneur and a mentor among many upcoming entrepreneurs. He offers creative solutions and allows young individuals with good plans to explore their capacities.


Additionally, Chris Burch leads a team that helps businesses to strategize and support the development of disruptive brands. His ideas are for transformation and to help struggling ventures find a way to victory in the highly competitive environment while creating a sustainable system that promises and delivers growth for the company. Chris also emphasizes the need to consider offering products that impact consumers’ lives in a positive way.