The Art of Leadership According to James River Capital, Founded by Paul Saunders

Leadership is one of the most important skills when it comes to developing a business to its full potential and developing your staff to work towards the same goal as your company’s. Learn more:


There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the concept of leadership. Many think, because of the definition of the word, that managers who have a strong leadership are pointing the way for the staff to progress in that way. They “lead.” However, leadership is different than what you’d expect from that definition.


Real leaders have to make sacrifices, changes, and commitments that many executives and workers who dream of being leaders wouldn’t be okay with.


According to the prestigious financial administration company James River Capital, founded by the leader Paul Saunders, leadership is all about support, personal sacrifice, and commitment with the company’s business mission statements.


A leader naturally earns more than most employees of a company, and successful companies have leaders that deserve that salary because they have a firm commitment with their teams. These leaders seek to know their company’s craft and goals, they aim to find things to improve both in themselves and in their businesses, and they, most importantly, are seeking to support their teams instead of just leading them.


Leaders represent their companies. The leading individual is the real representative of the name of their firm, not the attendant. It is the leader’s job to assume responsibility for the company, even when an employee makes a mistake, because the best leaders provide the necessary support for their employees to fulfill their duties with pride.


According to James River Capital, a company that’s been in the financial management industry for many years and with millions of dollars in assets under management, big corporations like them need real leaders to support their respective teams and represent them, assuming true responsibility for anything that goes wrong.


Entrepreneurs that have effectively led their teams were able to create incredibly effective groups of people that were eager to work towards a similar goal.


With that in mind, leaders also have to make sure that their employees aren’t working just for the salary, but they also believe in the company’s business mission statements.


Great leaders are great managers as well. It is essential for entrepreneurs and business leaders to be good managers and leaders at the same time because, while it is vital to provide the necessary support, it is also essential to be effective and helpful for the company. Getting used to new technology and solutions, data analysis and charts is a starting point.


If you desire to become a leader and to point a direction for your team to follow, strive to be the best version of yourself in your business environment and as an individual as well, while your brand’s mission statement is clear to the group. Make sure to support them and give them an environment to grow and expand their ideas and skills.


EcoPays’ Online Wallet To Include Western Union

EcoAccount holders are now happy to find they can top off the funds in their wallets using Western Union. They will be able to use Western Union’s retail or online network to send money in domestic or international transfers within the United Kingdom. All of this was made possible because of the success of integrating the money-moving functionalities of the company with the easy-to-use platform of PSI Pay partners and brands.


New Path For Payment Processors Online


This new integration is going to pave the way for online processors to join in on the access to Western Union in their own services. On top of the ability of PSI Pay partners’ customers to use Western Union for money transfers domestically, they will also be able to send money to more than 150 other countries and territories. Plans are currently underway to move these new services to the ecoAccount mobile app at this time.


About Western Union


The company began more than 165 years ago and is a financial service and communications company. They are a global leader in moving money across states, countries, and continents. Individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike use the services of Western Union to transfer and accept money. The company is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand on their services to meet the needs of their customers.

About PSI-Pay


PSI Pay is a company that offers their customers an alternative to traditional banking options. They are based in the United Kingdom and help their clients manage their financial affairs for both small and large businesses. The company was founded in 2007 and sponsors payment solutions for businesses as an accredited and regulated FCA institution. They are also a leading member of the “Fintech” company and licensed to offer clients debit cards, prepaid credit cards and other forms of electronic payments.


Differences Between Cryptocurrency And E-Money


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero don’t rely on any central regulations. E-money, on the other hand, is fully dependent on government regulations. The value of cryptocurrencies is based solely on supply and demand. E-money has a value that is based on the fiat currency which is exchanged via an electronic form. PSI Pay is a provider of reliable payment solutions such as e-money for businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and across the world. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn from a member’s account in real-time. The company prides themselves on transparency, efficiency, and clarity.

Anil Chaturvedi: When You Desire More Than An Average Deal

Anil Chaturvedi presently serves as the Managing Director of the Private Banking Sector of Hinduja Bank at its Switzerland location. This global bank is part of the conglomerate of businesses owned by the Hinduja brothers of whom recent estimates place them second on the ranking of wealthiest in London at a networth of over £1 trillion British pounds. Theirs is a perfect marriage. Anil advises both individuals and institutions regarding the best investment vehicles given their expected returns, company interests and needs for liquidity.


Anil possesses over forty successful years in the banking field inclusive of private, commercial and investment banking. He has imparted remarkable growth achievements for every bank he served. His ability to build relationships and match personalities with investment instruments is noteworthy. For instance, within just 4 years as a private equity banker and estate planner at the State Bank of India he personally increased new business principals by $500 million USD through their New York City office.


Anil Chaturvedi brings varied experience and diversity to the negotiation and information tables of Hinduja Bank. He’s exceptionally valuable there because of the international agreements available for substantive business deals across many industries throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. The Hinduja Brothers Group is a multibillion dollar enterprise that includes establishments conducting business in crude and lubricant oils, healthcare, biomedicine, the manufacture of hybrid vehicles, the production of sought after defense vehicles and telecommunication systems, ore mines, subterranean transport systems, commercial and correspondent banking, media entertainment and call centers just to name a few. With such a vast menu of viable, lucrative and sustainable business options combined with Anil’s broad awareness of international business structuring, their union makes for immeasurable profit sharing.


Anil Chaturvedi earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of the University of Delhi in India. This institution of higher learning is globally renowned for its in depth concentration in international business negotiations, 100% placement rating and comprehensive understanding of business contracts across every major industry. Anil graduated with high honors. Some of his other rewards include ranked among Barron’s Top Financial Advisors in the World, a distinction he received while working for over 17 years at the Merrill Lynch firm and the Man of the Year Award granted per his excellent work at The State Bank of India at their New York City division. He earned his undergraduate degree from Meerut University. With so much knowledge and experience plus the plethora of business negotiation opportunities through Hinduja, Anil Chaturvedi must feel like a kid in a candy store.. an advisor type kid who knows all of the best flavors for your palate and just the right packaging for your preferred portfolio management style.

Sahm Adrangi’s Negative Report on Eastman Kodak Company

Sahm Adrangi, who is affiliated with Kerrisdale Capital, recently spotted some major red flags regarding an Eastman Kodak company. He said that they noticed the issues are primarily associated with KodakOne and KodakCoin.

First of all, KodakOne seems to have very flawed management. It is led by WENN Digital, Inc., and Sahm Adrangi is very suspicious of this company because they have an extremely poor track record. They are actually known for having a very dubious background. Moreover, AppCoin Innovations, Inc. is a strategic advisor aligned with the firm, and they too seem to have a very shady past. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

The biggest problem might be the fact that members of the board of directors with Kodak actually gave themselves some restricted stock from KodakOne the day before it is launched. This is clearly illegal and just might merit an investigation from the SEC. In a word, this is called “insider trading.”

Kodak’s has some partnerships but Sahm Adrangi believes that these affiliations will not save them from declining revenues, a negative cash flow, and a default risk. He only sees trouble for the ancient company, simply because they have made several attempts that are fruitless to improve an “unsustainable” capital structure. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

One of the first steps Eastman Kodak took was to release a blockchain-enabled image licensing platform and photo-centric cryptocurrency in the hopes it would improve their revenue. It has for the time being; the stock is actually up a whopping 187%. However, Kerridale says all the company is doing is attempting to chase the ICO craze and their fortunes might run out later on down the road.

Adrangi’s company hosted a conference call on this an other important issues on February 7th. They shared how they felt this wasn’t a beneficial long-term value investment decision. This should be taken with a lot of merit because Kerrisdale has long developed a solid reputation for outstanding investment advice.


The Midas Legacy Helps People Build Their Wealth

Anyone that wants to retire should consider the benefits of connecting with the Midas Legacy. This is the website that allows so many people to make greater strides towards wealth management. A good number of people are going to be impressed with the information that they are receiving from this website. It has a large amount of data, and many people will find that there are valuable resources from the team of experts here that can help them move on.

The Midas Legacy reigns as one of the best when it comes to wealth management because these professionals have gone through the trial and error of saving for retirement. They know about the things that work, and they also know about those things that do not work. This is really the thing that helps investors the most. Anyone can give you an assortment of the things that work in a perfect scenario, but this is not what investors need. What the average investor needs is a wealth management resource that is going to help them adjust to the realities of stock markets that crash and downward economies that can affect long-term goals. It is going to be important for people to know that the Midas Legacy is there to provide the tips that people just may not get anywhere else.

There are people within the Midas Legacy group that are able to help people see some alternatives to making extra income. There are real estate investors, for example, that are providing information on how to succeed in profitable real estate ventures. This is going to be the key for many people that are trying to build up their wealth for retirement. Most people feel like they do not have enough money to actually save for retirement, but experts with the Midas Legacy are able to show people where they can save. It is also possible for the Midas Legacy group to show people where they can make more money with new investment possibilities. This is the reason that so many young people are checking out this website. Getting a wealth of information early in their careers gives many adults a chance to make better decisions towards retirement.

Some people may check out books on retirement when they want to starting building wealth. The young millennials, however, are much more interested in getting information that is quick and to the point.

How to Buy Something You Love at a Price You can Afford

Getting what you want from the market requires understanding the laws of economics. If there is a high supply of something, with low demand, the price level for purchasing that something will be low. The profit from selling that something will be low. If you are a buyer in this kind of market, you can make it big. If you are a seller in this kind of market, you are going to be losing out. A great example of a market like this is the toy market of China. China has a lot of manufacturers producing toys, so the price level is low. Being a toy manufacturer in China is not as profitable. Being a toy buyer in China is very profitable.

Another example is a market where there is a low supply of something, but high demand. If this is the case, the price level will be high. You will be losing as a buyer in this kind of market. You will be succeeding as a seller in this kind of market.

The best businesses buy their parts from a location where the supply is high, and the demand is low. They then convert the parts into something that is strongly demanded, but there is a low supply for it. The best recent example is the Apple iPhone. Steve Jobs and his team saw that there was a high supply of electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, and a relatively low demand for buyers of electronics in Taiwan. They contracted with Foxconn to build a little handheld touch screen computer. They saw that the U.S. and Europe had a high demand for electronics and convenience entertainment devices. There are few people in the U.S. and Europe who have the brain power to assemble electronic devices. There is a low supply of electronics manufacturers, and therefore the price level for such devices is high, because of the high demand for them.

The rest is history. Apple became one of the world’s largest companies, with annual revenue of $80 billion. All by selling something that they did not actually manufacture.

Seeing opportunities like this is what distinguishes the mediocre investor from the great one.

Martin Lustgarten wants to help you and your family become wealthy by using principles from economics. Many people waste their lives in meaningless pursuits because they do not understand how to have a competitive advantage.

Using economics, Martin Lustgarten can show your family how to thrive in the business. Lustgarten can be reached at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.